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I'm just your everyday dragon of shadows here to write some fics and help people with their stories. I want to write more stories about underrepresented species in the community, because reasons.


The world is vast -and it's life even more so- but what happens when creatures seen by the world to be little more than a blight by most sapient creatures are taken in as pets; taken in and cared for like one would a do for a lost cat or dog?


The world is cruel, and runts experience this reality starting the moment they are born. One night, a young foal hears the cries of a pup and runs into the forest behind his home to find it and rescue it. This pup though turns out to be a timberwolf runt, abandoned by its pack. However, the little colt doesn't care, and he convinces his parents to allow him to keep it.

Most creatures of Equis see the creatures known as timberwolves as a menace that needs to be controlled. But one pegasus knows otherwise; Forrester. Forrester has the special talent of being able to communicate with and care for any timberwolf he comes in contact with. One day, he comes across an injured timberwolf that's larger than him while exploring the forest near where he lives in an attempt to find out if the rumors he'd heard regarding strange behaviors of the timberwolves that live in there were true. He is able to convince the injured timberwolf to allow him to help heal it. Will Forrester be able to help this strange timberwolf, or better yet, will he be able to gain something he had always been hoping to acquire since he was a colt, his own pet timberwolf?

This "story" will be a collection of stories, all taking place at roughly the same time, and all involving the adoption of timberwolves by creatures of all stripes.

Edited and proofread by 0_0
Cover art by Little Tigress

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Do you have any thoughts on what could be improved

Identify which is pony, timberwolf or other when speaking. The reason behind the hunt for timberwolves. That about it

I had no difficulty in telling who was speaking. The reason for the hunt was also explained very thoroughly in the first chapter: timberwolves are ransacking the pony town for food.

I'm absolutely loving this premise and I find the story compelling. I may be a little biased because of my love for timberwolves though. :P

I appreciate that you've humanized most of your characters on all sides of this conflict; I'm glad that the griffons have characterization, showing nobility and honor. However, that leads me to my next point of suggestion and criticism.

The griffons are supposedly leaving the stage early. If they do, that leaves the rogue ponies to be the real antagonists in the story. So far, I understand their motive, but not their identities as people. They've hardly spoken at all.

The preening scene succeeded in its narrative purpose - showing Forrester's social issues with his own race, developing his relationship with Golden - but I felt it was a little too long, though that's just my personal view.

I like the idea that timberwolves are not good or evil here, but merely animals bent on survival and propagation... a natural being to be respected for its danger and intellect.

In all, I'm very excited to read more and I'm loving it! I'm glad you faved my timberwolf story, it's how I found yours. Thank you for this!

a professor at Saddle Pines University... by the name of Live Oak

PROFESSOR OAK! Teach me of your Wolf-type Pokemon!

First meeting between Forrester and Live Oak:
F: Oh my Celestia. You are so cool! you must know so much about all different types of creatures.
LO: That I do. Now tell me, are you a colt or a filly?
F: *looks confused* I'm a colt. Can't you tell?
LO: That good. Now, what's your name.
F: It's Forrester sir. I'm so happy you want to meet me I have so much-
LO: I brought my grandson with me. He also wants to study wildlife
F: that sounds cool, do you-
LO: I'm sure you two will probably be rivals. What was his name again?
F: *looks on worried* Are you sure you're alright? You seem a little... forgetful.
LO: Thank you for reminding me. Forgetful, I always liked him. Very good. Here, take this research journal and catalog all the Timberwolves. I need to talk to your mom.

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