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No problem your story is good I can't wait to read the next chapter

Thank you for adding my little DB story to your favorites. I hope you'll continue to enjoy Dragon Wish. :rainbowkiss:


Oh tank you :) and Iā€™m glad you liked the light hearted tone of the fic, most Pokemon fics hace this very heavy tone and I wanted to do something different, specially for a love fic

No problem your story is good and what I like about the story is the light-hearted ness , the introduction , the character and how you make them plus the feelings and the funny moments you put in here is good plus there's not many pokemon fic on here so to see one like your is very nice and exciting to see plus I'm a big pokemon fan I have almost all the games except pokemon crystal me and my friends sometimes do Nuzlocks on them

Thx for adding ā€œA Love Beyond Worldsā€ to your favourites :twilightsmile:

May I ask what di you think of the fic so far?

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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