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Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine.

The mythological christen riders that are rumored to be the ones that are to bring judgement on earth one last time before the earth dies. Supposedly named and serve as the punishments of god for humanities sins when the time comes.

But What would happen if one were to unleash these four apocalyptic beings in to a world where instead of sinful, disharmonious humanity there is. Ponies, Yaks, Dragons, Griffons, and more. Will they start the apocalypse in Equestria? Or be affected by this dimension harmony?

This story is my oc's take on the horsemen that come from my own world, so it might not line up with what the bible says. This is also my first story if you haven't guessed already.

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I thought the 4 were just the heralds of the end and not servants of hell?

another followed story, another killed browser tab.

....”and I .....am DEATH....”

“Aw that’s so sad . He can’t hear.”
“No mom. I think he means...”

Death firein hiz lasers

Family screams in agony as they burn

If you get the ref you get a foal clone of Trixie (see avatar pic)

”Over hype or not kicking his ass made me feel better, after another round of kicking let’s seal him off and go to the spa.” Famine says as he readies his leg for more kicks.

Wrong color code

Famine, rebuilding a city, interesting.

Damn I hate that I can read fast great chapter love how death broke the dragon staff keep up the good work can't wait to read more

hell yea i'v been waiting for this chapter

“Because some asshole is too full of himself up there is trying to make a portal to heaven because” -Lucifer raises both of his hands and does air quotes - ”I was wrongfully judged! I belong in heaven!” Lucifer smacks his lips and looks to the side.

Oh so it’s this type of religion figure

If I don’t see the burning souls of some ponies in this story, it was a big waste of my time.

War wearing pink heart sunglasses is a good mental image. Good story. Keep it up.

Haha this was funny keep up the good work can't wait to read the next chapter

War, I like you. But your a IDIOT!!?? :facehoof:

Not only you have unintentionally get on the Ponies Bad Side. ( And possibly Spike, since you DESTROYED his Crystal Statue. Why the Hell did you even do that!!??)

I know your Powerful and OP. But, if you want to go back to Earth and Hell/Underworld. Upsetting the Main Six, Spike, Young Six, Cadence, Shining Armor, Celestia, and Luna DOESN'T help anything! :facehoof:

But the ponies can’t do anything about it, their too strong


I know. It's just despite the Four being OP Horseman Badasses. They can't find a way to go back to Earth, if they unintentionally seem like the "Bad Guys" to the Mane Six, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor, potentially the Young Six, and the other Pony and Creatures population.

After all, the Author said the Four Horseman have a 8/10 Chance to easily kick the Ponies and other Creatures stupid asses in Equestria. The last 2 in the Ponies favour is of course their Friendship Laser/Rainbow Power, possibly Discord, The Tree of Harmony, etc.. I mean, I bet the Four Horseman ( Despite being OP and Powerful), DOESN'T want to get hit by the Elements Of Harmony or the Rainbow Friendship Laser Power!

They could probably have easily tank the laser blast, reflect it back to the naive Main Six, dodge it like DBZ Abridged/Team Four Star Piccolo said.


Attack and K.O. the Main Six while they were charging the "Friendship Blast". ( I mean, you have a small opening, or if your luckily. Twilight make her a little cheesy and cliche "Friendship monologue Speech", you got a long opening to attack them BEFORE they fire their Laser.) Or even be immune to it because there TOO Strong, and are not "technically" Evil??!!

“Let's say I… dabble in the culinary arts from time to time." He answers slowly, rolling his shoulders. Gilda gives a glare knowing there is more to his answer.

Alright, I just got the irony in this, as he is the literal embodiment of food deprivation. that's cool and weird at the same time.

I actuelly really like these type of stories with actuell religious figures going to Equestria. :pinkiehappy:

damn cant wait for the next death chapter

So is this a universe where twilight and spike never went through the mirror portal after sunset? Otherwise she would know a basic description of a human.

“Little Blueblood has some Diplomatic experience... Right?”

poor Blueblood, now he has to deal with Famine

“Doctor Girasol.” Cadence gives a warm but pained smile, the doctor gives a loud sigh of relief before giving his own smile.

Ok thats just straight up uncreative for pony names, was the name dr. Sunflower taken already?

Btw author no offence i love this story

I usually never seek to make replies but this is such a off comment that I was kinda offended...
UNTIL I saw what you meant. I didn't know Girasol = Sunflower.

I just based his name off Girasol opals / gems I came across.

Africa's Pakistan country

I'm sorry wut. Pakistan is not in Africa bro. Its in Asia.

I have not read this yet, but i hope the four horsemen don't become good since they are the literal representation of pestilence, war, famine and death and them becoming good takes out the whole thing about them being four horsemen so they become four normal horsemen, also ponies have committed a few sins but i don't know them(this comment is my personal opinion).

why not? i mean there some Movies and Flim portray a literal Satan as a good guy,why not them?
maybe make some of them good,and some of them bad

Wait, so, Famine is always angry, War is chill as fuck, and Pestilence loves to eat? Methinks you swapped the characters and their personalities by (I'm hoping) accident.

awesome chapter dude, keep up the good work and i wonder how the main 6 will react to meeting war?

Oh this should be entertaining.

Uh oh spaghetti-os..


'Fuck it……'

He grabs the bowl with one hand and the rock with the other, he takes a bite out of the rock with a nice 'CRUNCH' then proceeds to take a sip from the soup then another bite then drink until his bowl was empty. The family looks at him with surprised faces at how quick he was. Pestilence looks down with wide eyes, body shivering and mouth slightly open. he looks at the family with an unreadable expression and wipes his lips with his sleeve and speaks up.

"That was delicious."

there ain't no way, but it appears the rocks aren't what they are...wth?!

"Are you not entertained!?

if you know, you know:twistnerd:

Nooooo it's been cancelled! I love this book.

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