• Published 24th Nov 2020
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Level Up! - RisuUmbra

A new MLP MMO turns death game as the players are sucked into what they assume is the game... not as fun as you'd think

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Chapter 27: Individual Strengths

Author's Note:

I'm Alive!
I'm sorry for taking so long with this chapter, but life really got in the way for all of us.

[Yeah, it was getting pretty annoying after a while... Anyway we are back!]

In this chapter the party has split, which is something you should never do but oh well.

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This chapter hasn't been edited by the illustrious Kendallonian so if you catch anything please point it out.

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Chapter 27: Individual Strengths

David’s Pov:

“ You would expect a member of a guild of spies to be better at making maps.” My voice echoed out in the empty streets around me as I clopped along. I was still slightly disappointed that I couldn’t just fly to where the master spy wanted me to go, but I understood that I would stick out as the only pegasus flying around right now. I took another glance down at the shoddily-drawn map and compared it to my surroundings. I had been walking for a while now and had reached the edge of the main town, Which seemed to be some sort of area devoted to agricultural supplies.. Stores selling farming implements and the occasional blacksmith was nothing new for this area, but what I was looking for was the ‘Weather Guild’. I thought back to when the spy was explaining just what the Weather Guild was to my friends and I.

“ The Weather Guild is less a guild and more a group of ponies who have weather related [Cutie Marks] and were forced to develop an agricultural system for the town in the last few months. The town of Param usually gets a bulk of its produce from the countless traders that funnel through the town, but after the Lord’s… changes, things have been getting sparse now that everypony avoids this place lest they be ruined. Your contact is more or less the leader of the guild, a pegasus that goes by the name Mix-up. They’re not originally from here, but got roped into everything while doing some cloud work.”

I let my recollection fade as I stopped in front of an isolated building. An old windmill that was probably used for crushing grains had been converted into the HQ for the guild. I had a quick walk around the building just in case. The building was pretty old and rotting in a few places; I didn’t think this mill was in use before the guild was made. There were piles of cubed clouds around the back of the mill all bundled up and stacked up like it was hay… it was an odd visual. I hadn’t seen or heard any ponies outside the building, so I assumed someone was inside and maybe even waiting for me already if the spy master was to be believed. I adjusted the strap of my cutlass in a nervous tick; this was a bit more daunting now that I didn’t have my friends by my side. Usually I could rely on Markus with making introductions or carrying a conversation, though I knew I shouldn’t be relying on my friends so heavily like that. Morgana would have just gone right in with all the bravado of a certain blind bandit. There was no reason why I should be so nervous, but I couldn’t help imagining every way this could go wrong. I shook myself from my deep thoughts and took a deep breath to steady myself. I need to hurry up, Markus and Morgana wouldn’t let me live it down if I was the last one to finish.

“So are you gonna keep sitting there talking to yourself, or are you gonna come inside?” I was startled back into the present by a pegasus stallion that looked like the sky personified… ponified? The pegasus’ legs were the same creamy white color as clouds, which ended just below their shoulders and hips and turned a shocking sky blue. I couldn’t see his [Cutie Mark] from here as his rather large wings covered the bulk of his sides. Quickly looking back up to the pegasus’ eyes made me notice the splotch of cream-white fur on his muzzle. I watched him quirk a questioning eyebrow as I still haven't responded!

“Oh! U-uh I’ve been sent by… “ I was quickly cut off by the pegasus shushing me before gesturing with his wing to enter, I guess I was right about them already knowing I was coming. I didn’t waste any time and quickly entered the building past the pegasus.

the inside of the windmill looked just as I would expect; Pounded dirt floors, crates and barrels pushed to the corners of the room, a few desks here and there with documents on them, and a large map pinned on the far wooden wall that showed mostly farmland and what I thought might be wind patterns… I’d never studied meteorology.

“ If you’re done looking around, follow me.” The pegasus, who I was beginning to suspect was the Mix-Up I was looking for, quickly trotted past me and hopped into the air, quickly ascending the windmill. I tried to follow behind him as elegantly as possible, befitting a spy… but I sent most of the hay and papers around me flying as I scrambled to keep up. The upper levels of the windmill had been converted to a sort of rest area for everyone working here; there were a few shoddy hammocks hanging in the corners and a smattering of placemats that still had the remnants of meals on them. The assumed Mix-Up quickly turned to land near one of the placemats where another pegasus was resting; This one just a generic grey coat and white mane.

“Get up, I need you to go catalogue the rain orders.” He ordered, startling the pegasus worker out of his dozing and back into wakefulness. I tried not to look too out of place as the two spoke to each other, I couldn’t help but feel like I shouldn’t be here.

“But Maple did that already!” He whined; but was quickly shut down by a look from Mix-Up. “And I need you to go do it again… Do you want to help me organize my prototypes instead?” The black pegasus quickly took to the air at the mere mention of Mix-Up’s apparent ‘prototypes’.

“Nope! No problems here boss, but… who’s the new guy?” He asked inquisitively as he leaned around his boss and shot me a look. I flashed him a quick smile and hoped my skill would stop any suspicion aimed at me, I could never tell when that skill would activate.

“He’s here to… help me move some of my more volatile experiments.” At Mix-Up’s words the black pegasus’ eyes bugged out before shooting out some words so fast that I couldn’t understand them before zooming out a nearby window. I watched Mix-Up relax slightly before turning his attention to me and taking his employee’s seat.

“So.... you’re the one our ‘friend’ sent to help me out? You don’t look like much.” There wasn’t a glimmer of emotion on Mix-Up’s muzzle while he spoke his blunt words. I felt a bit discouraged at his initial assessment of me, but I quickly shook it off and responded.

“Isn't it a little early to assume I can’t help? You haven’t even told me what you need help with.” My words made Mix-Up gaze at me for a few moments before letting out a deep sigh. Then nodding and rising from his seat, the pegasus motioned for me to follow him before taking wing once again, with me following close behind. We exited the windmill the same way his employee left, with a mere tilt of his large wings Mix-Up quickly flew around to the back of the mill, leading me to the piles of cubed clouds. Landing nearby the cloud storage, Mix-Up started to search the area around us, Checking if anyone was listening in, I guess.

“ Alright, my job is two fold. I need to make a fog layer big enough to cover most of the town and cover our rebellion, which is a massive undertaking in of itself. The second part is that we need a stockpile of thunderheads to act as nonlethal weapons against the guards. You can probably see our main problem.” Gesturing to the cubed cloud bales, Mix-Up trotted closer while glaring balfully at the clouds.

“ We only have a fixed supply of cloud seed and have no real safe way to procure more, that’s what you’re going to be helping with. I’m gonna need your help harvesting some wild storm clouds in the area and it’s going to be a pain with or without you so unless you can make cloud seed out of no… where” I watched Mix-Up be rendered silent as I activated my [Cloud Control] skill, My wings stretched to their fullest as I pulled water vapor from the air and condensed it into a perfect copy of the ‘cloud seed’. I tried to not let a smug smile appear on my face but I couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of myself for finally making him take me seriously. I finished off the pony sized cloud and turned to see what Mix-Up thought about my abilities and… promptly lost the bit of pride I gained which was quickly replaced by concern as Mix-Up stared at me with the most intense look I had seen from him sense I met him.

“Would you like to help me with an experiment of mine?” He said

“... I need an adult”

“I am an adult”

Morgana’s Pov:

I nervously fiddled with one of the buckles on my armor as I stood before the massive cold iron gates again. I ignored the look the guard that guided us earlier shot at me and focused on calming myself, there is no reason for me to be afraid right now. I lifted a hoof to try and smooth down my slightly frizzy mane, being around David while he was practicing has done a number on my mane. I’m just thankful we were given enough time to get a quick bath in before I had to… face the town. I tried to suppress the nervous shiver from rolling down my spine as my mind rolled back to the moment I got my own mission.

In the beginning I was excited, the three of us were getting our own individual missions, I could show that I could handle myself and wouldn’t need Marcus or David at my side to help me twenty four seven. I felt a bit of guilt for that thought, I know both of them were just trying to help me survive and I know Markus already promised to try and let me handle things myself but… I dunno. I pushed myself away from those thoughts and focused on what the keeper was telling me.

“Alright missy, your job may just be the most important. A revolution isn’t complete without it’s own ponies backing it, I need you to head back out into that city of tents and rally everypony together. Without their support this whole thing will be for nothing, we can’t have conflicting targets here either. That would just lead to more chaos down the line so your main goal is to rally the townsponies behind one singular ideal… no pressure!” I felt my heart speed up at the thought of inciting a rebellion, I could barely pass public speaking! How am I going to do this! I felt my tough persona start to slip away in the face of my rising fear, how does Markus deal with this feeling! Not well obviously… My mind briefly went back to the day Markus finally broke down in the shower. It was… pretty uncomfortable to hear but it was oddly reassuring to know that the stoutest of us is still human on the inside and not some cold calculating leader. Maybe… that’s what I need to do, I felt my fear leave me as my epiphany slowly overtook my focus.

Maybe all I need to do is just relate to the townsponies, show them that I'm not just some stranger from nowhere but a feeling pony just like them… as far as they know at least. My confident grin slowly returned as I made my plan of action, I brought one of the buckles on my right leg up to my mouth and started the long process of removing my armour. The ponies of this town don’t need some shining sentinel or blood forged warrior, they need a hero. They need somepony just like them who rose up to do what’s right and would stand by them through thick and thin. They need someone who they could see as their neighbor who lived down the street… and that’s exactly what i’m going to give them.

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