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Twilight wakes up one day to very strange circumstances. Everypony is gone. It's always night time. An oppressive, heavy sheet of fog dominates every corner of Ponyville.

And an insufferable headache won't leave her alone. But that's the least of her worries.

Proof-reader: 0_0

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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I feel I've read the aforementioned early story.
Good story

I don't understand the ending. Mind helping me out here? What exactly was the fog, and what was Twilight referring to when she mentioned "Empty Eyes"?

I don't get it

i can feel my brain slowly failing no not from logic decaying fog, no i just have a weakness to a lack of answers i mean what is wrong with the fog? is it even fog? where did the fog come from? is this even the fog in the first place? what are the empty eyes? why can only twilight see the fog/eyes? if so why did she never say anything in the flashbacks?... and honestly after a few moments too let my brain fall apart and pull its self together all i can guess is she is bat crazy or some kind of silent hill/limbo crap is happening... welp time to go digging for the original or let this eat at me for as long as i remember it

I don't know what the ending means, but I like it :pinkiecrazy:

Why does it has to be so confused? 😖😖😖

Sure. The backstory is that nigh-omnipotent, extraterrestrial entities have invaded Equestria with the intent to absorb all magic and life. These entities transcend our conception of reality à la Lovecraft. Nothing worked, not even the Elements of Harmony, so Twilight offered to sacrifice herself by absorbing the Elements and dispelling these monsters. These entities can drive you insane if you just look at them because of how impossible they are (they defy logic). Twilight, after "dying," went along with them. The fog just symbolizes these entities: it's confusing and contradictory. The "empty eyes" is just how Twilight perceives them.

Eesh, that's some scary shit, right there.

This was a fantastic read! I love this story in any conceivable way; the horror really crawls under your skin, the suspense makes you forget your surroundings, the mystery really keeps you engaged and pondering what's happening all the way until the conclusion, the drama squeezes your heart when you think Twilight is dead and you captured that mood perfectly with Twilight's choice of words, the unexpected ending and reveal of what it all means, the inherent creepyness with these aliens and what they are able to do as well as just the overall atmosphere (inspiration from Lovecraft, there?) and the writing style's flawless.
I haven't read many horror stories that are this immersive and captivating, this is a work of brilliance.

Wow, I really gotta thank you for this comment. I can now go to work (I work at a warehouse, picking up heavy boxes) with a smile on my face.


You're welcome! And I hope there are going to be more MLP: FiM horror fics by you, because you are good at writing them. I'm a huge fan of the horror genre, but I couldn't come up with a horror fic so original and immersive like that to save my life. :twilightblush:
And you also nail Lovecraftian style really well, so you should definitely write more of that.^^

Oh, and, I will go also and read the predecessor of this fic on FIMFetch. Because I'm so interested in it now, I want to see how the idea evolved and how your skill increased. :scootangel:

Yes, yes!
The Veiled Ones that glide through the fog that wafts beyond the Nightmare Gate know neither sleep nor pain, for there is no blade that may rend their flesh, no schism that may part their ineffable selves. For they see without eyes, they hear without ears, they know without thought, purest of perceptions and reflections.

And just as plucked string must ring down, just as matter must decay, just as all that was created must return to the nothingness from whence it came, so too, must all those qualities and entities that transcend existence itself refract back unto their archetype.

In time, Twilight Sparkle will learn this, too, and only then will she come to embrace the truth of who she is and never was. She has passed the second gate, yet the Ultimate Gate lies still ahead.

Thank you for a little clarity on this eve of December.

more like this one please

Ahoy -- here's that review you requested! :twilightsmile:

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