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"You think you know me..."


Long ago, there was a unicorn filly who made paintings with her magic that were said to be life like. However, she lived with two parents who were always fighting and abusing each other much to her sorrow. One day, she made a painting of a scary figure she had seen in her dreams. She put the painting up in her special room, but the next day the family was never seen again.

Hundreds of years later, Scootaloo visits their old abandoned house and sees the painting for herself.

Commissioned for Robsa990

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I bet that the painting demon(that’s what I decided to call the monster) gave Scootaloo a permanent deathly fear of paintings

That was amazing

Well, it looks like Scootaloos not gonna be getting any paintings for her own house when she gets one:twilightoops:.

Terrifying, good sir.

Now that's a good story! I love endings that are like here we go again.

Fucking bloody brilliant!
I got the chills a few times reading this!!
Masterful work.

Wow, its really good scary story! And final - its something!

Redheart nooooo

That was a really good haunting story! I also liked the fact that it wasn't gory or violent. Not all scary stories need to be as such to send chills down your spine.

Going up on my self!

very interesting story, I'll say

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