The long way around (Revised)

by RisuUmbra

Chapter 13

At the end of the battle
Michael’s PoV:
    The moment time sped back up around me and Light’s head seemed to blast away from his body, my body was wracked with what felt like thousands of white-hot knives piercing into me. The sudden pain drowned out everything else making me not even realize I had fallen to the ground spasming in pain, I couldn’t even scream as my body jerked and twitched from the white hot needles of pain hitting me in places I didn’t know I could feel. I could barely hear what I think is Triton’s voice but was quickly fading along with my consciousness, but at the edge of my hearing I could hear… the faint echo… of laughter.

    When my senses returned to me the first think I felt was the cold then slowly a dull pain made its home behind my eyes which made me open them and blink blearily until I could focus a small bit. When my vision cleared I was greeted to the sight of a mist filled voided spanning above me and when I turned my head I found I was surrounded by thick white mist that I could barely permeate with my sight, it took a moment for the new information to sink in and when it did I strung up onto my feet in alarm only to be hit with the biggest fit of nausea. My vision swam for a moment and I started to stumble around on the now noticeable smooth ground while trying not to throw up bringing me back to my hands and knees taking deep breaths, I stayed like this for a few seconds until I heard the sound of chuckling coming from in front of me making me look up with my still swimming vision. I could barely make out the figure of a man shrouded in the mist obscuring everything but his general shape, I could see him bring his hands up to his hips before speaking.

    “Well aren’t you a sorry sight, let’s fix that shall we” his deep voice reverberated through the mist and sounded like it was coming from every direction at once as he slowly raised his arm and pointed it towards me and when his arm made its apex my nausea suddenly increased ten-fold and I could feel a burning feeling rush up throat until I closed my eyes and projectile vomited all over the ground leaving me feeling weak and my throat burning, I opened my eyes and was about to yell and question the figure when I caught a glance of my sick. Instead of the bile I was expecting a viscuse glowing azure liquid was splattered in front of me and seemed to  repel the mist around it.

    “That’s better, you shouldn’t even have this stuff in you until later so we’ll have to fix that quickly” The sound of the figure speaking jolted me back to the present moment making my need to question him even more important so I forced myself to stand with only a bit of dizziness then spoke.

    “Who are you,where am I, and what happened to my friends?” I must have sounded kinda aggressive because the figure raised their hands in a symbol of surrender then responded calmly like one would a child which annoyed me slightly.

    “Its okay your friends are safe and sound… well as safe as someone who liberated a town from a pack of bandits but safe nonetheless, you on the other hand are in a sort of coma after the little trick you did when you fought the leader so concerning your current location welcome to your mind!” The figure raised their arms in a way of welcoming someone then dropped them as he continued speaking.

    “Well… the sleeping part of it at least, who I am isn’t really your concern but if you need something to call me just call me Argo it’s an old nickname. Now that all your questions have been answered let’s get to the main reason I brought you here” The Fig-Argo raised his hand towards me again and the azure fluid started to float and move on its own and move towards his open hand where it slowly turned black like the rest of him and disappeared.

    “That stuff I just absorbed was basically biological super-charged plasma, its what let you move so fast during your disaster of a fight. Your not supposed to have this in your body but as it seems your body is regularly producing it now you need to learn how to fight properly with it or else you might just overload and explode leveling the planet and a good chunk of the multiverse which includes me, so it either I teach you how to use this or you need to somehow painfully extract it from your DNA which I doubt you can do so were going with my plan” Argo raised a hand and snapped his fingers making the fog slowly retract from around me leaving a wide open area that had only one other thing in it, a skeleton or what remains of one as all that was left was a human skull sitting atop a pretty big pile of dust much more than what a full skeleton would make when turned to dust. I took a step back from the pile in mild distrust then turned to speak to the voice again, but I was interrupted by the sound of rattling and the sound of sand moving making me whip back around to see the skull slowly rising into the air with the dust following and slowly transforming into a full skeleton.

    “You might need this” This time the sound came from my right making me look in that direction to see the silhouette of Argo reel back then throw something in my direction fast, the sudden speed made me jump out of the way to protect myself but when it landed it speared blade first into the ground. The object that was thrown at me was my sword but with one key detail missing, the eye in the hilt was missing leaving just a gaping hole where it used to be. Through the hole I could see the skeleton fully completed and now was reaching down into the leftover dust and pulled out a rusty iron sword making me stand up and try to pull the out of the ground but it wouldn’t budge and the skeleton was starting to make it was over.

    “You might want to hurry up a bit, it’s getting closer” the condescending voice of Argo made me snap back at him with.
    “Are you TRYING to KILL ME?” I could hear him laugh under his breath for a moment before speaking.

    “Ah you got nothing to worry about you can’t die here, but getting stabbed does hurt quite a bit” That didn’t help me in the slightest, I started to panic a bit as the skeleton came ever closer and closer until it was within striking distance then it brought up it sword getting ready to cleave me in two so as a last ditch effort I pulled so hard I heard my arms start to crack in odd places then as the skeleton’s sword was about to come down on me the sword in the ground finally gave but with how much strength I was putting into it it flew upwards very fast launching me back off my feet and onto my back and smacking the skeleton in the face with the flat of the blade knocking its head off and making the body lerch back in what I think is surprise.

    “Wow that was pretty close, I hope you do better next time” I was about to respond to Argo with a sarcastic comment, but the ending of his sentence registered finally.

    “NEXT TIME?” I turned back to the STILL standing body of the skeleton as it screwed back on its skull and seemed to glare at me with its lidless eyes then started towards me again but a bit quicker this time.

    “crapbaskets” I pushed myself back to my feet and raised my sword in front of me in preparation for what going to happen and was right to do so as the skeleton crouched down and jump high into the air and tried to bring his sword down onto my head, key word is tried as I had already started running out of the way so when the skeleton landed its sword was lodged deep  into the ground leaving his back open and giving me the chance to sprint over and lop him head off again letting bounce off it's still embedded sword. I let the feeling of victory flow over me for a moment before backing away from it while remembering that it will just stand up and get faster after beating it and that’s exactly what it did but something different happened this time, As the skeleton stood and put its head back on it slowly turned to me and stared at me with its dark sockets and slowly a red glow started to come from them like small pupils and spreading from there the sun bleached bones slowly turned a dark purple until it reached the sword which lost its rust and turned black started to give off mist like it was freezing.

    “That doesn’t look good, you might want to move” The warning from Argo surprised me and made me look back at him for a moment until I whipped back towards the skeleton as it reared it blade up into the air and slashed it down at me and when it hit the ground large shards of ice the size of my legs grew up from the ground and was leaving a trail coming towards me, I had to dive out of the way as it continued past me leaving a line of sharp ice shards. I heard loud stomping coming from in front of me and looked up at the running visage of the skeleton as it hurried to strike me while I was down, I would be able to stand by the time he would reach me so when he got close I rolled to the side then spun on my back and kicked him into the ice shards leaving it stuck for a moment while got up and backed away again to collect myself.

    “Clever, but you’ll have to get used to dodging until you tap into the plasma as your not leaving until you do” The sentence made me groan out loud and look at the skeleton as it escaped the ice… this is gonna take a while.