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I'm just your everyday dragon of shadows here to write some fics and help people with their stories. I want to write more stories about underrepresented species in the community, because reasons.


Moonlight is a blank flanked pegasus that travels across Equestria in search of something that would give her life meaning and purpose. On one of her stops across the country, she arrives in a town bordering a forest known as the Dead Woods. The Dead Woods are known by the townsponies as a place devoid of all life, save for the trees, due to never seeing an animal exit the woods and nary a peep escaping its borders. Moonlight hears of this and figures there might be a great treasure hidden in there, just waiting to be claimed, and proceeds to head into the woods in search of that treasure. But after wandering through the woods for hours things begin to turn south, and the treck back to the entrance to the woods begins.

This story was written for Little Tigress as a thanks/compensation for doing art for one of my stories.

Thanks to my editor Typoglyphic and my friend Azure Drache for looking over the story and helping me polish it up.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 6 )

Why isn't there a dark tag?

I can only have three blue tags. Would you say dark fits better than one I have there?

do something that lets us find out about her friends

The ending is in the works. Should be done by end of day Sunday.

Well, not a surprise giving the name of the chapter, but I expected something else still. :derpytongue2:

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