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"Wow, that's a lot of blood." ~My doctor. Now with an official degree in English and teaching experience!

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My current status is: BLACK

GREEN - I'm so bored, please give me something to do!

YELLOW - Eh, I'm pretty much open.

BLUE - I am proofreading someone's story at this very moment!

ORANGE - I'm pretty busy.

RED - I'm totally swamped!

BLACK - I have no Internet connection.
I've been quarantined inside because of coronavirus, and I don't have wifi at home. Sorry :/

What I'm up to

Writing and directing for my own video game, and trying to make some money on the side with freelance editing work (horse words are free). At the same time trying to get my degree and manage my sanity.


I’m a Professional Now! · 3:20am Jul 16th, 2022

Hey all! It’s been a while, hasn’t it. A lot’s been going on. Drank a lot of tea.

I have officially graduated with an associate’s degree in arts with a focus on writing! Hooray! I have a job as a writing tutor now, and have been editing professionally as a side job for about a year. So, where does that leave my ponyfic proofreading?

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Anytime, awesome possum!

Always here if you need a friend. 😇


Aw, thank you so much! ❤️


“Zero Underscore Zero” is how people usually pronounce it when they call me. I have yet to tell anyone if that’s correct or not.

How do I pronounce your name?

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