The long way around (Revised)

by RisuUmbra

Chapter 3

    I shook myself out of my self imposed flashback and stumbled back from the newly cut cliff face and fell onto the ground in a sitting position still reeling from the experience and trying to calm myself down with my goto plan, Thinking
    “So I was just abducted from basically nazi-ponies via dimensional explosion and then was going to be sacrificed until I escaped… this is not helping me stay calm”

I stood back up when I remember the weight in my right hand and looked down to examine the sword I had taken with me, The sheath was standard black leather with a few lines of iron going down the sides for reinforcement and two strap loops near the tip and handle attached to a leather belt with a buckle for adjusting it so all in all the sheath was normal but the sword itself was a whole nother story beginning with the handle it was cross stitched with some kind of padding for grip colored black and ended in a blunt point so it wouldn’t scratch the holder, attached to it was the reason for its namesake as there was a jewel embedded in the center of it that was an eerie blue glowing gem in the shape of a diamond and inside of the gem look like a dragons eye that looked to be staring into your soul, connected to the jewel was a odd curling crossguard that had four point with two larger ones curling upwards and the two smaller ones curling downward. I took my left hand and gripped the handle and pulled it from its sheath revealing its blade that was colored black with the sharpened edges being the natural silver of metal.

    “This thing is so cool but I could do without the staring gem but oh well a swords a sword and a awesome one at that”
    Before I could fully pull it out I heard a loud howl in the distance and was reminded of my current predicament, I resheathed my new sword and quickly checked my surroundings and only saw the cliff face and a row of dead trees and shrubs that stopped what little light there was from getting through restricting my sight. Speaking of which I pulled out my phone to check what time it was and to my shock in was about 10:30 at night! Which is odd because it was like 2 o’clock when I was transported, another weird thing is that my clock auto adjusted the time somehow either its that or I was in there for longer that I thought. I’m out in the open in the middle of the night while who knows what is hunting for dinner and I don’t want to be on the menu so I grabbed the belt on the sword and put it over my shoulder and tighten it so it won’t fall off zip up my jacket and throw my hood on so I don’t get too cold then start walking into the dark forest.

???’s POV

    After flying for a few minutes I land on the path leading to the next village and rest for a moment, I was never the strongest flyer because of my large body build but over time my wings will get stronger but for now i’m gonna walk the rest of the way

    “It’s pretty quiet today”
I observed my surroundings in silence showing me various green trees and other miscellaneous plants in the undergrowth covered from the bright sun overhead that started to lean towards the evening side of the sky.

Then the sky cracked…
A loud shattering noise blared from the air itself that shocked me back into the air why watching the sky suddenly repair itself like nothing happened.

    “Yeah, I’m just gonna fly the rest of the way there”
And with a flap of my wings I left that area behind and flew the rest of the way to the next village.

    I’ve been walking for a few minutes now and all I’ve been seeing is foliage and dirt, no civilization, no pathways, and no animals. It eerily quiet too leading me to believe that this whole area is dead, with nothing else to do my mind went back to the probably destroyed temple I escaped from, specifically the stallion I knocked out by smashing him into the stone door

     “ how did I crack solid stone with just one hand”
   I stopped and looked down at my hand opening and closing it
        “I don’t feel any different”
     I walked up to a tree and put my hand on the bark and tried to crush the surface but nothing happened
     “That’s a normal reaction at least hmm”

        Now I know I’m in My little pony so maybe it’s either a magic thing or a physics thing. I continued to walk as I thought this out.

           “What about density?
     That could be it, denser object have higher strength against small lighter objects but doesn’t that mean I’m Superman because that’s the reason he has his power and all or at least the strength and speed, but I could even put a dent in the tree hmm maybe it’s also because of living things having magic which makes it have a lower density and have its abilities, that also explains how those ponies were able to just open a door made of solid stone with their bare hooves because it was enchanted to move for them thus making it lighter and me stronger than it”.

    My thought tangent was interrupted when I stepped onto a empty dirt road instead of grass much to my surprise and relief, now I just need to follow this to find a town and figure out what to do next. I looked to the left to see a few buildings and torches a bit aways from me guiding my way towards the newest chapter of my life.
And hopefully some food.