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On Equis, in the land of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle makes a discovery that could change her world's history, for better or worse.

On Earth, in New York City, a young musician named Kenneth Marshall makes a pact with a strange man after a complicated night.

This transports him to a mysterious forest full of magical creatures. But he soon discovers that he can sing and play all the music he wants, like songs from his favorite artists.

As an ancient force wakes, two worlds are about to collide. Trouble will ensue, but also some laughs, tears and a lot of music. And, from all of this, a truth lost in the abyss of time may be revealed. A truth that some wants to keep hidden.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 15 )

nice bra keep it up look forward to more

Good story. Eager for the next chapter

Cool this is back

Comment posted by Equestrian Intelligence deleted Nov 7th, 2019
Comment posted by Equestrian Intelligence deleted Nov 7th, 2019

Damn this is getting good! I will definitely put this in my library to hold :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much :pinkiehappy:
Moar is coming!

"Ashes? And… clay?"


One thing that never cease to amuse me is that the first greeting from the land of harmony was not a handshake but often a spearhead.

A really nice Story, I hope next thing Kenneth plays is something like Beast and the harlot or Something from Rise Against

Hmmm, the scenario is a bit strange. Our human did not seem to posses any abilities to aid the mysterious entity. What was the point of bringing something that apparently cannot be used in the first place?

Mark my words, Spike is going to go through a punk-rock phase at some point in this story and Rarity and Twilight are going to HATE it.

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