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The long way around (Revised) - RisuUmbra

How an ending can also be a beginning all at the same time

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Chapter 6

Normal POV:

The way I sleep is odd, I usually set an alarm to wake me up at a certain time but this time I slept like the dead woke up at 7:25 according to the wall clock. I hoped with all my being that everything was a dream and I would wake up at my home or a hospital or heck even JAIL but no I awoke to the sight of the sun coming through the window over the desk lamp and into a sparsely decorated room with Triton slaying upside down on his bed twitching in his sleep.

“Ugh whyyyy” I spoke out to the air wanting an answers but got nothing back so I stood up from my bed and checked my surroundings which revealed nothing of immediate importance other than my growling stomach and now that I look at myself my ragged clothes. My black shirt had a large tear in the side of it and my jeans had small tears all over it from my run through the forest scraping against the underbrush constantly until it snagged and I pulled it free. My jacket was oddly fine just a bit ragged from constant activity so the tear on my side must have happened during the whole cultist swarm thing, I remember they have a tailor here somewhere.

I heard a groan come from a sleeping Triton and watched as he turned over and showed his back to me then continued to sleep, He must have been a lot more tired than I thought so I decided to let him sleep and go get ready for the day. I stood and walked over to the attached bathroom absently noting that I slept with my shoes on and opened the door showing me a standard bathroom having a bath, sink, and a oddly shaped toilet that must be made to accommodate various creatures of different size that was my first stop and after I handled that I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror and saw that right under my cheekbone I had a scrape that was still a bit pink and in the process of making a scar but still healed very quickly and neatly which is odd to me because it take humans more that a good night’s sleep for an injury to heal into a scar even if it’s a small one like this so how? It might be because of the ambient magic that i’m being exposed to so its acting like a temporary boost to my system but my body should adjust to it. I also realized that I don’t have a toothbrush to brush my teeth with so general hygiene will have to wait but there is a mint plant growing here so I tore off a leaf and started to chew it to get rid of the morning breath until I somehow buy some general items. I just splashed my face and walked out of the bathroom but not before spitting out the mint plant into the trashcan by the door, outside the bathroom I could see that Triton has just woke and and his feathers and sticking out in EVERY direction it was hilarious he looked like someone took a joy buzzer and tried to use it like a brush on him. “Why-”

“Not a word” I restrained my laughter the best I could but a few small snorts escaped through while I nodded quickly and stepped to the side to let him enter the bathroom and once the door was closed all my laughter was released but I was silently wondering what did that to him?

Triton’s POV 5 minutes ago:

“NAAGUH” That was the first sound that came out of my beak after the best sleep i’ve had in years of waking up at dawn to work but now I can sleep late as much as I wanted, I opened my eyes to see that I had somehow turned around in my sleep and was laying at the foot of the bed so I rolled over and off of the bed landing on my talons then giving myself a good shake to wake to fully then stretching to loosen my tense muscles my back legs bumped into something and I heard it fall over with a thump, I turned to go pick up the object but then I remember that I was sharing this room with someone else when I saw the odd sword that Michael had with him was now on the floor. I reached out with a talon to pick it up and when my index claw made contact with the side there was a sudden bright light that made me stumble back and a flash of pain then I standing at the end of the bed while smelling like burned chicken and with my feathers puffed out like a overstuffed pillow. I heard the creak of the bathroom door opening and turned to see Michael holding in his laughter with one hand and pointing at me with the other, he removed the appendage from his mouth and said “Why-”

“Not a word” I cut him off before he even had a chance then stalked into the bathroom to take a bath to get the burned chicken smell off of me.

Michael’s POV:

While waiting for Triton to finish up his daily routine I grabbed my sword which I swore was standing before I left to the bathroom but no harm done so I just strapped it to my back sat back down on the bed to wait for my newly acquired friend to finish up patting his feathers down. Oh yeah I remember that the sheriff wanted us to come by his office for the reward or a substitute for it anyway that should help with our money problem for now or atleast the clothes one. My thoughts were interrupted when Triton walked out of the bathroom now ready for the day, He walked over to the bed across from me and grabbed his bag and slung it over his neck. His bag was a standard brown travel sack that had only one large pocket and a flap and string to close it with, he turned to me and said

“So what are you gonna do today?” then grinned at me like speaking to an old friend and I raised my brow at the question and replied in turn

“Well WE”RE going to the sheriff’s office to collect our reward but after that I don’t know” I shrugged after saying the last part and waited for his response

“Oh yeah I forgot about that haha i’m still in disbelief that we did that but after that I was going to refill and supplies and head to the next town” This peaked my interest he might have a specific destination

“Oh where ya heading” I leaned forward waiting for the answer to which he rolled his eyes to

“I’m heading to the Griffin kingdom capital to get some work to help support my parents even though their pretty well off but I want to help” Triton smiled at the mention of his family but only reminded me of mine, trying not to let it affect me I had a pretty good idea

“Hey, what if I come with you?” I smiled and spread my arms in presentation of the idea

“Wait what, really?” He seemed genuinely surprised that I wanted to come with him

“Yeah! I got no destination to mind right now and I think we make a pretty good team if I do say to myself” I nodded at my declaration

“GURGLLER” then my stomach sang the song of its people.

“But first let get some breakfast” We both nodded in unison and stood to leave the room.

We opened the door leading out into a hallway that had multiple doors leading to other rooms and their occupants, the hallway had yellow flower wallpaper and the floor was wooden planks that were smoothed over and after a few doors a small table stood with a flower pot on it but they were currently empty. We turned towards the stairs and walked out with me in front and Triton trailing behind, at the bottom of the stairs stood the caretaker of the Inn that I don’t know the name of.

“Good morning dears, are you ready for breakfast” she smiled at use and beconded us to follow her and follow we did after smelling what smelled like toast and eggs, at the bottom of the stairs we turned right and saw there was a small table over in the corner of the room that had four chairs with two plates of toast and eggs. Standing next to the table was the Innkeeper with a happy smile

“I hope you enjoy” she was about to walk into the back room behind the counter but before she could I called out to her and asked for her name

“Oh everyone just called me Auntie Paws, now hurry and eat before it gets cold” she smiled then made a shooing motion towards the table and left us. I look to Triton and nudged him to get his attention then nodded my head toward the table, he got the message and we both sat down to eat a good breakfast.
After Breakfast:

I closed the door to the Inn after holding it for Triton to which he said thanks for and waited for me to finish looking around. It was so much different now from when I first entered this town, The diverse population were walking around some working others shopping. The sun was bright and gave a warm and happy atmosphere to the white noise of people speaking in the background but something just occurred to me.

“Do you know where the sheriff’s office is?” I asked Triton who suddenly stopped and face clawed fiercely then grunted out an exasperated No.

I walked over to a nearby pedestrian who was a sky blue unicorn who had an open book for a cutie mark

“Excuse me do you know where the sheriff’s office is” I asked politely to which he smiled and joyful responded

“Oh yes, First go to the intersection of town and it should be on one of the corners” I thanked him and he nodded in return then trotted off, I turned to Triton who was rubbing his beak from how hard he slapped his face and asked if he heard all of that so which also nodded.

“What’s up with everyone nodding today?” anyway just kept walking and on the way I saw a few stores that I should probably visit such as tailor, a bakery, a few fruit stalls, and a blacksmith but it will have to wait till after we meet with the sheriff to get our reward.

When we arrived at the town center I could see down all four walkways, the one to my left led out of town to the next town and the one to my right led back to the forest I came from. I felt someone nudge me on my arm and looked over to my right where Triton was standing and I saw him pointing to the station which was across the road from us.

“Good eye” I praised him and started walking with him to the station which looked to be the strongest building in the area, the outside of the building was made of a mix of cobblestone and wood with what looks like metal reinforcement on the front door and Its two stories tall. We walked up to the door and I knocked three times then stepped back with Triton to wait, It only took a few seconds before the unicorn from before opened the door

“Hello, welcome the the station the sheriff was expecting you please follow me” she smiled at us and opened the door wider for us to enter behind her. I followed without a word with triton behind me into the building, the interior was pretty sperse when it came to decoration but there was a table over by a set of stairs going downward at the corner of the room and on the wall there is a cork board with a bunch of bounty pictures on them and a few of them had the pictures of the group from last night with a 50 under each picture. My analysis was interrupted by the unicorn trotting upstairs and away from us so I grabbed tritons shoulder and pulled him along to speed him up the stairs which showed a focused sheriff working on some paperwork in what looked like a normal study with paperwork on the desk and a small table on the side of the room with a stack of forms on it and across the room lying on the wall was a weapons rack that had three iron swords on it, The unicorn from before was standing next to the desk of the sheriff waiting for us.

“Ah there you are I was wondering when you would arrive, now down to business and hurry I have much work to do” The sheriff looked up at us and folded his paws to show he was paying attention to us.

“As i’ve told you each of the bandits are worth 50 bits but with them occupying the town for so long and them sending the wealth they gathered from us away we’re a bit strapped for cash and can’t afford to just give you hard bits so to remedy that i’ve sent out letters to all of the shop owners in town that you can choose a limit of four stores to buy 50 bits worth of items from them in pre-paid credit, how does that sound?” He looked to use for a response while I was still a bit stunned at the efficiency of his plan even though he only had a small amount of time to make it. I looked down at Triton who was just as surprised as I was and asked if he was okay with this arrangement

“Yeah i’m good, but I get 100 bits to do what I want” He bargained with me

“ 50” Me.

“75” Triton

“How about we both get 50 and the last 100 we can use for tools for the journey” He tried to compromise with him to which he was silent and thinking about it then nodded to me in agreement

“ Alright we agree to these terms” I said to the sheriff who was patiently waiting for us to finish debating

“ Alright, so take this note that has the 200 bits on it and go spend it on any supplies you want but I recommend spending all of it because after today that is invalid” He turned his head back down to his documents after setting down a sealed envelope signaling that the conversation was over so I stood along with my companion and said goodbye and thank you after pocketing the note and walked back down stairs to the exit with Triton following me but before I left I snagged a few wanted posters for later if I ever wanted to be a bounty hunter. We stepped out onto the road and looked around to see what to buy first.

“Want to split up and meet back up at the town center?” I asked him and he considered the idea then nodded to me.

“Well then see you in like an hour so something” then he just walked off into the town leaving me. Well now I hope I remember where that tailor is.