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This bio measures 2 centimeters and is thefore short


At the end of the clone wars, Grievous is killed, not long after the battle of Coruscant. The force, however, isn’t satisfied with this ending.

Grievous once had a lover, before he lost his body and she was killed in war. He fought for his kind and people against unjust invaders.
Grievous has had a hard life, being broken in mind, body, and spirit, twisted and manipulated by the Sith to become a tool, a monster. Becoming like the Sith, like Anakin and Dooku, to be consumed, a cold, heartless, unfeeling work of destruction. But just like Dooku, and other Jedi that fell like Anakin, there was good, honor, and a heart in him at one time, before the war, before the Sith found him, and used him in their own clone war. If anyone can help redeem such a villain, it's our little ponies.

After a mysterious set of events, Grievous and his ship, The Invisible Hand, go through the hyperspace anomaly at the edge of the galaxy and end up in Equestria. Follow Grievous as he discovers the will of the force concerning Equestria and figures out how and why he is in such a bizarre, strange world filled with color, love, hope, friendship, and magic. Will our little ponies be able to help him or will he seek to continue on his dark path of death and destruction?

A mlp/SW story. A story in which I try to be as unique and well written as possible, and with your help, hope to make this fic highly enjoyable to y’all. Takes place around season 9. Of course, their will be minor deviations.

Currently writing chapter 6. Will update which chapter it is as I work so all who come across the story will know for sure that it is not abandoned regardless of days since the previous chapter was published.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 58 )

Is the guy in the picture really Grievous? He looks nothing like he does, well, everywhere else.

That's what he looked like before, i believe it was an accident or a battle where he got critically injured and the best they could save was.... well everything his robot body had that was organic.

It's actually a fan art reimagining him as more organic than he actually is. More like Vader, then him just having eyes, brain, heart, and a couple odd ends of organics left. I debating whether to change grevious into this version when he came to equstria as to allow him small level force connection, but decided to rather include actual force users later on, users that may or may not also have endings the force wasn't satisfied with;)
Was still a great and unique cover image so I kept it

Thanks, always switch the letters around on his name for some reason and although I know I do it I don't always catch it.

Whoops on my part thinking it was official art and not fan art. But damn it’s still fantastic! :)

Also Grevious's ship had a bomb hidden that destroyed most of him so a guy then had someone to stick cybernetics to and give to dooku as a gift. Dooku told the lie that Jedi rigged the ship. Now you got super powerful bad ass cyborg bent on killing evil jedi:)

Even these dim witted droids we’re capable of plotting a course and remembering it.


Comment posted by The time lord victorious deleted Oct 31st, 2019

When you type fast it's more likely to make errors like writing we're, which doesn't make any sense in that sentence, instead of were, which is what I meant to put. That is why you read over your writings 10 or more times to guarantee you get all those errors you accidentally make without realizing, instead of only 2-5 times like I do. But I admit, patience is a skill I have worked very hard at and devolped significantly, but still yet to master.

Thank you for pointing it out so I could quickly fix it.

Woah, such a clashing of characters, I like it.

i wish so read more of this

Well I'm working on chapter 2. Hopfully be up in a week or 2.

I can relate with that lol

I got scared there for a second, i thought the capital ship crashed and not an escape pod lol

How interesting, a poem.

Also OCs eh? Tell me if u need any ideas because im a huge star wars nerd lol

I'll keep that in mind should I choose to branch out. I already have ideas should I choose to do a main bad guy. It probably wouldn't be in this story. I already have ideas for a series following this story. Its why I called it the redemption arc. Not really any minor oc character ideas tho.
I am also a massive star wars nerd. Literally spend multiple hours a day doing, reading, watching, or playing star wars related things.

if megatron in equestrian was interesting, this should be even moreso, grevious is a four armed lightsaber wielding maniac, that's not agood combo with cute little ponies probably a quarter of hi size.

Don't forgot tho that the cute little ponies pack a whole lot of raw energy and power even Grievous can't handle face on. Although they aren't combat trained they have more power than the average Jedi. And the main 6 with the elements and Celestia and Luna could take on the entire Jedi council and win. That is something Grievous cannot do. Not saying tho that Grievous isn't smart and powerful enough to take advantage of their lack of combat training and experience and probably kill a few of them IF it came to it. Not saying it will however. I already promised I wasn't gonna start picking off ponies. Not saying NONE will die but also not saying alot or any majors will either.

I like the story, I want to

yeah, they can pack a punch. I forgot about the elements,

No problem!:) Even if I only have time to write a few sentences a day I write almost everyday.

This was pretty good story so far, I really like it, and I like how you did this chapter, good work, I hope to see More

Thank you, glad you liked it. Currently writing the next chapter so no worries there:)

Is what we get here Grievous's canon backstory?

What do you mean? So far I have tried to portray Grievous as he has been in movie, show, and EU. Including backstory. In fact the description of the story was based off of the Wookieepedia article. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Grievous/Legends

Meh, sorry I just don't like poems so can't say anything about it.

She could she the spindly tan “droids” standing around holding their black objects. Two were standing close to the door facing it, the other 2 by the bed, but compressed. She honestly had no idea how they managed to compress their bodies into such a small tight manner. She couldn’t she the faceless gray ones or the scary darker versions of the spindly droids however.

Something tells me that it should be see.

So far a very good story, I have to reread last block a few times to finally understand that you just show us that's the place where magna guard should be is empty but aside from that everything's good :pinkiesmile:

Yeah that one was hard. Had the picture of what happened in my head, for whatever reason translating image in head to words on page, which usually when I am in writing mode flows well, didn't for that one part. I rewrote it 5 times. If I can get it to flow better I'll revise it.

Great chapter, good work bud

This is so cool but I can’t wait for the next chapter and I think this right and how the his personal bodyguards are there now this might turn out bad or something like that

dark side clouds The future now we make must want and only see what is to come

Great chapter. Can't wait to see the next one

You might want to break up these super paragraphs, it makes it very hard to read, almost painful.

Interesting stuff so far, but you might want to lower the pace a lil bit.

Interesting stuff, someone needs to point Grievous at some timberwolves, the poor guy needs to work off some anger.

Despite what I said, I like how angry you write him, this is a character I am interested to see working off a pony. Prideful and hateful, he fully understands what they are trying to teach him, but considers it beyond him, a relic of a more innocent time, before his people were victimized, his lover killed, and his body mutilated.

Ponies need to stop treating him like a child who needs to be taught basic things, and more a solider who has seen too much to entertain them.

That said, I question Celestia's logic by letting a provably violent, hair triggered alien, who attacked her with laser swords, near school age children. Methinks she did not think it through.

The super paragraphs aren't as bad. Good to see improvement, although you might want to go fix some of the earlier chapters, After all, first impressions are important for a writer, strongest foot forward.

Well its more like a college....ish. Plus Celestia is known for having almost blind trust whenever the elements are around. And considering they are all there, it makes her flawed logic easier to see, if still flawed. But can you blame her? Whens the last time she has meet a alien veteran general and murderer? Lol. Besides, she has never seen a lightsaber. Ya she knows its a weapon but she doesn't appreciate how deadly it really is. Hope that makes her actions more understandable. Thanks for the comments, I'll see what I can do breaking up paragraphs and such.

Your right how ponies should treat him, but they have never meet someone like him, so they are oblivious to who he is and how they should handle him. When you have an unknown element you often start treating it with what you know. Got to start somewhere. Don't worry, the ponies aren't dumb however, they will figure it out soon and try newer, better, and more...unique approaches to Grievous.

The ponies are not innocent because they are weak. There is actually a reason they are how they are....hint hint. Grievous will learn that they deserve at least some respect. He doesn't realise how much raw power they hold.... And neither do the ponies, not fully anyway...yet.

One thing I try to do is think out everything. I try to have a reason for writing every scene, interaction, reaction, ect. I try to think out how and why each character does this or that before I write it, and make sure each piece fits. I am far from perfect and sometimes even when it is all in my head, connected, it is not as obvious on the page. I try my best to minimize such discrepancy however. Hopefully as each chapter comes, the larger picture becomes clearer. Because some of the things that seem random or confusing is often because their connection to a larger picture, either of the full character, which is not shown at the start, or the plot is not yet revealed. Try to give enough tho that no one has to scratch their head to much thru the chapters. Cause that would drive any reader crazy, and isn't a good writing technique. Actually making the reader scratch their head most the time is just bad writing. There must be a balance in what is revealed and not revealed to be a good story, mysteries to draw readers in, and answers to make their time reading feel worthwhile. It is far from easy to create such balance. But I try to get as close as I can, and hope that it is close enough that readers are drawn in rather then repelled.

Because trust me, I have PLENTY of mysteries of characters and plot waiting to be discovered.

So out of the Young Six. Grievous have met Silverstream firsts, I could be wrong in many way when I say this. But I think Silverstream is the key to help Grievous to open up more and be his first true friend in Equestria. you can tell me that I am wong in this statement. but I want to put that out there

We'll see:)
Thanks for putting it out there. Really do appreciate y'alls responses

I did worry about the pace funny enough writing it. I am definitely trying to watch it so hopefully it won't be too bad:). In the end it was as good as I could make it on my own. Again, I won't stop watching it so I hope it doesn't get to bad.

Fair, although I wonder what Celestia would think if she found out that each of those swords on his belt is a weapon he took from a fallen enemy that he has personally slain.

Nice to see how much thought you are putting into this, can't wait to see where it goes.

I wonder how long it will take before Grievous give up and go for a rampage :pinkiecrazy:
And I really don't like that he didn't have a single cough attack so far.

Who says he hasn't had one? ;)
At present it is been made the readers job to imagine "off screen", per say, his coughs and such( more so because I hadn't really thought of it, rather than any conscious decision). If you would prefer that his asthma issues be delegated to "on screen"(in writing) as a fun little inclusion, I would not mind endeavoring to making a conscious effort to put that in going forward.

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