The long way around (Revised)

by RisuUmbra

Chapter 7

    My first stop should be that tailor from before that I passed on the way to the meeting, I retraced my steps back to the tailor by the Inn. Arriving back at the tailor I looked up to see its name which was “ Mother’s Needle” which was a nice family store name if I do say so myself, I walked up to the store and opened it to show me what looked to be Rarity’s shop but no garish colors and kitchin there were some fabrics on the floor and ponyquins showing various garments and colors that looked like a pain to wear and others that looked just like work clothes for the farmers. The reception desk was unma-ponied at the moment but there was a silver bell to ring and ring it I did *Ting* A fairly loud ring sang through the room and a few seconds later I heard the clop of hooves coming from the back room.
    “I’ll be there is a moment” A young male voice rang out from the back room along with the sound of a low twinkling noise, moments later a tan unicorn with a brown mane with measuring tape around their neck exited from the backroom and trotted over to the front desk
    “What can I do for you sir-Oh it’s you yes I was told about the bits and have already made preparations in case you came by please follow me” He grinned and turned to walk back into the room he exited prior to the conversation. This would kind of freak me out and make me very suspicious if I didn’t know about the letter that was sent to everyone with a business, I followed the pony into his backroom which turned out to be a similarly sized room than the last that had a stage with mirrors in the center with various sewing utensils around it.
    “Well what are you waiting for come come step up onto the stage” I followed his orders with slight hesitation, now that he’s speaking more I think he sounds a bit british somehow like with the underlying speed of their speech patterns and different emphasis on words.
    “Arms up” I raised my arms in to a T-pose and felt the measuring tape coil around my midsection like a snake but not crushing me then move up to my chest then my arms and neck which made me flinch and almost ripe it off me but it quickly came off then floated back down to my legs and feet.
    “There we go now that I have your measurements you can tell me what your preferences are and how many bits you have to work with hmm” He look up at me waiting for me to give details
    “What will 50 bits get me?” He stopped and thought for a moment with a hoof to his chin and bringing his brown eyes to the ceiling
“I would get you a regular tunic, trousers, boots, and some basic leather vestments but there would be about half quality but if you choose to remove one of those then the others can be of a much higher quality” I flinched when he mentioned leather but I calmed when I realized this might be normal in this part of equestria. My jacket is fine for now and the leather probably isn’t that comfortable so i’ll stick with the regular clothes
“I think i’ll get just the tunic, pants, and boots please no leather, I want the others to be a bit higher quality and I’ll leave the colors and design to the professional” I grinned and nodded the him to which he returned then turned over to a table full of different color swatches
“ Well if you insist on leaving the coloring to me than I must do my best for this, Now sir if you could please stay very still and keep your arms up” I raised my arms back up and tried to stay as still as I could
“Thank you, now this might be a bit disorienting but you will be fine after” He lit his horn and the pile of fabrics glowed with it- wait disorienting?
“Wait wha-” I was cut off by a literal TORNADO of color surrounding me and spinning around me so fast that I had to shut my eyes or else I would get dizzy and fall off the raised stage. After a few seconds the wind dies down and I cracked open an eye to see what’s happening but the room had returned to before with the color swatches on the table in a neat pile except for two which were floating in the unicorns magical grip a dark blue and a black piece of fabric
“All done, that wasn’t too bad was it? Now I’ll need you to come back in a few hours for me to see if it fits you or if there are any areas that are too tight” He walked away from me while saying that and finished when he left the room leaving me stunned from my colorful assault but after a few seconds I shook it off and what he said registered after a second so I stepped off of the stage walked out of the room, He wasn’t in sight so he might have gone into a different room, there is a side room so maybe there. I walked out of store only slightly stunned still and wondered what I could do in the meantime, It’s gonna be a while until I see Triton again so that’s a no for now hmm…  maybe I could go shopping for supplies but I said I would do that with Triton as per our agreement so what do I do? I shifted my weight and felt my sword shift with me reminding me of its presence and also giving me an idea of what to do with my free time. I started to walk back over to the forest to find a suitable training dummy, on my way many of the citizens waved to me in respect to which I waved back and I’m pretty sure I saw Triton in the blacksmith's shop but that's his business so I continued till I arrived in the forest and walked into the foliage for a target to practice on but it took a while until I found a withered tree. The forest was nice and cool with all its shade and the subtle ambiance of bugs and small animals around me, I found a nice old looking tree after a bit of walking and if I turned around I could see the edge of the town so I couldn’t get lost easily. The tree looked like it was on its last legs but was still stand through sheer plant determination but that made it the perfect practice dummy so sorry in advance mother nature, I reached back and unsheathed my sword and hold it at arm's length to admire the blade. The blade itself was the length of a bastard sword which means it could be used as both a one handed and two handed weapon, the eye crystal in the hilt of the blade still slightly unnerved me but I was getting over it. I brought the hilt down near my stomach and pointed the tip towards the leaves of the dead tree then stopped a bit confused on how to use a sword and i’m sure I could get better with it if I practice with it but if I don’t know the correct form I could become a failure with a blade.
I stood there with the blade in my hand and just lifted it up over my head and quickly slash downwards but I underestimated it weight and when it stopped it pulled me forward off balance and almost face first into the tree amd when I stabilized myself I squared my body and did a diagonal slash which didn’t unbalance me as much so I just practice that slash until it felt steadier and I could do it while walking around. The sword weighed less than a melon but was harder to hold, the grip was fine but the way I hold it made it so its killer on my wrists and I could feel calluses forming on my hands already meaning I might need gloves and some wrist tape or something to help. I was satisfied with what I could do for now so I put away my sword and made my way back and by now the tailor should be done or almost done so I went straight there.
    “Ah there you are, your a bit early but that’s find i’ve completed your clothes much faster because I was struck by a moment of inspiration” I was genuinely curious about how it turned out so I was about to ask but he just rush over to me and started to pull my arm with magic over to the fitting room from before.
“Now now no more dilly dallying we must get this done” He left me back on the stage then left the retrieve the clothes, while he was gone I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a few wood splinters on my clothes and the tear in my shirt has gotten bigger somehow and now reaches my back so I reached back and took off my sword and sat it on the floor then proceed to remove my jacket when the stallion returned with my new garment in tow. The tunic was long sleeved and was mainly black but had dark blue running longwise down it over where my heart would be, the pants were black and similar in design but the line only went down the side of my left leg and was thinner then the line on the shirt, The boots looked like ordinary black work boots that would last a long time but the left boot had the blue line on it and ending in a circle on the side of the boot, it looked pretty cool
“Hurry now put it on I want to see how it looks” He floated the clothes over to me and I didn’t even care he was in the room I threw off my shirt,  jeans, and shoes then put on the pants on first which felt like jeans but felt like I was wearing cotton then the shirt which was just as comfortable then lastly the boots which fit perfectly. The only problem was that I had to use my old belt to hold up the pants a bit.
“These are perfect and the fit perfectly thank you” I am being very sincere about this these are very awesome and in the words of a certain blue pegasus I feel 20% cooler just wearing them.
“You are very welcome I was inspired by your weapon and thought to make a matching set so I decided to make the leather as well but only if you do me a favor” He floated over a sleeveless leather chest piece colored black with a few highlight of blue running through it and a row of small pockets leading diagonally to the right across the chest, my answer was immediate.
“What do you need me to do?”
Triton POV:
After leaving Michael I went straight for the blacksmith the get some basic tools for the journey, after just one day I realized how under equipped I am. The blacksmith wasn’t far from where I was standing, I saw it when I first entered to so its back by the forest entrance so I made my way through the small traffic over there and low and behold there is was with a stone foundation and forge exposed in front with someone hammering away on an anvil. When I got closer I was sort of surprised to see it was being handled by a dragon with red scales but it's missing one of its wings which made me wince just thinking of losing one of mine. The dragons underbelly was covered by a very large apron and its wearing a pair of goggles to cover their eyes, as I stepped up to the dragon I saw he was hammering a horse shoe into its iconic shape.
“Excuse me?” I tried to get his attention but he was so focused that he was tuning everything out, I was about to try again but a different sound gained my attention *TAP TAP TAP*, it was coming from the window so I turned to look and saw a smaller pink dragoness gesturing me to come inside with a claw then stepping away. I followed her directions and entered the blacksmith showing a standard counter with various small metal wares on it and a few larger items on the walls like swords, wood cutting axes, and a few braces and gloves. Behind the counter was the dragoness from before waiting for me with a happy smile on her face.
“Welcome to Tallow Forge, my name is Pitch what can I do for you” she finished were introduction with a nod in my direction.
“Well I need some basic traveling tools, you know the usual” I don’t know what the usual was but I hoped she did. Pitch arched her scaly browe  at me in amusement then gestured to a few barrels that were next to the counter that I somehow missed upon entering.
“Well come have a look here” I approached the counter and there was three barrels one was filled with bed rolls the next with small carving knives and the last had a few miscellaneous stuff like fire starters, lanterns, and compasses. I reached for the compass first and a few fire starters, then went for two bed rolls and a carving knife. I put everything on the counter and asked how much all that would cost.
“That comes up to an even 60 bits” Celestia dang it! So close
“I could shave off a few bits if you do me a favor?” I perked back up and looked to her to show I was listening and replied.
“Depends on what the favor is?” I waited for her to respond to my question
“Oh it won’t be nothing dangerous to a big griffon, I need help collecting some minerals were running low on but can be found in abundance nearby” I was slightly interested so I nodded to tell her to continue and her smile grew a little wider
“So a bit a ways into the forest there is a natural mineral deposit of raw light crystal that we use for the lanterns and fire starters but recently a few timber wolves have made that area its home, its not much of a problem for two dragons but my brother there is a bit busy and I have to mind the store right now so could you deal with the puppy problem and bring me 5 light shards, that should last us quite a while as we turn them to dust” It seemed pretty easy from the way she said it but it’s still a timber wolf den so i’m gonna need some help with this hmm maybe Michael would be willing to help since he was so keen to travel with me?
“Is it okay if I get some help from a friend?”She just shrugged
“Sure go ahead, i’ll be waiting here for the shards either way” I nodded and left the building to find my new friend for our first adventure.