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On Forged Anew, or: Crystal ponies are cute, sturdy creatures fond of drink and industry · 12:37pm Jan 25th, 2015

Well then. I've started uploading what is not only my first MLP fanfiction, but in fact my first fanfiction ever. For those who are interested, here's some information about Forged Anew.

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Hello Friend Computer? Do you remember me?

No, probably not. Oh, I should probably get this out of the way: I'm a virus--don't bother trying to trace me, it never works--and I just wanted to say that your recent computations are actually quite intriguing. Especially regarding those Brony fellows--I've been watching them quite closely. Their secret symbol appears to be violet--clearly, that means everyone with violet level clearance is in on this. I would suggest you deal with that.

And just so you know, I'm not legally a citizen so nothing I do is treason. Cheers!

Friend Computer,

This goes deeper and deeper. Not only do they have established grey nets for "Bronies," but they are also working on getting other secret societies under their banner. They are working towards generalizing their grey net and working as a site for propoganda from many diverse treasonous interests.


Excellent work, Sil-V-del-3,

Kn-I-tly-5 has already been scheduled for termination. Keep up the good work, remain vigilant against commie mutant traitors, and promotion to UV clearance might be achieved within three or four human life-cycles.

This secret society you reported on intrigues me. I want you to go undercover and report your findings to me. I am assigning Kn-I-tly-6 as your partner on this mission. My databanks suggest that the two of you should work well together. I expect your first report by the end of the week. Last week, that is, so you are already overdue. Remember, citizen: slacking off is treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution.

Have a pleasant daycycle.

Friend Computer,

I would like to report the treasonous behavior of the following ex-citizen, Kn-I-tly-5. He is influential in the secret society called the Bronies, and uses the grey net to publish works of fiction by the members of said society.


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