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Moon Dancer and her friends are forced to spend the night in an old, derelict mansion. Soon they will learn the dark secrets of the long-deceased tenants.

Story loosely based on Sweet Home, the spiritual precursor to Biohazard/Resident Evil.

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A bathroom? But the house hasn't had running water in years! Lemon Hearts is just too polite. :rainbowlaugh:

I liked it, even if the story itself isn't the most original. I've always tried to do a Halloween story every year, and it's always nice to see how other writers approach horror. I think this kind of horror works better in a more visual format, but the writing here is pretty good.

Not Minuette, no! :applecry: Why does it always hit the best ones? :fluttershysad:

Criminally underrated. This story is criminally underrated.
The atmosphere here is top notch. I only read the first two chapters before I had to go to sleep yesterday, but what a sleep that was. When I was lying in my bed, I still felt like I'm in that mansion and it remained like that until I woke up again.
This is a masterful craft of a horror story and it's ridiculous how few views it gets with that quality. More people need to read this, many more!

Yeah… Everything’s fine.

Things were not fine

... Dad's not going to be happy about that...

What is an おんりょ?

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