• Published 29th Jan 2019
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Sour Sweetness - RisuUmbra

Anon has lived in Equestria for a while now and all he wants is Pinkie Pie’s love... too bad she hates his guts

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Chapter 4

The room was dark with a single spot light shining down from above onto a normal wooden table which held a sketched map of the town of Ponyville, the dark room was silent with only the faint sound of what sounds like small busts of wind… or maybe breathing.

“Have you identified the targets?” A figure stepped out of the darkness covered head to hoof in a dark robe with only a purple streak running down the hood, the first figure’s words seemed to summon another unknown individual seemed to simply appear across from the purple striped figure this time with a brown stripe.

“Yes” Two photos were thrown onto the table, one was of a particular pink party pony preparing a pastry and parfait perfectly and the other was of the towns resident human event planner reading at the library. Once the second figure threw the pictures onto the table four more figures in robes stepped forward all of various sizes.

“Where is out seventh member?” The first figure seemed confused by their member being absent for the first time and turned to one of their smaller members who had a green stripe on their hood to answer.

“They got held up with a… project and had to rest afterwards” The six members seemed to nod their heads in understanding and continued with their meeting.

“All of you know our goal with these two and you know your missions, make sure nopony else interferes and it will all go smoothly so if anything unexpected happens report to me immediately understood?” a round of yeses went around the room before the assumed leader spoke again

“Alright then this session of the S.S.S is adjourned” And with that the six entered the shadows once more leaving the two photos sitting on the table.

“Hey Rarity? Why did we have to wear these robes?”

“What? Can’t I like dress up?”

It was late that night when Anon finished writing and sending the letters to his usual caterers and reservations to the larger locations for the meeting, while Anon fully believes in Pinkie’s god like ability to make food he doesn’t want her to burn herself out and not have any energy left to help. Thoughts about Pinkie started to enter Anon’s head after he put away the last envelope which made him think about what he’s going to do about tomorrow where he would have to… talk to her actively, Anon felt a blush starting to burn on his face at the thought of a full day with Pinkie Pie alone… with no interruptions… oh boy Anon was not prepared for this.

The Next Day

Gummy stared on from the window sill as he watched his owner pace around their room while ranting about an apparently frustrating and annoying creature only know as Anon… this being must truly be formidable to trouble his perpetually smiling master.

“Can you believe him Gummy! He had the nerve to just… just… be himself like that… okay I know that doesn’t make sense but it’s true, whether he knows it or not Anon always finds a way to ruin my day and now I have to spend the whole day with him! You hear that a WHOLE DAY, a day I could use to make cupcakes or planing a party but nooo I gotta… “ Gummy started to tune out his ranting master and directed his attention behind him out the open window where a large creature was also pacing back and forth with what looks like a bouquet of flowers in its appendages, due to Gummy’s knowledge of all of his master's friends and acquaintances he could deduce this to be this Anon she is so affected by. Empowered by the sense of undying loyalty and to protect his master Gummy took a few steps towards the window and off the edge with a small leap of faith, in the air Gummy went down nose first towards his target and when he got near he opened his mouth.

“Gah! What the!” Bullseye.

“And then she said they already booked Anon as their planner, an you believe that!” Pinkie was still in the middle of her rant to her pet alligator Gummy when a frantic knocking was heard from below her which surprised her.

“I though the Cake’s closed the bakery while they were visiting their family? I’ll be right back Gummy” Without even looking at her scaly companion Pinkie turned to exit her room and trot down stairs to see who was at the door, as Pinkie passed the kitchen she saw it wasn’t in the best conditions and that she promised to wash everything while the Cake’s were away and she had been putting it off for a while. Another round of frantic knocking sounded off making Pinkie zoom to the door to answer it with a smile, that would quickly disappear.

“I think you dropped something” At the door was Anon wearing what seems to be the latest fashion of living alligator headwear locally known as ‘Gummy’. Pinkie was for the first time speechless at the sight and after a few moments of just stunned silence a small sound emanated from Pinkie.

“Ghe… hehe… “ She was trying her hardest to keep it in but it her control was slipping and after a pregnant pause the dam burst letting her live up to her namesake as the element of laughter.

“haHahaHaha...” Pinkie couldn't help but laugh at the situation Anon was in and tried to gain control of herself so she doesn’t show the wrong impression, but judging from the small grin on Anon’s face he was a bit amused as well.

“So you think this is funny huh?” Anon reached up and grabbed Gummy’s tail and pulled down trying to pull him off and after a moment of exertion all he succeeded in was pulling Gummy down his face so now it looked like Gummy was trying to eat Anon’s face, Anon whipped back down to Pinkie making the alligator on his face wiggle around which was too much for Pinkie as she descended back into hysterics.

“Hahahahaha*Snort*hahahaha” The giggle-snort was Anon’s weakness as it made him start laughing as well as he tried to pry off the alligator without hurting it without much success as it only shifted down to his chin giving him the highly coveted alligator goatee, everyone was jealous of his goatee and Anon knew it but sadly the world wasn’t meant for such beauty as Pinkie had finally collected herself enough to reach up and gently pull of Gummy from Anon’s chin. The moment past and she was reminded of who she was laughing with which kinda spoiled the moment for her, on Anon’s side of things he had completely forgotten his nerves (and the flowers on the ground) and was slightly thankful to Pinkie’s pet for it’s indirect help.

“Sorry to bother you like this but, I wanted to know if you would want to get started on planning the summit today or some other planned time?” Pinkie knew Anon would ask this sooner or later but she still didn’t want to do it with the prospect of spending the whole day with the human that holds a very cold place in her heart, in the back of Pinkie’s mind the subtle chime of a thousand bits called out to her reminding her the reason she took the job in the first place.

“S-sure Anon let me just put Gummy to bed and i’ll be right out okay?” Her face screwed up in a way that was similar to when she ate one of Applejack’s baked bads though she still tried to hide it behind a smile as she trotted back inside and closed the door behind her leaving Anon outside waiting. Pinkie trotted up the stair as slow as she could in an effort to put off her job but she knew it was futile as she knows this was necessary to get the job done… that doesn’t mean she has to like it though, Pinkie sat Gummy on his miniature bed that was an exact replica of hers and tucked him in before turning to her closet and pulling out her saddlebags full of her usual party planning supplies like paper, quills, ink, cupcakes, sprinkles, her party cannon, and a brush incase her party cannon goes off in her face again. Begrudgingly Pinkie returned to the front door after snagging a few more pastries for the road and taking a deep breath before opening the door outside showing Anon patiently waiting for her.

“Ready to go?” Pinkie had a plan, all she had to do was keep her cool and try to keep the meeting as short as possible so she could work on her part of the event and be done with it.

“G-great! I know a cafe nearby where we can relax at while we work and I was hoping we could go ever some of the logistics of your usual parties so we could work out a budget.” When Anon turned around to lead Pinkie to the cafe Pinkie took a moment to look at the sky ask a simple question.

“Why me?”

“You say something?”Anon turned around for a moment think he heard Pinkie say something.

“Nothing” and with a quick sigh the two continued on with no knowledge of six figures following them from the shadows.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the week long hiatus and the shorter chapter things have been hectic lately but luckily it’s all behind me now so the story can hopefully continue uninhibited.

I just want say that at the time I’m posting this the story is only 7 off from 50 likes! That you for all the support in the way of likes and supportive comments
Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy <3