• Published 14th Aug 2018
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The long way around (Revised) - RisuUmbra

How an ending can also be a beginning all at the same time

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Chapter 1

The Multiverse is a very fickle thing, always crisscrossing in the strangest of ways but ways that always make sense somehow in the end or beginning. No, the multiverse is infinitely more complex than what your mind can comprehend and that is just a small strand of the metaphorical fabric of existence. This story will not focus on just one little fiber in the large infinite wool sweater that is the multiverse, no it will begin with the first strand, the first thought, the seed of creation, the beginning, but in order to understand the beginning of everything you must understand what brought about the thought of the strange yet beautiful concept that anything is possible and is, had, and will happen, The single action which set in motion everything yet nothing at all, the action which started with a single deviation of thought, the thought that was-.

“Maybe I could take the scenic route home”
The thought struck me as I was walking back to my car after my quick run to the mall for art supplies after a particularly long assignment for my classes involving practically all my lead, erasers, and color pencils. My car was parked almost on the other side of the whole lot so it was a bit of a walk till I reached it, good thing I only had one bag with me and it was relatively small and light. I waited for a car to pass before stepping off the curb and down one of the parking lanes, during my walk you could see my reflection in the tinted glass of the parked cars revealing to me my caramel skin but slightly darkened by the dark windows and my signature warm black jacket which I am glad I grabbed due to the freezing evening winds of winter that seemed to somehow cut through any clothing I wore but I grateful nonetheless.

I finally reached my classic red mustang that my father gave to me for my 17 birthday, it was originally his till he got a new car and didn’t want to sell this one. I’m not very picky when it comes to cars and know next to nothing about them so no skin off my teeth, I unlocked and climbed into the vehicle and sat my bag in the passenger seat while I keyed up the engine, I checked my rearview mirror showing me my chocolate eyes before adjusting it to its proper position before checking if anyone was behind me which there wasn’t so I slowly backed out of the parking space then turned put it in drive then driving out of the parking lot and away from the mall

“Maybe I could take the scenic route home” I entertained the thought once more and decided to indulge myself by going to my favorite park nearby that held a lot of fond memories from my childhood. The park itself was not that far away from my family's current home which is nice so after a quick detour I arrived at the old park. There wasn’t anything special about the park other than it’s pretty large and has a few trees planter for shade but other than that there are people walking around and having picnics, I got out of my car after parking nearby and started walking to a large willow tree that’s near the edge and looks comfortable there was no one nearby the tree but still in yelling distance, but when I arrived something felt off, like that feeling when you're about to go down a drop on a ride at an amusement park and your stomach jumps and after a moment of thought I realized my feelings, Fear and Dread.

After my realization The world felt like it lurched and I could feel the air shutter, I looked at my surroundings and it seemed I wasn’t the only one to get this feeling as people were stopping and looking around searching for something until stopping at my position or near me. I quickly whipped around to see what everyone was looking at until I did something I will always slightly regret, I looked down. Below me was a glowing blue ring of energy slowing growing stronger in both light and energy if the arcs of electricity is anything to go by. By the way during this time I am slightly panicking and trying to run away but there’s some invisible wall stopping me and any sound from getting through which makes me look like either a maniac or the world's greatest mime but most likely the latter in this case. Then it appeared, the wall of pure white energy that came from over the horizon and swallowed some things and disintegrating everything else. It killed everyone disintegrating then instantly while they filmed me on there phones while I pounded on the barrier and pointed behind them trying to warn them all while screaming my heart out hoping that at least someone would notice, but it was all for naught as the wall of what I could only describe as void devour everyone and close in on me on all sides like I was the epicenter of this … this … What the heck is even happening, I’m pretty sure I just witnessed the apocalypse!!?

I was surrounded on all sides by white with a circle of bright electricity blue like I was trapped in a huge funnel. Everything was still and there were no sound-
Oh never mind the circle beneath me is starting to crack… oh no.

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