• Published 18th Jul 2020
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Horsemen and Ponies - Dark Krystal

Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine. After a mission goes accidentally wrong the four of them find themselves separated and in a strange land filled with gross harmony.

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The Abyss.

A realm of endless darkness has been speculated by humanity for centuries. Many say it is Purgatory, others claim it is what death is really like, just an endless void. All we can suggest is that perhaps it exists between the planes of heaven, hell, and maybe even limbo. In this tale we focus on a castle that floats somewhere in this void.

In the throne room of this castle a 7’8 tall humanoid male with pale blond messy bed hair, glowing red eyes with slitted pupils, chin stubble, a pair of six black feathered wings protruding out his back wearing the most elegant of white bathrobes with nothing underneath, and black hellhound slippers. Kneeling before the lord of hell were four men who bore legendary titles that humanity feared, Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence.

“I have summoned you, four becaus-” The figure interrupts himself with a yawn then takes a sip of coffee from his mug to wake him up before speaking once more

“Because some asshole is too full of himself up there is trying to make a portal to heaven because” He raises both of his hands and does air quotes. ”I was wrongfully judged! I belong in heaven!” The man lets out an audible “tch” as he looks to the side.

“What a fucking bother. For you I mean, you guys do nothing most of the time so how about you go and bother with this.”

The male furthest to the right side rises up, wearing a lightweight black trench coat and underneath was a black collared shirt buttoned up with a neat blue tie. For the lower half was black dress pants with a gray belt and silver skull buckle. He was 6’11, pale skinned with short black hair and glowing purple eyes and looked to be in his early 30’s.
With hand across his chest and slightly bowing he speaks up. “We understand. Tell us where he is and we will deal with him.”

Getting straight to business. He always liked Death so much for his bluntness and proceeded to give the group the location of this trash before dismissing them via getting up from his throne and going to the kitchen for breakfast leaving the group alone. One by one the rest of the group rises but Famine is first to speak up. “This is the god damned seventeenth egomaniac this fucking decade, what a bother!”

Famine was the second oldest of the horsemen. A 6’9 tall man with short crimson hair with a small pony tail to go with his amber eyes. He wore a short sleeved white shirt, orange sash around his hips, light brown baggy pants and various types of knives, and boots for his feet.

”I have better shit to do than deal with another fucking egomaniac!? Why can’t they just fucking accept their cicrumstances for fuck sakes! Uggh!” Famine groans as footsteps approach from his side.

”Hahaha! Well……we can’t just stop them from popping up and if we did then we wouldn’t have a reason to go celebrate afterwards!” War speaks up from beside the angry horsemen with a relaxed expression on his face.

War was the tallest of the group being tallest of the group being 7’11; he looked to be in his late 30’s with a black mustache and goatee with bits of gray hairs in it, his black hair with silver strands along the sides. He wore a black kimono with a haori containing a pink flower pattern over it, over his chest was a wrapping that held the sheathed six foot katana on his back.

”Hm. True there’s at least something to look forward to after this horseshit…” Famine says as he crosses his arms, War simply smiles and pats him on the back.

”Yeah! Let’s hurry up and beat this guy’s ass so we can go do something today! Maybe go to a diner on earth? Oh what about those ar-cade places? Or relax in Eden at heaven for a bit?” Pestilence claps his hands together and grins to himself as the other two look over and give thought before nodding.

Pestilence the youngest of the horsemen. He was the odd one of the group, from his normal height of 6'0 to his personality. He was on the skinnier side compared to the rest of the group but he made up for it in fashion wearing an open green hooded jacket with a black v-neck shirt underneath and torn up jeans with sandals. He had spiky brown hair and green eyes.

”Enough chatter. I’m setting up the portal to the place now, get ready.” Death says bluntly as he moves his hand in a circle motion with a black ghastly trail to follow it. The trio upon hearing that start doing stretches and popping their bones while discussing their after mission plans. Not long after a blue portal is formed and after everybody makes sure they’re ready one by one they head inside.

”Ahhhhh..” Pestilence stretches his arms out as he sits on a chest and looks over as Famine repeatedly kicks the downed demonic egomaniac with a smile on his face, Death standing by with his arms crossed and eyes closed. War is chuckling as he watches Famine go out on the guys ribs and Famine's frequent cursing at the demon but after five minutes the duo stop and take a breather.

”Well it seems he was overestimated. He was far easier to beat than I was made to believe.” War said with some disappointment.

”Beh! Who cares, kicking his ass made me feel better, after another round of kicking let’s seal him off and go relax.” Famine says as he readies his leg for more kicks.

”I’d prefer we do it now.” Death suddenly chimes in, opening his eyes and looking at Famine.

”I’d prefer it too, after another round of kicks.” Famine says with annoyance and turns to glare at death.

”Uh oh…” Pestilence frowned as he felt the air turn cold. The duo stared at each other before they began their argument. They proceeded to argue over Famine’s need to not vent out anymore onto the guy as it just further wastes time while Famine cares not and demands to kick the guy more. War tries to break up the argument with pestilence slowly starting to join in.

Meanwhile, the downed demon grunts and looks around only to see a few feet away was his rune for the incomplete portal spell. if he could just write a simple minor gravity spell in it he could… The demon grins and starts to crawl towards the rune while the group is distracted by their dumb discussion over the mental anguish of wasting time to kick the egomaniac when it can be used to relax for a short while.

“HEY! FUCKWITS!” The demon yelled out. The group turn around to look at the demon who simply smiles and smacks his hand down over the rune, the rune in response glows red and the air above it sparks until it makes a tiny red portal that starts to grow while strengthening it’s pulling strength. Famine rushes at the demon with his knife but skids to a stop as the portal's pulling power grows and falling onto his back he looks fearfully as he is pulled into the portal.

Death squints his eyes as the trio fall to the ground and start to get pulled harder than before. Pestilence tries to find a crack or something in the floor to grab onto but finds nothing and yells ”Woah! Hey! HEY! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! as the portal takes it’s second victim. Death, using his strength, digs his fingers into the floor but even he struggles to get out of the portal's linear pull. Slowly he gets dragged until he gives in to his fate but before becoming the third victim, as he is pulled in he delivers a once face destroying punch to the demon who sits beside the portal with that shit eating grin on his face. Who falls over and grips his face in pain.

War had pulled his sword out and stuck it into the ground to keep himself anchored down. Yet the sword is not making him match to gravity and his sword is dragged through the ground along with war drags towards the portal. He simply lets out a sigh and just gives a deadpan look to the portal before it sucks both him and his sword.

The demon laid on the floor giving out labored breathing, his vision a mass of blurry crimson and his face feeling numb. Slowly he reached up to touch his face only to feel the hard edges of most likely fragments of his skull and a tick liquid which he could assume was his blood. If he could laugh he would, he managed to defeat the horsemen at the cost of… his life. His arm fell as he felt his heart slow down and he stared up at the ceiling as memories of his life ran through his barely functioning eyes, donning a realization on him as his vision turned to black.

`Ah.. That's why I didn’t get into heaven…`

Author's Note:

First fanfiction... LET'S GOOOOOOO!!! :yay:

A warning for the future ahead. The horsemen are NOT good people.

As for their origins the Horsemen are OC's of my own hellverse so from the looks to their abilities might not match what the bible or whatever you've seen match.

Either way I welcome you all to the train to hell.

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