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After a long day at work Marcus just wanted to play the new Mlp game that's been released but instead he's been sucked into the game along with every other player that logged into the servers during the opening day and now he has to deal with dark gods, bandit kings, abominations of all kinds, and worst of all... drama.
Here's hoping he gets to a high enough level to be able to deal with it all.

Inspired by qwefg and his story Equestrian Landings but not in the same universe.

Wow! featured (12/8/21) (5/6/22) (7/18/22)

Chapters (47)

Anon has lived in Equestria for a year now and has a prospering business as an Event Planner but he would throw it all away for one mare Pinkie Pie, he would even give her his heart which would be hard as she hates his guts
Contains Pink ponies, brotherly dragons, a shipping cult, and a wild purple smart... enjoy!

(WARNING! Is old and very cringy, read at your own peril)

Chapters (12)

The multiverse is in mortal danger

Worlds are being destroyed left and right and can’t be stopped and now a regular human who has nothing to do with this has been sucked into the middle of it.

!Warning! Very old and very cringe, full-on wish fulfillment story

Chapters (19)