Level Up!

by RisuUmbra

[Status Screen]

Skill levels :Fledgling: 0-5 → Adept: 5-20 → Journeyman: 20-35 → Master: 35-50 → Alicorn:50-100

Up to date:

[Name: Markus/Arcane Hope Lv:7]

[Title: The Tornado Of Terror (Effect: +2 Levels to Levitation as long as Title is on] 

[Health: Healthy]

[Mana: Full]

[Stamina: Full]

[SP Available: 3]

Physical Skills→

Magical Skills→

Social Skills→ 

Physical Skills:

 [Journeyman Coordination: Grants the bearer increased stamina and make their movements]
[much more nimble and sure hoofed]

[Skill Level 21: 51.66%]

[Cost: 2 SP]

Magic Skills:

[Cutie Mark: I art thou, thou art I: Your body and soul are intrinsically connected]

 [to the forces of magic making you gifted in its manipulation and creation]

[Effect 1: Magical Manipulation and creation is boosted immensely when not]
[following a known spell form]

[Effect 2: Unknown -Must be unlocked through time and effort- Active skill]]

[Effect 3: heightened effect in Artificery and Enchantment]

[ Journeyman Mana Control: Gives the bearer basic control over their magic and]

 [bestows the lowest forms of magic Levitation and Beam Attack]

[Further levels in this skills will improve mana efficiency and potency]

[Skill Level 20: 0.3%]

[Cost: 2 SP]

[ Journeyman Wisp Summon: Summons the weakest of all evoked creatures the wisp]

[This wisp will independently attack any targeted creature with small bursts of [magic and will continue to do so until destroyed or dispelled]

[Threshold Reached!]

[Catalyst Required: Max Bond, ???]

[Higher levels allow for more complex orders]

[Mana Draw: Small]

[Mana draw and strength will improve with experience and supplementary skills]

[Skill Level 25: 00.00%]

[Cost: 4 SP]

[Fledgling Thunder Lion Summon: A deadly creature that is spoken of in both]

 [terror and reverence, worshiped as a sort of protecting spirit by most pegasus]

 [tribes this creature is able to harness the power of lightning and strike down its] 

[prey before they even know what has happened]

[Mana Cost: Medium]

[Skill Level 7: 11.57%]

[Be warned, the slaying of a Thunder Lion is a mark of strength in most cultures]

 [and the knowledge of your kill may attract challengers or dissenters]

[ Adept Blink: The users sends out a arcane marker to a location within sight then is]

 [rapidly sent to the desired location]

[The user is still physical during this process so any obstructions with cancel the]
[spell and depending on the distance traveled might damage the user]

[Current Range Limit: 100ft]

[Limit can be raised with higher levels or with supplementary skills]

[Mana Cost: Small]

[Skill Level 11: 12.61%]

[Cost: 1 Sp]

[Adept Fire Magic Control: Gives the bearer basic control over the the]

 [primordial magic of fire and bestows the lowest forms of fire magic fire bolt and] [ember imbuement]

[Further levels in this skills will improve magic efficiency and power]

[Skill Level 14: 22.78%]

[Cost: 2 SP]

[Fledgling Lighting Manipulation: Gives the bearer power over the slippery element of lightning] 

[bestows the lowest forms of lightning magic Spark shock and Electric Imbuement]

[Further levels in this skills will improve mana efficiency and potency]

[Skill Level 1: 0.0%]

[Cost: 1 SP]

[Plasma Imbuement: Allows the enchantment and combination of items and magic

[Skill Level Max]

[Fragment Passive Skill]

[Elements: Fire, Lightning]

[Fledgling Cleansing Spell: Even cleanliness is an artform in of itself] 

[Banishes all unwanted stains and messings]

[Can also be used to clean wounds and fragile objects]

[Mana Cost: Negligible]

[Further levels in this skills will improve mana efficiency and potency]

[Skill Level 1: 0.0%]

[Cost: 1 SP]

[Adept Shield Spell: Gives the user the ability to create defensive constructs]

[Shape and Structural Integrity partially depends on user]

[With gain strength and flexibility with levels]

[Mana Draw: Variable]

[Skill Level 10: 25.1%]

[Cost: 2 SP]

Dark Magic:

[Adept Shadow Tendril: Bestows the acolyte minor power over the domain of] [shadows along with granting a boon of increased strength and dexterity when]

[used within the shadows themselves]

[Mana use: Moderate]

[Level 15: 75.9%]

[Corruption Chance: 4% - 3% + Cutie Mark with magic affinity = 0%]

[Cost: 2 SP]

[Ritual Magic: How else would you give me offerings? I’ll take anything magically]

 [inclined or esoteric enough to fit my tastes and if they meet my standards you]

 [might be rewarded]

[Skill Level 1: Requires research to level]

[Conduit Spell Form -If Skill level is high enough then allows the user to use other]

 [magic types in ritual form if enough research is done]

Social Skills:

[6th Sense:  Passively grants the user near supernatural level senses]

[Will actively warn user of danger or of item of interest]

[The wielder will get a certain feeling about topics or people that warrant]

 [further investigation]

[Can be used in conjunction with other special skills]

[Intrinsic Skill: only you and those of your bloodline can develop this skill]

[Skill Level: Max]

[Passive/Active Cost: Non/Negligible] 

[Can be boosted with mana to added cost]

[Mana Boost Cost: Medium]

[Adept Persuasion: Unicorns are naturally charismatic and will attract others passively] [Grants the user the ability to bring others to your side, works passively and] [actively]

[Passive/Active Stamina use: None/Small

[Level 8: 11.89%]

[Name: Morgana/Rose Point Lv:5]

[Title: Earthbender (+1 Level to Earth Manipulation as long as Title is on]

[Health: Healthy]

[Mana: Full]

[Stamina: Full]

[SP Available: 1]

Physical Skills→

Magical Skills→

Social Skills→ 

Physical Skills:

 [Adept Coordination: Grants the bearer increased stamina and make their movements] [much more nimble and sure hoofed]

[Skill Level 13: 67.19%]

[Cost: 1 SP]

[Sturdy: Earth Ponies are born just as unshakable as earth they’re named after]

[the user passively gains a slight increase in health and strength]

[Skill Level: Max]

[Passive Skill Only] 

[Adept Weaving: Allows the use of dry grasses and sticks as crafting material]

[Prior Skill acknowledged]

[Skill Level 15: 57.2%]

[Cost: 4 SP}

Magic Skills:

[Adept Mending Touch: Using your innate nature magic you can heal any small wounds]

 [that you touch, this spell cannot regrow limbs yet]

[Skill Level 14: 13.3%]

[Cost: 4 SP]

[Adept Herbalism: Gives the user the passive skill of identifying plants]

[Prior Skill Acknowledged]

[Skill Level 13: 77.18%]

[Cost: 4 Sp]

[Adept Earth Manipulation: Gives the user control over the the vary element]

 [of earth to varying degrees]

[Skill Level 16: 3.52%]

[Cost: 2 Sp]

[Adept Channeling: Gives the user the ability to connect and commune with nature]

[Lowers Nature related skill costs and increases Nature skill efficiency as long as skill is active]

[Current Channeling level requires user to not be moving to activate and to have contact with desired aspect of nature]

[Passive Skill]

[Mana Cost: None]

[Skill Level 5: 12.54%]

[Will activate whenever user is still]

[Cost: 1 Sp]

Social Skills:

[Mediator: Some creatures want to start fights, you want to end them]

[The user has a higher chance of ending a conflict between two intelligent beings]

[Can be used at the same time as other social skills]

[Prior Skill Acknowledged]

[Skill Level: 8: 23.2%]

[Cost: 1 SP]

[Name: David/Nimbus Lv:6]

[Title: Zorro]

[Health: Healthy]

[Mana: Full]

[Stamina: Full]

[SP Available: 0]

Physical Skills→

Magical Skills→

Social Skills→ 

Physical Skills:

 [ Adept Coordination: Grants the bearer increased stamina and make their movements] [much more nimble and sure hoofed]

[Skill Level 10: 2.21%]

[Cost: 2 SP]

[Adept Sword Mastery: Grants the user the beginning skills need to wield a] [blade]

[Blade must be longer than than 24” or 60 cm to count as a sword, anything below] [that falls under the knife/dagger category]

[Skill Level 14: 17.1%]

[Cost: 4 SP]

[Fledgling Discipline: Allows for decreased stamina cost when using a martial style]

[This skill also paves the way for the development of personal fighting styles]

[Has the chance of evolving into a greater skill]

[Passive Skill]

[Skill Level 3: 2.72%]

[Cost: 1 Sp]

Magic Skills:

[Sky Affinity: Pegasus have a natural connection to the sky and it’s magics, gives a] [natural boost to flight based or sky related skills]

[Allows the user to touch and mold clouds like clay]

 [Skill Level: Max]

[Adept Cloud Control: Allows the user to mold and shape clouds to the users will]

[Beginner levels allows for the following constructs: Clouds, Rain, Squall, Fog]

[Mana Cost: Minimal]

[Skill Level 8: 24.83%]

[Cost: 1 Sp]

[Adept Pegasus Flight: The flight of a pegasus is naturally magical as it is] 

[physically impossible, while the strength of the user wings can improve flight] [ability so can magic training]

[Stamina Cost: Small-Moderate]

[Skill Level 16: 6.78%]

[Cost: 1 Sp]

Social Skills:

[Adept Sunny Attitude: Your bright energetic outlook on life make others more likely to] [be nice to you, though this will make threats dislike you easier]

[Skill Level 10: 8.31%]

[Cost:1 Sp]