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A random pony oc

The absolute most random pony you'll ever meet. :>


Lighting Heaven was your ordinary joe, playing video games, having decent friends, and most importantly, she was a brony. But after doing a dare with her friends, she died and reincarnated into the world of Equestria. But it's not what it all seems. After all, being an all powerful pony does come with its prices.

Inspired by 'That Time I Conquered Equestria... As A Colt'. It's a really good story! (Mature too.)

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Liking it so far

Inspired by 'That Time I Conquered Equestria... As A Colt'. It a really good story!

Can I please get a link?

Comment posted by A random pony oc deleted Jun 11th, 2021

It was a knockout, Zecora is out cold. All that was left was her body with eyes that stared into the abyss. Honestly, was I born into this world that I might take over the role of main character. Maybe I was the main character on earth but who cares. I want action, drama, bloodshed... okay maybe not bloodshed but you know my point, I need something new other than this.

Will this become a 'murder hobo' story?

I can promise that at least she will not be a hobo. But for the murder part then we just have to see...

Great, do I have to change the plans for this story?

What's a "murder hobo" story?

Shouldn't "FUN" be in all lowercase letters?

It's a term from D'n'D, and is a reference to how some play their character.

In short, it's a character that goes around killing others or overly aggressiv, without much tought on the consequences.

Found someone who describes it really well...

Well then this fanfic seems fun to read.

Bruh, ok then go for it little pony

Bruh what the heck she doing with her life?

The next chapter will come out soon.

Dang Homie!
Twilight Judge because of her cutie mark?
Not cool Twilight but dang how will she get out of this.

Se volvió una vampira?

Me gustó el capítulo 😀

Me gustó mucho el capítulo 😁👍

Holy frick. Also now you made it look like Twilight killed someone.

Will the ending be happy?

And why is he causing problems? Does the character hate the show?

I don't know where the story will end off on, whether it being a good or bad ending, but she doesn't hate the show. That's for sure.

"And to conquer it, eventually," okay dream big little pony

But what about poison? Also which pony eats timberwolfs or manticores? I wanna know :D

It's a yes on mine, literally!

-Lighting Heaven

Why is "IF" in all capital letters?

to just affirm the saying of if I actually do go to Equestria (which I hope I do)

Why didn't you respond to my comment without clicking on the >>? Doing that is really the only way I can immediately tell someone is answering me...

Sorry, still getting used to the mechanics of this website, lol

Does this story have a character named Joe in it?

No it doesn't. And who's Joe?

I decided to take a break on some other story to read this, Im already interested

RPG mechanics as well? I’m very interested!

Ritual Cutie Mark and sixth sense reminds me of another Fimfic RPG story Already

I mean… it IS a ritualistic looking cutie mark… one that must involve murder or dark magic

So is time a bit messed up which Lightning’s deeds? Is a few of these stuffs a joke like the earlier RPG mechanic and such? I guess I’ll see

So is Rae, Lightning? And Rae created another version of herself for a timeline that got called Lightning? I’m kinda confused

Lightning’s plan might be screwed, luckily there’s still more chapters before I gotta wait!

Comment posted by Blankz deleted January 16th

References references… too bad that the RPG mechanic was just a reference

No, my friend, you're thinking way too inside the box. I'll instead be a side character, so inconspicuous that I'll put a rock to shame. And how you may ask too?

Is that an insult to boulder?

It was called “Level Up!” I believe

Haha, don't get too interested, my writing isn't the best. Though I love the support, thanks!

Too late, I’m already very interested, but I am patient to wait

Yea, most of the earlier chapters are jokes. But later on it gets a bit more serious.

Well, I had a feeling since I’m all caught up right now

I would explain right now, but I feel like the reveal would be more interesting and fun. Just got to be patient!

On the other hand, let me just give you a clue. Lighting Heaven is very similar to Rae, a bit too similar...

Just saw this was added, wonder what this is?

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