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A Little Change in Schedule for "Something's Happened to Scootaloo" · 4:04am Feb 5th, 2016

Hey guys. I feel as though it's time for another update. This one won't be as cheery, but don't fret! I'd hardly call this "bad news" either. To be blunt, I don't think I'm able to keep up with the three day chapter schedule. Here are the 2 reasons why:

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I really hope that you are able to continue writing soon, but I totally understand if you're wrapped up in school. I am, too, I barely squeezed out time for Requiem, which I posted late last night. :twilightsheepish: I really shouldn't have, but it was eating at me...
Anyway! :twilightsmile: Best of luck to you in your schooling, and hopes for Something's Happened to Scootaloo being updated soon~

2110798 Thanks! Chapter 2 is almost complete. Will definitely be posted some time tomorrow.

You're a really good writer, keep writing!:pinkiehappy:

You are most welcome. I hope that you enjoy your time here on the site and in the community.:twilightsmile:

2109113 Thank you. I hope my stories contribute to the fandom. Or maybe they won't. Either way, I'm just here to stretch my creative muscles.

Okay, I'm curious about your profile pic. Could I get a link?

Why hello there, new FIMFiction user! Welcome to the premiere site for MLP fan fiction!:pinkiehappy:

Joke, if you have any questions about how the site works, then please don't be afraid to ask me. I'm glad to be of service, and we are all glad that you've joined on!:twilightsmile:

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