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I'm just your everyday dragon of shadows here to write some fics and help people with their stories. I want to write more stories about underrepresented species in the community, because reasons.

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Nice job! I really want to see where this goes.

6279009 the next chapter is coming soon. i'm about half way done with it now so i should be done with it by Friday. the only problem is i need to run it thru editing so the ETA is most likely going to be mid to late August, if this seems like a while to you let me explain; if i were to put out an unedited work the chapter would have a readability of 4/10 as Digital Media Disk can attest. so hopefully i can get this out soon.:twilightblush:

Let's just hope that the insight contained this hunter,
does not lead him on the same path that Gascoigne travelled...

Interesting read so far. :)

I really like this. And i'm not so sure Equestria will be so peaceful. The Moon presence is still out there and is probably up to no good, Eldrich things are always up to something. I kinda hope he picks up the burial blade to honor Gehrman since it seems like he has taken on the same role as his mentor did, Albeit without being trapped and controlled by the Moon presence. Who knows, maybe Equestria will one day need hunters for what may or may not come. It's just fitting that he takes his mentors place. I really enjoy that he has connections to most of the other hunters aswell. I can't wait to see where you take this, it will be very exciting for sure. Liked, tracked and favorited!

6341645 well your in luck, he does take to using the burial blade. If you look at my first blog post i have a link to a deviant art post i made that shows what he looks like, his stats, and the weapon choice he has. Also no, i'm not going to use the moon presence in later chapters as i see it as being similar to Ebrietas, ie trapped on that planet. i can however confirm that shit will be hitting fans in the later portions of the story after I get Draxton really integrated into this world (i don't want a story that goes "hey a new guy but wait super-mega-danger, i don't know you but i somehow fully trust you to help us fight this super scary thingamajig even thou there is no earthly reason for me to want to associate with you at all), so you can call this a slow burner.
PS. all the quotes at the top are not just for the chapters they are found in so i would suggest remembering them:raritywink::trollestia:

6341842 Oh i see, still i am very excited for it. Funny thing is that Draxton uses the very same weapons as my hunter uses. With a side of Rifle spear aswell of course. And i can see the wisdom in making this a slow story, i usually like stories fleshed out and taking it's time rather then being the all too common rush like "Arriving in Equestria, making friends, great evil approaches defeat it, the end" I hope for very complex relationships between Draxton and the elements, and i do hope the princesses make an appearence aswell, I wonder what Luna's thoughts will be on the idea of the hunters dream. This site seriously lack Bloodborne crossovers i've only seen one other. Il keep the notes in mind aswell. :trollestia: :moustache: Wonder if twilight will delve into the eldritch knowledge and maybe get frenzy, would be like her to do that. I also had a look at the dev art and i think i'm ready to follow along for the ride. Speaking of wich, you wanna participate in jolly co-operation sometime? :moustache:

Edit: Just saw the Luna and Celestia character tags. Forget i asked if they would make an appearence :twilightsheepish:

I can't wait for the next chapter.

Let there be romance! Romance x ditzy for the win!!!

Very nice to see this updated. And i was a bit suprised with how things went down there. But nontheless i am very excited to see where this story goes. I'm actually working on my own Bloodborne crossover fic called Gehrman, the first thestral. I really do enjoy these small hints you are dropping at the start of the chapters too. :twilightsmile: It's like you are slowly creating your own lore, kinda a bit of Bloodborne/Equestria lore. I can't wait for the next chapter. Let us see how Equestria adapts to a hunter. Or is the hunter gonna have to adapt in a world seammingly without the dangers of the night.

Nice, can't wait for what happens next

Great work and I hope to see more :pinkiehappy:.

6341842 When is the next chapter coming out? Also are going to see more of The school of Unorthodox Magic, and are going to have an equestrian version of Yharnam, and at at least one of the mane 6 going to become a pony version of a hunter?

6464017 the next chapter should be finished and sent in for editing by the third of fourth. as for the school and how far i'm going to take the crossover only time will tell, i will say that i have around 5 full pages of notes on how i want the story to progress.

Hola soy nuevo en la comunidad. Tu historia está excelente, a mi me gusta mucha este nuevo juego y su historia es muy buena. Espero con ansias el siguiente capítulo. Solo tengo una pregunta, aunque en el juego el personaje no puede convertirse en tu historia el cazador se podrá convertir en bestia?

Quisiera también saber si tal vez, harás que algunas de las bestias de Yharnan aparezcan en Equestria?, incluso podrías terminar la historia con el nuevo dlc del juego con las mane six, las dos princesas y tal vez con la pareja del imperio de cristal también, ayudando al cazador a acabar con el origen de la maldición.

Si no hablas ni lees español puedo escribirte en inglés / if you can not read or speak spanish i can write in english.

6823510 thanks that would help, and to answer your questions, 1; i will try to keep as close to cannon as i can with theory coming from fungo and vaatividya as i see them having the most supported ideas ( fungo being my preferred source). 2; the author can neither confirm nor deny future actions of the hunter or the ponies at this time. Reason given "spoilers", we wish to apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and are working to resolve the issue shortly. on a serious note i wish everyone a happy new year and a new chapter should be coming shortly.

Thanks for the answer, i'm fine whit that, and please continue whit the story, looking forward for new chapter,thank you.

Is this dead? Please don't be dead

6948986 I hope the hell it isn't

its not dead, i'm going to collage at the moment and I've been trying to keep afloat with my grades. Suggestion, don't take a STEM field as a major if you wish to be creative. my schedule this semester has calmed down significantly so i should be finishing chapters in a fairly quick order, on that topic THIRD CHAPTER IS DONE. just need to get it edited

6959617 Hooray! Thanks author for not letting us down!

6959617 Thank you for replying, this is good news. I'm sorry if I came off as impatient

6968782 don't worry i understand, i was doing my best to get the chapter finished but i couldn't find the time and it was hair pullingly annoying

6968939 Sorry if I may sound impatient, but is the chapter done?

6989200 its done, i'm just having it go thru editing, going off the amount of edits i needed to do on the first two chapters if i just posted it without having it reviewed it would be a hot mess

6989383 Oh, I see. Thanks for the heads-up!

Yeeesss, a new charpter!

Thanks for the new chapter, i was thinking you were going to introduce the princesses to the Hunter but is good to wait, and i don't know what would happen if Fluttershy was the one who see what he do to the "blandeboro" was it. Thanks i will wait for the next chapter.

It doesn't seem unfinished / unedited to me at all. It read extremely smooth and told a fun story.

Can't wait to see more interactions between the hunter and ponies. And I love that your playing on the everything is sentient in equestria which makes his actions seem so monstrous to the ponies.

Awesome chapters. You are doing a amazing job i can't wait read the next chapter.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

If he has it, then Draxton is a fool for not using the Old Hunters Bone against that Bladenboro. And does he not have a firearm?

7285771 aha, an interesting comment. well to answer why the old hunters bone didn't come into play, and I think you going to like this, is because I forgot he had it. I could have given you an interesting excuse but no, just forgot. I was trying to make the scene tense with high steaks and I forgot that for draxton the old hunter bone initiates god mode, AND HE ALWAYS HAS IT IN QUCK SELECT ALONG WITH BEAST ROAR, ANOTHER WAY TO INITIATE GOD MODE. Now that I start to think about it that would have probably been a better path to take as it would be more in character for him but now it's published and I need to make a good excuse for it soon, yay me. As for the gun, simple answer, he doesn't use one. Reason, unless the individual has high bloodtinge or is focused on gunplay guns do piss-poor damage, also draxton can't ever land a repost so the most a gun is used for by him is that sweet healing via blood gem

Is good to read another new chapter, and that nightmare was very strong in pony levels, of course the hunter Draxton has to yet meet the princesses and specialy Fluttershy. I suppose there will not be romance in this story (I would like for the hunter to be pairing whit Fluttershy and in case of a herd Celestia, Applejack, and Luna). Thanks for the new chapter.

Damn, Draxton is a stone cold thug.

Good to have you back, hhhhaaaaaaahhh well any person could be the way Draxton is after the Nigthmare that is to survive in Yharnan (if he is going to be paired, i suport the idea of a herd, if is only one then i prefer Fluttershy. But seems is Bloodborne se are talking about is more probably that it will not happen, no matter.) Thanks for the new chapter.


8099077 what would you suggest I replace them with, I would like to improve my writing and any feedback helps. I was looking for replacements myself but couldn't find anything that would be relevant to the context of the sentence.

8099696 I would suggest just using the actual word, rather than 'Thru/Throu' just us 'Through'
At least you don't use 'Tho' rather than 'Though' or 'Although'

I'm fairly sure that most readers would find that using speech that would be used while texting is irritating (if you don't automatically replace the word to the correct one, like me)
Though I may be completely wrong about this and just be making myself look like an ass.

8100378 yea, that would probably help, I have a bad habit of using the most simple words that won't set off Grammarly or spellcheck. I really need to fix that when I write Lovecraftian horror to better put readers in the proper mood and emulate the stories that inspired Bloodborne and myself (The Rats in the Walls is probably my favorite story sans Call of Cthulhu with The Haunter of the Dark being up there too).

8102282 The way you use those words just irritated me seeing as most people text and while texting they use shortened words like that, but there are people like me (The one percent...) who never use text slang and rarely text... period.That whole deal leaves me wanting to stab someone near me.

I wholeheartedly agree that if you were to stop using those words, it would have a better atmosphere...

Would be frankly amazing if you could use the older form of modern english... Though I know writing with different grammar and trying to find better fitting words can be a pain in the ass... Soooo... GLHF?

This is a very entertaining story that got me to go out and actually buy a game. Is it dead, or should I still stick around?

I just ran back to comment because I think I just noticed a very clever little bit of lore/foreshadowing in this story. I can't figure out how to black out text now that the site's been updated, so I'll leave it at this:

Draxton was drinking black coffee in the morning; I take it he's both a). not a morning person and b). not the world's biggest fan of sweet things for some reason.

I'm kinda embarrassed with myself for not noticing this sooner. It took me looking at this site while drinking my pot of black coffee to put it together...

I'm really enjoying this. Will there be more?

Good story, enjoy the hunter's character, and how the characters seem to react a professional killer. Though it is odd that every one is afraid of him, when he opens his mouth.

I know i am 3 years late to the party, but i am fucking loving this. I've played through Bloodborne 6 times now and it has start to become easy and repetitive, but never had i thought to think about the game this way. This truly gives me the chance to re-experience the game in a new light. Thank you.

The amnesia is a just punishment. She tried to hurt him for defending his life, taking the stance through her actions that he should have died. In return, she lost her memories of the best day of her life. A fair trade, though definitely a sad one. Meh, it’ll work out, they have magic and stuff and deus ex machina.

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