The long way around (Revised)

by RisuUmbra

Chapter 12: Recovery

Triton PoV:
    It all got out of claw so fast, it started with me finding out about the missing merchants that usually travel through the area and wanting to find out what’s happening at the next town and now here we are, roped into liberating a whole town from psychotic bandits who have a leader that can shoot lightning out of his sword apparently! At first I didn’t worry about him and only worried about having Michael back in case of any enemies then we had to take down a cannon so it doesn’t kill everybody and while doing so Michael was launched away along with one of the cannoneers and into the building full of civilians so I had to fly as fast as I could to follow them leaving me winded but I was still able to reach him as he encountered some of the enemy bandits. The battle was short thanks to some of my smoke bombs but soon after we ran into Light Spire himself along with a few of his subordinates all armed with crossbows and swords, Michael tried to face him but was losing ground quickly and was at the end of his rope. Then Light gave him an ultimatum of surviving his attack or he would have his troops shoot us all down, I could do anything to help or else they might shoot so all I could do was warn Michael as Light seemed to charge his sword up with his magic and fling it at him with destructive force.

    Michael was barely able to deflect the blast off of his sword, it’s a wonder that thing hasn’t snapped in half by now. While Michael was able to deflect the blast somewhat at the expense of his footing the building behind him wasn’t as lucky as him, when the slash hit the wall of the derelict building it almost seemed to be cut in half by the blast until it exploded leaving only burning wood and stone behind. I was so mesmerized by the pure destructive force that I didn’t hear what Light said next, but I did hear the sound of crossbows cocking and the horrified gasps from the ponies standing behind me giving me enough hint to what is happening. I tried to spread out my body over the two ponies behind me in an effort to shield them from a painful fate, but when I was about to turn there was a bright flash of blue light and the smell of ozone seemed to permeate the air around me. I looked back to the fight to find out what happened, only slightly noticing my fur and feathers standing on end from static. What I saw confused and morbidly relieved me in the worst of ways, Standing there was Michael looking down at the ground with his sword gripped in his hand dripping with someone’s blood. A slow glance down showed me the owner of said liquid as the headless body of Light Spire greeted me in the only way it could, I idly remembered the arrows that were supposed to skewer me and the civilians and slowly panned my vision over to where the underlings of Light used to stand key word ‘used’, each one had a single arrow lodged deep in their skull giving them each an incurable case of death with no possible recovery.

    “Michael?” I slowly crept towards my friend wondering about his personal health until when I close we gave a shuttering jerk then let go of his sword making it clang on the ground followed by Michael himself as he collapsed down into my arms while shaking violently. I was snapped out of my shock and was filled with alarmed concern for my friend. I had to yell to the towns people to help me with him and Quick, two ponies came forward. The first was blond in coloring while the other was violet, they helped me stop Michael from going into seizures and get him stable then helped me bandage both him and Quick up until we could get the both of them a proper hospital. Another pony came forward and told me he used to be the mayor of the town and would be happy to let us stay in his manor until they recover which I gladly accepted. They gave me Light Spire’s sword while we were carrying Michael and Quick to the house as a trophy or something I don’t really care for blades so I just accepted it and hurried along. Once we had left Michael and Quick inside the manor we had everyone else evacuate until the battle was over which they had no problems with, I stayed in the manor with Michael and Quick tending to their injuries and waiting for the coming end of the battle.

With the death of Light Spire the battle ended just as fast as I predicted, most of Light’s so called troops were Mercs he employed himself so without him they have no reason to be there anymore and left. I’m told that all the remain bandits that were loyal to Light were captured and held in a different holding cell while they wait for the royal guard to come take them away. Quick woke up first as her injuries were more numerous then serious according to one of the doctors that came to help the two warriors, she was pleasantly shocked to find out Light was dead and who his killer is as well. She seemed to look at us in a new light but her newfound respect for us was eclipsed by the news that Tess the griffiness that brought us to them had betrayed them and still escaped with no consequences. With her injuries still affecting her she was unable to go after her, but after further prompting from her doctor she let it go and rested with her men who had taken up residence in the town as the new militia with Quick being the leader. It had been three days since the battle of Twinleaf and the town was slowly recovering, most of the building have been rebuilt with the power of magic from the resident unicorns and have been enchanted to be fireproof now incase of another attack in the future, Michael’s injuries have healed but he still hasn’t woken up and I pretty worried about him and his mental state. His clothes were shedded terribly during the whole battle, the jacket he usually wears is in tatters and is barely being held together from all the burns and cuts on it. His chest piece was pretty damaged as well but it was easy to replace along with his pants and shirt but his jacket is a lost cause for now, we have replacement clothes ready for him when we wakes up. The doctors he should be waking up soon but now i’m having doubts about whether they know what their talking about.

It been another day since the battle and Michael is started to move more in his sleep, but he still won’t wake up. The doctors stopped me from waking him up myself when he seemed to be in a terrible nightmare so I just stayed with him and stopped him from hurting himself during his episodes. The diamond dog who name i’m told is Terren and his pegasus friend Bolt Shot came to visit Michael one last time before they leave tomorrow on the train now that it’s back up and running along with the rest of the town, They told me that their on a journey to find Terrens twin sister who was apparently abducted by pirates and they asked if we could keep a lookout for a female diamond dog by the name of Maron. I said we would keep an eye out for her as they left to go prepare for the journey ahead of them, the thought of them need to restock on provisions helped me remember that some of the townspeople had gifts they wanted to give us before we left in gratitude for what we did. I went to check on Michael in the room we were loaned in the manor and sadly he was still asleep and unmoving, I had a moment of morbid humor of comparing him to a corpse before a wave of guilt and dread came over me before I went to close his door while subtly hoping my friend would wake up soon.