The long way around (Revised)

by RisuUmbra

Chapter 11: The Final Battle

Michael POV:
    “Quick…” I heard someone whisper her name from behind me which brought my attention back to her battered body, she was covered with various cuts all over her body that were staining her coat a crimson hue and her right foreleg was crooked in some places making me assume it’s broken, but altogether painting a very grotest image making me take a deep breath so I don’t panic. I felt a nudge in my leg and glanced down at Triton who made a motion with his beak to look past Light Spire, and there standing quietly was Tess the griffiness.

    “Well, well, well, looks like the children are sneaking out for a party now doesn’t it” Light tilted his head towards his henchme… ponies who just laughed along with him.

    “Hmm, what do you think we should do with them hun?” He turned the hopefully unconscious body of Quick towards him and had her lean into his ear like she was speaking

    “Oh you think we should punish them darling, but doesn’t that seem too harsh they’re just some young foolish foals” I felt revolted when he had her body float back and shook her head hard like she was disagreeing with him sending drops of blood and other vital fluids flying then had her lean in again.   

    “You think we should… Kill Them! Don’t you think that’s a tad extreme?” He acted shocked for a moment then grinned evilly as said

“Well, your the boss, love” Then he hurled Quick’s body away at high speeds making her hit the ground and skip off of it and into a wall of a partially collapsed building opening even more cuts leaving her bleeding on the ground. I wanted to run over and help the poor girl but we still had multiple crossbows trained on us and i didn’t want anymore blood spilled because of us..

“Ya know, most creature would have ran away or declined if they were offered a chance to attack one of the most feared mercenaries in equestria, but you two apparently have balls made of dragon scales so what i’m wondering is what could that sad excuse of a leader offer you to make you take part in her suicide mission?” Light was slowly walking in a counter clockwise path toward Triton and I while doing his equivalent of an evil monologue and was waiting for one of us to respond to his question, we needed to stall for time so I spoke.

“Well like they say there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, but what I want to know is what would you get from taking over some random town on the very edge of one of the largest countries” I started to walk the same direction of him while keeping him the same distance from me as to not tip him off of my plans.

“Heheheh, i’ll have to keep that one. As for what I get out of this… Nothing, other than getting the opportunity to go up against some of Celestia’s finest of course” That actually threw me for a loop for a moment so I foolishly responded.

“You want to be caught?” At my question Light started to laugh softly slowly building up to a hysterical laughter, by now we had switched sides and he was by Triton and the civilians.

“Who said anything about getting caught? What I want is that feeling, that feeling of ending a life after fighting for your own, that feeling of euphoria when you slit the throat of a guard and watch the light leave his eyes, The WARMTH of the BLOOD splash onto your coat” he was slowly creeping up to the civilian while saying this and watching with madness in his eye as they shrunk back in fear of him.

“But most of all, the glorious FEAR that you can see in their eyes before the end comes, that is why I fight, why I kill, why I do all of this” After finishing his speech he turned back to me and started stalk towards me while slowly unsheathing his sword with his magic.

“Now be a good guest and show me a good time” I reached up and hurried to pull out my sword as he launched towards me with a possessed fever, he slashed downwards with his sword to fast for me to block so I had to throw myself away from him to his right letting his sword cleave down into the road easily, his sword was normal in sword terms ,but the whole blade was glowing a faint yellow with tiny arcs of electricity jumping off it and into the ground scorching it a ashen black.

“Aww don’t run now, the fun’s just started” with ease Light was able to pull the sword out of the ground and stalk towards me again, I rolled back to my feet and readied my sword for the next attack while slowly stepping back away from him.

“I may not know what you are, but I know from looking at you that you’re just boy pretending that everything will be FINE” At the end of the sentence he swung the sword again but with me ready I was barely able to block it with the flat of my blade but it still knocked me back and unbalanced me.

“Well, sorry to disappoint you boy but this won’t end well for you Hah!” with a quick leap forward Light swung the flat of their blade at me from my left and because I was unbalanced I was only able to bring up my arm to cover my head so my arm took most of the damage which I was positive would bruise terribly, but for now I tuned out the pain as I was shoved to the side by the force of the blow nearly sending me to the ground. At this point I was beginning to realize how out classed I really was and how lucky i’ve been up to this point, when the thought of death crossed my mind I started to shiver from the cold bite of fear pulse through me and it seems Light noticed as well.

“Aww, it seems the child is starting to realize how out of his depth he is” His grin widened as continued to slowly trot towards me, each one of his steps matched my own as I tried to stay out of his reach but that was in vain as he lunged out and tried to stab me with the tip of his blade. I was only barely able to dodge his thrust while it cut a rather large slice through the leather chestpiece, but it left him open enough to get a sloppy swing in a his head and I would have gotten a pretty good it in too if he didn’t lean his head away so it only left a shallow cut next to his mouth leaving a small trail of blood to flow down. He stopped at the sudden attack then looked at and smiled fully while licking up the blood next to his mouth.

“That’s what I want to see! C’mon now HIT ME!” Light didn’t even raise his sword for his next attack as he threw himself at me in a full body tackle sending me flying a good while away from and knocking the wind out of me for a second.

“How about this, if you can survive this attack I won’t kill your friends or the civilians over there, but if you can’t take it then… well you can guess what’ll happen” He started to chuckle lowly as his horn glowed with more magic and his sword seemed to crackle with more wildly sparking electricity that seemed to be getting stronger with every moment.

    “Michael dodge!” I heard Triton trying to warn me and I tried to heed said warning y standing and getting ready to move but it was too late as Light Spire swung the sword in a wide diagonal arc at me and a yellow ring of spinning electricity launched at me at breakneck speed and hit the flat of my sword with the weight of bull baring down at me, I braced my sword with both hands but it wasn’t enough as I was thrown into the air by the attack. The impact itself shook my brain from the hit, but I was able to at least make it so I was thrown away from the blasts past. I felt myself flip maybe twice before landing hard on my stomach, the air completely knocked out of me this time leaving me struggling to breath while the dust settles from the explosion of the blast landing behind me.

    “Hmm you survived, i’m actually impressed” I couldn’t see Light at the moment but I could hear him speak along with the slow sarcastic applause he was giving me, after a moment I was able to bring myself up to a crouch while the dust finally settled giving me a direct line of sight with Light was now sitting there calmly clapping while his sword was stabbed into the road next to him, after our sad excuse of a fight Light only had one red line of blood on his cheek staining his white coat but leaving his studded leather armor untouched while I probably look like I just rolled through a burning chainsaw factory.

    “Ya’know that performance almost makes me want to consider honoring our deal, but… where’s the fun in that… shoot them all” my eyes widened as the grunts lifted their crossbows and aimed them at the crowd and a feeling of restless energy seemed to enter me as I watched the elders try to protect the youngest and then… they fired.

    “NOOOO!” I could see the arrows let loose from their strings and slowly fly through the air towards their intended victims, I could see the looks of horror and sadness on the townsfolk and friend and it all… slowly… came… to… a… stop. Everything around me was slowed to the point of not even moving, at first I thought this happened when your about to die, but after a minute that probably wasn’t even an actual second I realized I could move while everyone was suspended in time. I stood and moved towards the arrows out of curiosity and it turns out everything isn’t suspended in time… i’m just moving so fast that everyone looks like their standing still, realizing the opportunity presented to me on a silver platter I set to work. I turned every arrow around and pushed them back towards their sender which to me took about a minute or two which wasn’t even a second in real time i’m guessing, but after that I started to get slightly dizzy which might be a warning that whatever this was is ending soon so I turned my attention to Light Spire who is still grinning like a mad man in the direction of where I was before. I started to think about everything he’s done is the short time I knew about him, he threatened my friends, innocent people, took over and basically enslaved a town and its residents, and lastly… I glance over to Quick’s bleeding and broken body and made my decision, I stated to walked over to Light Spire’s frozen body with a look of cold resolve and slowly started to gain speed and when i was about to reach him while running at full tilt I raised my sword and when he was in range I swung down with all of my strength.