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Sometimes you just have to break T̶̝͐ḩ̴̎ḙ̴̃ ̶̫́L̸͎̊a̷̤̿w̷͕̔s̷͓͘ ̵̚ͅo̵͔͑f̴̯͆ ̷̫̏P̸͇̚h̴͇̄y̶̗͐s̸͕͘i̵͖̒c̷̹̽s̵̀͜


The multiverse is in mortal danger

Worlds are being destroyed left and right and can’t be stopped and now a regular human who has nothing to do with this has been sucked into the middle of it.

!Warning! Very old and very cringe, full-on wish fulfillment story

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I like griffons more then ponies, the way a few authors portray the griffons as just heartless creatures gives them a huge disservice because they’re actually very interesting and it’s nice to see authors actually giving them proper personalities other then warrior driven.

Why are ratings disabled? This story is great so far and i wanna share my support!

There you go I got the rating up and running
Sorry :3

The name of your other being is the ship the Argonauts used

You decide :derpytongue2:

So I take it this story will be a long one?

I see your sarcasm and raise you this.

But yes, it will be a long story and I hope you enjoy the ride:twilightsheepish:

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