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Finally writing my own stuff now, we'll see how that turns out. All I know is that I'm currently obsessing over the stats page. Oh yeah, I also proofread things. Currently powered by: Caffeine

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1. A Little Loopy - warewolves
2. A New Chance - Dreagknight
3. The Apple Left Behind - Robipony

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1. Is The Moon Made Of Cheese? - wizard32363
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1. Darkness Rising - Nurarihyon
2. Harvest Seasons - Bucephalus
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Checklist for how to make me roll my eyes so hard that they fall out of their sockets:

Make your story...
1.) second person
2.) have a main character named "Anonymous," or some variation of it
3.) be a clopfic
Bonus: be a Human in Equestria story with a "relatable but physically fit and attractive and generally amazing" main character

If your story has two or more of these things, then congratulations! I won't read your story!

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I think I may have found a flaw in my activity monitor, namely the fact that I can't set it to red if I don't have an Internet connection...

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Check out my stories over here at fanfiction.net. You can read all the edgy stuff I wrote in high school, if you really want to.


What's in the folder? · 4:51am August 30th

So, I went through my stories and found one that I wrote a while back about Vinyl Scratch. And since themes are cool, I also decided to publish my old Bonbon story that had been sitting around hidden for a while. So now the theme is Spring Cleaning! The only problem is, it isn't spring. So, just give it a bit and my theme will be correct.

Report 0_0 · 29 views · Story: Playing the Part ·

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Thanks, I picked it to match my profile picture

Random comment for the win!


Hey, you're right! I do breathe sometimes!
But yeah, that's pretty much why I got them. Biggest party ponies in Equestria, y'know? :pinkiehappy:

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