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A bioform originating from the planet known as Earth. Incapable of self-levitation. Batteries not included. Self-declared mortal enemy of logical inconsistency.

The Exit Is Blue And On The Left

Don't be afraid, I'm not insane. For some values of 'insane', at least.

Some writers enjoy the muse's kiss—I usually just get hit in the head with a shovel.

You also cannot be sure these letters are completely still. If you were, you wouldn't know where they are.

I love umlaute.

I also do Latin. So, if you want to translate anything into that language, I'd rather have you ask me than use google translate.

I was not there on April Fools.

Speculation / Apex Artillery

Tourist Information

This is Princess Celestia.
She is a very nice person and constantly watches everything you do.
If you didn't previously know that, you're probably lost. Should that be the case, please use an atlas to locate the closest ocean, where you will find water that is not fit to drink.

Lastly, on behalf of the Everfree Technologies Transdimensional Initiative, we would like to remind that there is nothing monitoring you.

Madness that Came Crawling out of my Dielectric

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As far as I recall, we have interacted on one, maybe two occasions before; one pertaining an erroneous translation of 'nightmare' into Latin, the other possible one pertaining a survey on art conducted by a certain suspicious individual who may or may not have been you in disguise.

Aside from that, I have always been Capacitor, so you might be confuzzling me with another component/user/military-grade android there.

Also thank you for following me. I'm not sure how I qualified, but it's still very kind of you.

Have a nice Second of April, 2019.

... do I not know you? What was your username before "Capacitor"?

>I was not there on April Fools.

Correction: You are not here on April Fools'.

Thanks! I like it, too! :pinkiehappy:

Heh, "Capacitor", I like it! XD

[Entering recharge cycle. Electrolyte levels slightly subnominal. Nightmare Gate uplink stable.]
[Thank you for your energy.]
I don't know what you're talking about. I am an ordinary human being. Please keep feeding me bits of your soul.

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The Sad Sad State of Affairs · 5:37pm Aug 1st, 2018

Those of you who've been following Ducenti Septuaginta Septem (CCLXXVII for short) for a while will have noticed that I try to post a chapter at least once every year.
This is me telling you that I'm sorry, I'm not going to make it this time. Worse even, since the universe is keeping me otherwise occupied at the moment, I cannot say with any confidence when I will be able to finish the next chapter.

Read More

Report Capacitor · 91 views · Story: Ducenti Septuaginta Septem ·

Scrolling down this far has awoken something terrible!

The chaos fiend Discord Kar Slibtu has come!
A great horned serpent twisted into humanoid form. It has wings and it has a gaunt appearance. Its six limbs are mismatched and its fur is brown. It knows and intones the names of all it encounters.
Beware its mischievous wiles!

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