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Granny finally admitted to Apple Bloom that Bright Mac and Pear Butter were just "missing". So she's taking things into her own hooves, with the help of her two crusader friends of course! The three brew a "Finding Spell" that will lead them to her long-lost parents at last, but she might not be completely prepared for what awaits her at the end of her journey...

Be sure and check out the fanfic reading/production here:

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Well, this is just in time for a particularly spooky night.

Good job.

Depending on the context, "Seek and ye shall find" can be advice... or a warning.

Wonderful bit of suspenseful horror, though the random bold text is a little odd. Still, great stuff. Thank you for it.

(And seriously, don't tell the amateur alchemist that her parents might still be out there. This was one of the better possible outcomes.)

Oops! Residual edits for the audio production, bolded text is now fixed ^.^

when you watch this dont forget to comment here and such^^

The story is well written and thought out. The bold text seem to be a little odd to me but it might be playing an part to build up the suspend, thriller, and horror all the way to the end (even on time for Halloween! ) I enjoy the story as well ^^

That's what happens when you don't tell Apple Bloom the truth and expect her to be fine with that, Granny

Poor AB. That was quite heart breaking.

"I feel like this story at least gives applebloom a little bit of closure"
Even if it's a bit traumatic

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