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Six, (Anti)Hero of the Mojave Wastes, has been called by many names. But no name rung truer at that moment than idiot. A random quest out to the West, and what does he have to show for it? A new body, and a new world.

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Comments ( 53 )

I like this style. A few words misplaced but otherwise, it is fine.

Could you tell me what is misspelled? I'll fix it when I have time.

I can't help but wonder if you'll do the same companion sys the various fallout games did or if you'll just have a singular companion that your courier ends up positively bonded with. Either way can't wait to see where this goes.

Option 1: read and find out

Option 3: complain till I explain

Option 5: ask where options 2 & 4 went

A pretty neat start so far, spelling errors are pretty much non-existent and the grammar is well done. Since it's so early in the story a critique of the plotline isn't possible, but if there was one critique I had it would be about the explanations

Oh come on, I'll earn double for bringing her in alive and you'll get your share. I'm not one to break promises, plus you look a little light on Gryms (a gyrphonic currency) and that tab wont pay itself.

The little "(a gyrphonic currency)" I think is unnecessary, context will lead most to figure out it's a currency. Explaining what something is can help a readers understanding, but it can also break the flow of a story if done to often or at the wrong time.

Honestly that's the only thing that I have a critique for, everything else is pretty solid so far.

Thanks for the tip, I'll never ignore good advice, and this sounds like some.

Should be fixed by now. If you see anything else wrong could you tell me? I'd rather not have the NCR on my tail for another incorrect form.

AU where Equestria Girls never happened?

No, it did. But she never had the chance to steal Twilights crown. So she fled the castle, and over the border to Gryphonia where she met Gavin.

so the Equestria Girls mane 6 are still split up and Sirens are still at large.. big oof

YES! They might be playing a part in this, but I seriously doubt it.

Well this is interesting. I can see why the Kaiser tasked me with following the story. I suppose I should leave a draft of my report. Also, Den Kaiser nicht enttäuschen

The story thus far seems interesting, the descriptions are brief, not overstretching and going into far to much detail, but not to little. The story shows promise, and shall hopefully deliver with such potential. The only problem may be that there is no overarching story, but a story can easily be great without an overarching story.(I.E. M*A*S*H*, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Andy Griffith Show.) I do believe it was a Wise Idea to follow this story though.
Möge Gott mit dir Kaiser sein.

The Motherland never denies a follower. May your Germanic ancestors rest in peace herr Luftstreitkraft.

lange mag das Chaos regieren!

Shit... not again.

Needs an editor but other than that meh.

this stuff seems random AF.
good story so far.
chapters are shorter than I am used to but not much I can do about that.
Anyway keep up the good work.

I like where this is going

The whole not typing down German thing No one is perfect I'm not judging I was just saying like I'm good at Art but not good at drawing people no one's perfect.

I dislike too much copy paste in a story from google translator. So usually I keep it down to a few one liners, or for comedic intrest (e.g. drunken night celebrating a successful job).

Somewhere in the abyss, I know Discord knows where it is. But unfortunately the abyss is a bit of a bitch and won't give options two and four back.

This is a weird crossover I applaud you for that idea ,but all I really have to say is hurry up and keep writing these.

I applaud you good sir you have officially broken my mind with the Griffin maids antics. Well done.

For some reason while reading this, I got mixed Overlord (anime) and Skyrim's Lusty Argonian Maid vibes and rode the wave.

Quick question, would you prefer the next chapter more or less Politically Correct?

Politically Correct means it isn't offensive or controversial.

Less politically correct then.
More offensive means it'll be even funnier.
And who cares about controversy?

In order:
I Agree,
And Nobody.

You my good sir/madam?!
With just a single response have just become my all time favorite writer on this site!
PS don't tell anyone I said that.

Dossier: Sunsong


Ruggedly handsome (Handsomely rugged?),

Extraordinarily strong, intelligent, romantic (straight),

Favors pistols, assault rifles, bows, swords, and magic.

Availability: How much (money/weapons) do you have?

Preferred survivability of mission (our chances of coming back): 0%-10% (but will take nearly any mission regardlessly),

Did not write this himself.

Its great. I'm loving it.

Luna responds....thats sweet

*lowers binoculars from face in the 5th story apartment building across the street**whipsers* ive heard everything...


Hmm... rips out idea laptop.

You will regret posting that comment. notAperson

*Stares at you**pulls out remote with a single large red button**click* "oh, I don't think I will.." * alarms and sirens start blaring**speaker crackel to life* "ALERT, ALL PERSONAL, AN ABADON CLASS NUCLEAR DEVICE HAS BEEN LAUNCHED! ETA TO TARGET: THREE MINUTES! SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY!

I was playing Exploding Kittens earlier. So I knew this would come in handy. *pulls out defusing card* "Denied".


You vanna' fight! Taste ze wrath of mine Eisenfaust!

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