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Praise the two sisters and their lights of guidence they bestow upon their subjects.

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"Looks at Timestamp of First Story on Fimfiction" Oh crap I haven't posted a story in two years! · 5:07am Jun 29th, 2018

That sequel to My Own Demon I think I mentioned in a previous blog does actually have a rough draft written. I've just been battling depression for a long time now and now I have more school and work and life in general. HOWEVER. The Demon's Jurisdiction is coming. Yes that's the title and for a little bit of spoiler for you all. Here's some cover art done by the very talented Fritzy.

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1921500 Kind and caring. However, I'm a total asshole...so proud of it too.

1921468 Dude. You're right on! Oh what a joyous occasion this is.:pinkiecrazy:

You sound misanthropic and heretical. Are you?

1868705 A level of insanity only few can reach.

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