• Published 29th Jan 2019
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Sour Sweetness - RisuUmbra

Anon has lived in Equestria for a while now and all he wants is Pinkie Pie’s love... too bad she hates his guts

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Chapter 7

Fluttershy PoV:

“That couldn’t have gone WORSE!” Fluttershy sat quietly in the corner and just watched her friend pace about the room which was filled with the other members of Rarity’s little group, while she wasn’t part of their little club she was happy to help two of her friends be happy. The sound of a door opening brought her attention to the bathroom where Vinyl had exited with a now clean suit of royal guard armor floated behind her, after setting it down by Spike she joined her friend Octavia on Rarity’s fainting couch listening to her music as usual.

“Not only did the café run out of proper ingredients, I'm pretty sure the stallion that ordered the horrifyingly large smoothie was supposed to be banned from that café and don’t even get me started on that whole pepper incident!” Rarity’s incredulity reached new heights at this point which prompted Fluttershy to step away from her nice safe corner and speak to Rarity with concern in her voice.

“How about I go make everyone some tea while you go get cleaned up Rarity… if that’s okay with you?” Pausing and levitating over a hoof mirror, Rarity took in her frazzled and slightly singed appearance and sighed before turning to her friend and nodding then turning to trot into the vacant bathroom. Seeing that her friend had taken her suggestion Fluttershy started on her may to the kitchen while wondering if Rarity was able to restock her stash of that earl hay that she loves so much, on her way to the kitchen she was stopped by Vinyl who indicated that she and Octavia had to go so Fluttershy simply smiled and nodded as she knew Vinyl couldn’t hear her anyways and they let themselves out. Rarity’s kitchen was as orderly as always which made it easy to find the small nicely wrapped box where she kept her tea packets, retrieving a kettle from a cabinet and filling it with water was quickly done and set onto the now lit stove to heat until it’s boiling. The sound of claws tapping on tile brought Fluttershy’s attention around to see Spike entering the kitchen looking slightly disappointed which broke Fluttershy’s gentle little heart to see so she went to remedy his problem immediately.

“Oh Spike what’s the matter?” The small dragon seemed to hesitate for a moment before moving over to a chair nearby and sitting down before speaking.

“I’m worried that… I’m gonna fail at being there for Anon like how he was for me back when I… ya know” Oh… dear, it didn’t take Fluttershy long to figure out what he meant, she didn’t have the exact details but all she knows is that some mean pony from around ponyville wanted Rarity as his trophy mare and was immediately rejected so as revenge he tried to get rid of Spike and destroying his crush on Rarity by playing off his worst fears which hurt Spike immensely. He shut himself away in the library but after that all Fluttershy knows is that Anon was able to talk him back outside and to not let his fear control him… though she could tell it was still a sore spot for him.

“Spike… you really care for Anon don’t you?” The solemn dragon nodded his head in response and waited for Fluttershy to give him some advice, Fluttershy turned to check the water quickly before trotting over and pulling up a chair next to Spike so he could know he had her whole hearted attention then spoke.

“Spike… If I’ve seen anything from the friendship between both you and Anon is that just being there for each other means the world to the other so if the mere presence of the other is enough then even if Anon and Pinkie don’t get together he will appreciate your help immensely” Slowly a smile grew on Spike’s face as he thought about her words for a moment before nodding victoriously and jumping off his chair and landing with a bright smile on his face.

“Your right Fluttershy… if just doing this much will make him happy then imagine how happy he’s going to be if he and Pinkie do get together, thanks for the talk Fluttershy!” after a quick hug around her barrel that warmed her heart he let go and re-enter the living room where the Rarity was just leaving the bathroom. Fluttershy watched fondly as the two spoke and planned their next move at matchmaking but her mind couldn’t help but wonder about what really happened when Spike locked himself away… well at least for a moment as the kettle’s whistle sounded startling her onto the roof.

“Bye Rarity, I hope you have some luck with your… problem” It was getting late and Fluttershy (with her animals in mind) decided that she should get home and feed her precious little angel, normally she would fly home and arrive within minutes but after talking with Rarity and everyone for so long she felt drained so it wasn’t a hard choice to walk home. It was around the time where many ponies would start getting ready to head home after a long day of work so it was nice and quiet… just how she liked it, she took a moment to just savor this nice… peaceful … moment.

“Hiya Fluttershy!” Fluttershy’s heart nearly stopped at the sudden loud voice of Pinkie pie in her ear making her jump away from the pink source of the sound, after a moment Fluttershy notice that she never landed back on the ground and was pretty sure she wasn’t flapping her wings. Peeking out from under her mane she saw that she was being held in the air by the surprisingly strong arms of Pinkie pie and now that she was closer Fluttershy could tell that the smile was slightly forced looking.

“Sorry about that Fluttershy… can I talk to you about something?” Pinkie gently sat Fluttershy back down onto her hooves and waited for Fluttershy to compose herself, after a few breaths Fluttershy smiled at her friend as responded in a soft slightly out of breath tone.

“Of course Pinkie” The two took a detour to Sugarcube Corner so they could have somewhere private to speak, the two entered the dark bakery and started straight upstairs to begin their talk. Fluttershy was slightly concerned by how silent Pinkie had been during their walk, the silence wasn’t the same as the kind she was enjoying earlier and was much more… tense. Pinkie Pie’s room was still the same as when she saw it last covered in pink decorations and multiple boxes of party supplies and files that contain many delicious recipes.

“So… uh I wanted to ask you something pretty important and I want you to be completely honest with me about this… do you think I'm… professional?” Fluttershy was honestly caught off guard by Pinkie’s question and had to think about it while Pinkie waited for her to answer with baited breath, whenever Fluttershy thinks about Pinkie and her job at the bakery and as a party planner she always comes up with she’s fun or that she’s a hard worker but she’s never stuck professional to her description. Knowing how fragile Pinkie is sometimes made Fluttershy slight afraid to answer even though she hasn’t known Pinkie as long as the others which isn’t fair to her. Bringing herself out of her thoughts Fluttershy glanced up the see a now slightly impatient Pinkie gazing at her, a small, quiet part of herself wanted to shy away and hide from her gaze but a louder more assertive part of her was saying she needed everyone’s help for this.

“Pinkie… I don’t know you as well as some of our friends do so I can’t really make any judgements about you, maybe you can ask everyone tomorrow when Twilight reveals what she’s been working on for so long… is that okay?” For just a moment Pinkie seemed to grow agitated before taking a deep breath and nodding in agreement driving away the growing anxiety in Fluttershy’s chest.

“Sorry about springing all of that on you like that and keeping you here to long, you want some cupcakes for the road?” Not able to shake the feeling of a pit ever so slowly growing in her stomach Fluttershy smiled and politely shook her head no then walked back downstairs to the bakery with Pinkie. Exiting the home of the baker Fluttershy turned to wave goodbye to a slightly disappointed looking but still smiling Pinkie Pie and turned to continue her way home, but with a slowly growing pit in her stomach she had a feeling that tomorrow isn’t going to go over well.

Author's Note:

Yaaaay new chapter!
We're getting to the good stuff now!
I hope you enjoy and I'm sorry if you think the characters are slightly... out of character but I think it makes the story a bit more enjoyable no?
I have actually been wondering how I was going to get this far and I surprised myself and I actually like it a lot more than how it originally was going to happen so I hope you like it to. :twilightblush: