• Published 29th Jan 2019
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Sour Sweetness - RisuUmbra

Anon has lived in Equestria for a while now and all he wants is Pinkie Pie’s love... too bad she hates his guts

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Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny Tuesday when he arrived, nothing bad had happened recently and everypony's day were going quite well. That is until reality seemed to bend and fracture, there outside Ponyville was a portal to another dimension. This of course alarmed the ruling diarchy of Equestria making them fear the potential thought of an invasion from a nearby dimension so in response a battalion of knights, war mages, and the princesses themselves went to investigate the hole in their reality. One of the princesses stepped forward to inspect the opening only for it to start ripping and moving erratically, the armies readied themselves for the coming onslaught of enemies and to fight for their lives. Then one creature stepped out while looking down at a strange device that was connected to him somehow, it kept moving until it walked right into to chest of the alabaster alicorn looking up in shock then slowly gazing around at the army surrounding it then back up to the alicorn and quietly said sorry then turned back to the portal to go back home only for it to close behind it, leaving it trapped in a new land with a huge army surrounding it filled with unknown creatures “ well dang”

1 year later
Happy Anniversary Anon!” The harmony of yells seemed to echo through the medium sized home as the group celebrated the arrival of their human friend to their world and the time they have had with him.

“ Thanks you guys, I really appreciate this” Anonymous seemed to be overcome with emotion for a moment until one of his friends pointed something out.

“But, Anon you help us set up” The statement seemed to stop Anon from letting out any alleged tears and making him turn to them with a straight face.

“Nonetheless I appreciate the sentiment Tavi” Octavia simply rolled her eyes at the odd human before trotting back to the side of her girlfriend Vinyl Scratch who was enjoying some of the cookies Anon baked himself alongside a small dragon who’s speaking in an animated style about his latest game of Ogres & Obulettes with Anon and his friends. Anon was quite fond of the small dragon and once he had a home of his own he let Spike host games of his choice as long as he was careful not to make a mess and soon the place had become a sort of second home to the dragon which Twilight appreciates.

“Anon! Happy Anniversary Darling” The sound of a door opening along with the sound of many clopping hooves brought Anon’s attention to his new guests entering through his front door, the first was obviously Rarity followed by Rainbow dash and Applejack all surrounded by their younger counterparts which consisted of Apple bloom, Sweetie belle, and Scootaloo who after saying hello made a b-line to the desert table which was pretty amusing to the four friends. Anon turned his attention back to the three mares and remembered how he met each of them, he was introduced to Rarity through Spike when he heard he was having clothing issues. When he explained his situation to Rarity she seemed to understand completely and was even willing to make him a full new wardrobe for free which Anon didn’t agree with so after a lot of bargaining and compromising they decided that Anon would owe her a few favors along with agreeing to joining her for some tea which ended up making the two become friends faster, though in the back of his mind Anon had the idea that she might never use those favors just to prove a point. In the end they became pretty good friends and spoke frequently about fashion from his world and her many interest besides fashion, he met Applejack for the first time during one of his and Rarity’s tea times when she burst into her house and yelled that the Crusaders had somehow gotten themselves trapped at the bottom of a crevasse. Thinking he could help and stop the events from 127 hours from happening in pony form Anon tagged along which proved useful as when they arrived they found that the crevasse had caved in somewhat and little sweetie belle was stopping the rocks from crushing all three of them, thankfully Anon and Applejack were strong enough to hold back the rocks from the top while Rarity levitated the young ones out of peril. After a long session of scolding tears the children and their guardians started their way home and on the way Applejack said that he was welcome to the farm at anytime an offer he took up on when he needed somewhere to stay when he moved out of the library and had to wait for his home to finish being remodeled, the apples accepted him without a second thought and he proceeded to bond with all of them so much that he’s now considered a cousin to Applejack which warmed Anon’s heart to no end that they would accept him so easily. Rainbow dash doesn’t have such an elaborate story as the other two as he had met her a day after the crevasse incident as she tackled him to the ground while tearing up and thanking him profusely for saving her surrogate sister. Apparently she had been in Cloudsdale for some kind of weather team meeting that she couldn’t avoid so according to her the two of them were as cool as can be and were automatically friends which she meant as she took to hanging out with him when they didn’t have work which usually consisting hanging out in a field where she could show off for a bit or at his house where they just hung out and talked which was nice.

“Ay Rares, Jax, and Skittles thanks for coming!” The three reacted positively when he said their nicknames especially Dash as she seemed to grin a bit more than they was, the funny thing is when I first called her that and explained what skittles were to her she didn’t just almost die laughing she said she would use “Taste the Rainbow” as a pickup line when she can which is hilarious and will always be an inside joke between us.

“Anon, you know we wouldn’t miss this for the world” Dash spoke up next while flapping to his side and giving him a hug which he relished in… ponies are soft. Applejack and Rarity refrained from hugging him though due to the height difference and didn’t want to basically lay on him just to hug him for a moment which he knew and didn’t take personally.

So...uh is ‘she’ coming?” Anon looked away while fiddling with his hands while asking the question which helped clue in the three about who he was talking about and glanced at each other before Applejack spoke.

“Uh sorry sugarcube… ah tried ta get her ta come but it’s ah no can do sorry again” She have Anon a sade smile which he returned for a moment before shaking himself out of it and grabbing Applejack’s hat and pulling it down over her face gently while saying.

“Ok no more of that sad some okay this is a party which means no sad ponies aloud got it?” The three brightened up considerably at the words and happily went along with being brought to the living room instead of standing in the doorway talking, the three mares spoke among themselves while Anon stayed silent thinking about the topic of the conversation which turned sour, the one pony most would think would come to his party but has never even come near his house once… Pinkamena Diane Pie or as most would call her Pinkie Pie.

When Anon first arrived in Ponyville after meeting the princesses and being briefed on his situation he was able to begin making a life for himself somewhere close by, the first pony that greeted him was Pinkie Pie which is obvious as she is the first to greet every new occupant of the town but to Anon she was different from all the other ponies he’s met where they were just small and cute but compared to Pinkie Pie they were nothing. Pinkie looked as adorable as a baby kitten that wanted to cuddle with you while being surrounded by flowers, her big baby blue eyes and soft cotton candy mane made him want to hug her forever and this was before he got to know her. Soon after meeting her a party in honor of Anon arriving to Ponyville was thrown in the local library where he was staying with the princess’s student Twilight Sparkle along with her assistant/little brother Spike, the party was amazing and was full of many new faces and new foods which he enjoyed immensely but it was around then when his relationship with Pinkie changed. It started with Lyra asking me what my profession was back home and Anon was happy to answer that he was a very accomplished event planner and that he dealt in many different types of events ranging from regular parties and weddings to even official meetings and planning, at the time Anon didn’t see anything wrong with telling them his prime method of income but was surprised to hear from Lyra that the towns resident party planner was none other than Pinkie Pie which only heightened his interest in her which led to him asking other ponies about Pinkie and when he was told about all the selfless and nice things she has done for everyone along with saving the world a few times along with her humble beginnings his feelings of admiration for Pinkie slowly changed into something a bit more affectionate, sadly while his affection for Pinkie grew Pinkie started to hear about what his job was and a seed of annoyance and an unknown feeling was planted in her mind. In the coming weeks after the party Anon’s crush along with his business grew rather large giving him the opportunity to start making payments on a plot of land where his home would be, due to Ponyville being so close to the capitol many of the businesses had connections to other towns and corporations which meant sometimes they needed to schedule a meeting with them or with a representative. One of his more frequent customers was Big Mac of the Apple Family, when someone says their family trees roots run deep and wide they aren’t kidding as they apparently have some kind of familial connecting with every food related business including meats as someone in their family married a griffin and had hippogriff children who grew up to be famous meat distributors. When someone wanted a meeting with a certain branch of food they contact Big Mac who works as a sort of liaison or bridge for his family which means a lot of meetings needing to be setup along with location works, catering, sleeping arrangements, travel, and company preferences need to be kept in mind and all done through letters, which means he needed to be extra clear about what he need done before the deadline.

All the business Anon was getting had started to annoy Pinkie as she was the prime party planning pony of Ponyville particularly pertaining to partial payment plans, the annoyance was easy for her to ignore at first as she reasoned it off with just him being good at scheduling a meeting and not parties so she was fine. Then one day the straw that broke the ponies back appeared, it turned out to be Octavia’s birthday and when Pinkie found out about it she was more than prepared. It wasn’t even noon before she had all the supplies and invitations ready for when Octy inevitable asks her to plan her party, her pinkie sense told her she was in for a doozy of a surprise and it would happen around her breaktime so she waited outside at a small table while she had her lunch with her adorable little Gummy. Her break was going so well and she thought it would be even better as she saw Octavia walking down the road towards Sugarcube Corner which positively elated her… then He entered the picture, Anonymous the human who she for the first time felt annoyed by exited Quills & Sofas nearby and turned to greet Octavia.

“Oh hey Octavia, happy b-day” Octavia seemed to smile a bit wider at the greeting then responded.

“Thank you Anon and it’s very nice to see you as well, I was wondering if I could trouble you for something if you are not against it?” The question seemed to throw Anon for a moment before he responded.

“It’s fine, I got nothing planned for today.” After he accepted her request Octavia smiled politely and continued to speak in a calm mannered tone.

“As you already know today is my birthday and I wish to have a nice calm party with my friends and family so I am inquiring if you could organize such an event for me, of course I am willing to pay the full price for your services” Pinkie zoned out after she said the dreaded words she silently hoped nopony would say to Anonymous and it just happened right in front of her, slowly the small twang of annoyance inside pinke changed and twisted into something she hasn’t felt since she faced Discord for the first time… Hate.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoy the first chapter

For those who are asking I’m not stopping my other stories I just need a small break from it so enjoy this smaller series for now
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