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I have some stories to tell. Do I have any stories worth to be told? That is up to you to answer.

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I don't have a price list and to be honest I've never done commissions before, only a few requests from my friends.
Methinks, we should discuss the story you want via PM and determine it there depending on all the factors.

What are your prices?


I'm willing to take commissions.

Quick Question:
Would you be willing to take requests or commissions?

It's a great story! How could I NOT!?

I like your work, I hope you keep it up!

2310962 Your english is better than some native speakers I talk to on a daily basis. :rainbowlaugh: I'm glad you enjoy my work.


Sorry for starting to watch your page so late, I've totally should have done it earlier, especially since I've been tracking "Green" for more than two years (I have even started to read it, and it is super awesome, but I want to read "Green" as whole story, otherwise I lose track too easily before the each update). Thank you very much for this great story! Also, I'm going to read your other stories, as soon as I finish some other postponed fanfics. (And sorry for my bad English).

  • Viewing 7 - 16 of 16
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