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Scootaloo's been absent all weekend. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom grow increasingly anxious. Something's happened to her. Something awful.

But then again, maybe some things are better left unanswered.

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Love it! :twilightsmile: hope you pour out more chapters. Good luck to you! :pinkiehappy:

And if you don't.. I swear to celestia I will find you and kill you..
Anyways. Derp. Has a gud day! :D


The point in which I gtfo has arrived.


(Insert me running away screaming here)

>Something's happened to Scootaloo
>Sex and Gore Tags

Rape and murder.


6857418 Not an alt, actually. I'm new here.

6858529 Apple Bloom's harsh behavior stems from Sweetie's constant worrying over Scootaloo. As a result, it's making her frantic. That's what I tried to interpret, anyway. I can see where you're coming from. Plans to justify her actions in chapter 2 are already in motion.

Thanks for the feedback.

- inside_joke

Awesome stuff! I like how you took and did like, the wheel in the snow rather than having them find a body - I've seen too many start off like that, and it doesn't always end well.
My muffin rating for this: A hopeful 4 and a half muffins out of five! I can't wait to see what happens next.

A few little mistakes here and there:

Apple Bloom tightened her scarf, flapping gently in the wind.

dangling modifier

But other than that, good. I like where this is going. :pinkiesmile:

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Holy shit, Yes Yes yes yes!!! Ive been waitin for somthing like this! Very good job, besides a few errors. Cant wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

Wow. This is an excellent chapter ^-^ I can't wait for more!

Loving the story thus far, keep it up!

;-; can't wait for next chapter

This story is getting very interesting. :rainbowderp:

I'm conflicted on whether er or not I should read this... I mean I just got stuff like Cheerilee's garden out of my mind. Eh... I don't know. Should I?

6878454 Cheerilie's garden is a grimdark fic. Yes, there will be some dark aspects, but note that I've rated this T. It isn't nearly as vulgar as CG.

6878481 So I, most likely, won't be horrified by the conclusion of this story? Yay! Time to read:pinkiehappy:

The cover art of scootaloo is really cool and creepy. Where did you find it?

now I know how it feels to wait for a story you reaaaaly love
Attention grabbing story :DDD

I REALLY hope that whatever happened to Scootaloo is completely unrelated to the Sex and Gore tags...

I havent been eager to read a next chapter in my whole life ( no pressure )

You know something and I want to know.
Too eager..

6889144 I'm glad to hear how much you enjoy my story! Sorry if chapter 4 wasn't the most satisfying. I intended it to last longer, but after an extremely draining Friday evening, I decided to cut it off a bit.

Either way, thanks for the support!

And answers will they get from Rumble. Stories involving little foals are quite dark with this kind of perspective view.
If it were an adult pony (stallions or mares), I would have believed it to be over-exaggeration.

it needs moah scootapain! or something scootaloo and bad things.

Sweet Celestia, I am hooked! Please, you gotta keep going on this!


My apologies for the long hiatus. Plans on continuing are coming soon, I promise you.

Hey, where ya been? I mean, take your time, no rush, just making sure you're okay.

well I will be waiting for updates

Loving it!

Only thing:

Things had gone from unsettling to bazaar

Bizarre. A bazaar is an open-air marketplace common in the Arabic world.

Things had gone from unsettling to bazaar. Mentally exhausted, Sweetie didn’t try to rationalize this. Cradling Apple Bloom, she spotted a figure, perched amongst the branches of an oak tree. It was Rumble. He stared off into the distant tree line, snow blowing through his mane.

Its Bizarre.

bazaar is a type of market place

I love how you've built up a creeping paranoia type of storyline to this point, all we know is that something is wrong, but no idea what (the best stories I've read keep us as readers guessing). That said I hope to see more of this spine-tingler in the near future.

Damn it. I saw the fic, I saw the tags, I saw the Incomplete status, I saw the posted date of the last chapter, I saw the date of the author's last visit to the site, and then in spite of all these warning signs, I went ahead and read it anyway.

And, of course, it turned out to be good.

God damn it.

Read this all the way through and will never get to see it finished. Oh well. The voices are Scootaloo's ghost, aren't they?

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