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A bioform originating from the planet known as Earth. Incapable of self-levitation. Batteries not included. Self-declared mortal enemy of logical inconsistency.

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The Equestria Games are the event of the decade. A reason for great celebration. For the Crystal Ponies, it's the very first time they see the Games, and they even get to host them. They are euphoric.
The happiness and light within them powers the Crystal Heart. As the Heart receives more power, its effects get stronger. In particular, the arctic ice around the Empire is pushed back farther than ever before.
And under that ice, something slumbers, something waits. Now, it is uncovered. Now, it awakens.

Yes, I know this story is about an ancient being awakening from thousands of years of slumber. Yes, I know the tags are Dark and Tragedy.
But do you see the tag that's not there? It's the Adventure tag. So, if you're looking for a story where the fate of the world hangs in balance and dark forces bring about a tragic ending, please move along. This is not the story you are looking for.

Just an idea I had a while ago that wouldn't let me go. Will not update frequently, as I only wrote this on whims.
Character tags may be added as the story progresses.
I'm not quite sure if the categories are quite right. If you have any input on that, just tell me.
If you find any grammatical errors, please point them out so I can exterminate them.

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An alternate end to the Season Four Finale, taking into consideration some details that came to my mind and weaving a short story from them. Also, my first serious (and successful) attempt at a one-shot.

Twilight Sparkle decides to give the villain Tirek all alicorn magic in exchange for her friends. Naturally, this doesn't include Discord. After all, Celestia told her he was a traitor and helped Tirek steal all the magic in Equestria. Discord feels betrayed. Twilight as well. So does Tirek.
Nothing good can come out of this.

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Before the reign of the Regal Sisters, a pony gazed into the abyss and lost her sanity.
In her madness, she was granted foresight and issued a prophecy that told of the reign of two sisters up to the creation of a gate to the void, the existenceless abyss her insanity and power came from.
More than a thousand years have passed since then. The Equestrians have forgotten about the prophecy and the cult that the mad seer has sparked is all but gone. Only a single follower remains, perpetuating a disputable "gift" passed throughout generations.
Finally, the stars are right and the Princess of the Night returns, starting a series of events that culminate in the ascent of a pony whose magic might be strong enough to breach the boundaries of her dimension.
Now all the demented cultist has to do is to get her to do just this.

Takes place during the second half of the third season. For the most part, at least.
Should not directly contradict show canon. Apparent contradictions are either intentional and will be eventually resolved or errors on my part.

Shout-out to Cygnia for being my lovely preliminary reader.
If you find grammatical errors, please point them out so I can exterminate them.

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