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Welcome to my mind. It's a random and often dark (sometimes even dirty) place. Lanterns and bleach have been provided for your convenience and are located on the table in the corner. Enjoy your stay.

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Story Ideas (voting closed for now. Idea 3 has won. Voting will open again when I finish it)

Have you ever wanted to have a say in what your favorite authors wrote about next? Well now you can! I have a constant stream of random thoughts that pop into my head, and many of them would make good stories. But I'm nothing if not a dragon of the people. So I want to know what you think! So look over the list and let me know which ones you like the most in the comments below or by PM. Who knows, maybe one of your top three favorites will be my next story!

Story Idea List Updated!

An innocent and naive half-breed is born into a world he doesn't belong in, and kept hidden away by his mother. Now that he has gotten out, he must come to terms with the harsh realities of a world that hates and fears him. Can he hold onto his innocence, or will reality crush his spirit? Who knows. He has to survive the world long enough to find out first.

A look into the world of changelings. What is there society like? Are they closer to hive insects or parasites? Is there more than one queen? How do they survive if they are repelled from Equestria? Where exactly do they live? How old do they get? Do the little ones actually have gender? When we look at the life of Drone 3430, we may just find out!

Myths and legends are fascinating. Elves, dwarfs, trolls, fairies, the list can go on forever. They are all so unique and wonderful, especially if you research them for a living! But what happens when you stumble across the races you didn't even think were real? Worse, what do you do when you are pulled into the middle of a conflict between them?! Beats me, but if you vote for this one we may just discover those answers.

The origins of the changeling race revealed! Was it natural, or artificial? Why love? Why do they have horns? Whats with the holes? When we turn back the hands of time, we'll find out as we watch 'the darkest sin' unfold!

When the princesses were first crowned, they decided to build their castle in the Everfree Forest. Luna was always exploring the forest and coming to know the creatures there. This is the story of a dragon living in the Everfree and how he came to know Luna, Celestia, and Starswirl. This story will look at the princesses early history from the perspective of an outsider, and through their interactions, hopefully the princesses and this wanderer can help each other to grow and overcoming the obstacles in their way.

In the distant future, relationships among the races have slowly crumbled away. Now the world teeters on the brink of war, and the slightest spark could start a conflict that would decimate all life. As the princess of friendship, Twilight is doing all she can to extinguish the embers of hate among the races, but will it be enough? Will the forces manipulating the people from the shadows even let her try? Will she be able to survive long enough to stop this war by action alone, or will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice to open the eyes of the blinded masses?

Tirek, a blight upon the land and its people. A wife, newly with foal, falls prey to his plans. A soldier, who would never know his child. An innocent soul, doomed to the fields of Elysium before having ever seen the light of the sun. Tartauros, home to dearly departed and vile monster alike. A journey, to bring peace to the lost. An iron will, for strength means nothing in the land of the dead. A search, for one soul among billions. A stranger, offering a wager. A bargain struck, for new hope. A second chance, to save a life once lost.

When King Sombra was defeated, he was cast down into the ice. Perhaps a little too far down. King Sombra has landed in Tartauro, and now he has a new plan. Take over, and use the inmates as his new army to take back the world above.

As a dream walker, Luna is tasked with protecting Equestria as it sleeps. Fighting nightmares and unspeakable horrors is just another day in the office for her. But lately, things have started to change. The nighttime fears that plague the citizens of her land have begun to change. They're getting smarting, learning. It isn't natural. A shadow has descended on the minds of the people, a single thought spread throughout the land, lurking in the dark corners of the subconscious. It's unifying the nightmares under a single will. But for what purpose? What dark designs lurk beneath the surface, and how is it able to spread its influence were only Luna may walk?

Voter driven shipfic. Tell me who you want to see, and whatever characters get the most votes, I'll craft a story around them.


And lo, the dragon held up a shining book and cried out "Let them have fics!"


It's Done! · 10:49pm Jan 22nd, 2016

Okay, admittedly it took a lot longer than I thought it would to get the project wrapped up, but it's done now! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Grab some tissues. You'll probably need them.

I still laugh every time I hear that sparkly, fairy dust fade in. :rainbowlaugh: It just clashes so completely with the beginning of the story that I can't help but find it hysterical.

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1706168 Sorry, bro, but the changelings belong to Chrysalis. Bugger off d00d. You can have the ponies, but changelings will be free.

Also try to spare the bat ponies if you can, they're hot.

1706150 Oh no no no. Just king of the dragons... for now :trixieshiftright:

1706143 :heart:

You are officially king of the world in my eyes.

1706134 That's not to say it isn't there. I just keep it swept into a little corner so nobody sees it. :rainbowwild:

PM me and I'm sure I can find something appropriate to send you. :raritywink:

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