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This story is a sequel to An Apple a Day

Life rolls onwards in Canterlot, and Apple Bloom is excited to be a part of this. However, when strange occurences start rocking the town, and new friends arrive through the portal, Bloom and her friends will have to be on their guard like never before.

Part of the Canterlot Adventures universe: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214042/canterlot-adventures

Currently on hiatus due to internal issues with the group.

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Well, it is spring!

You also get first comment. Have some Zap Apple Jam!

I really liked the original story but I gotta say it's a little messed up that noone cares that the original Applebloom is gone forever.

Hey, Blue! I was hoping that you mention chapter 1 contains sadness, plus the fact I was tearing up for reading this.

Add something at the beginning, one that's similar like 'This chapter contains sadness'.

The whole point is that Tom is effectively Apple Bloom (never did get to the bottom of whether it's one word or two...

I didn't intend to make people cry. Sorry.

Yeah, but he's not, the original Apple Bloom still exists and nobody seems bothered by the fact that she's effectively been replaced in fact they seem happy to have a new Apple Bloom because it turns out the old Apple Bloom wasn't what they wanted in an Apple Bloom.

Not criticizing the story just pointing out that it's kind of messed up.

I suppose when looked at that way, you have a point. But as you'll recall from An Apple a Day, Apple Bloom chose to go back to our world of her own free will. She wasn't forced to. Furthermore, the point I was trying to make was that by having been stuck in each other's bodies for so long, they were no longer truly who they had been.

My name is Kenny Goodwin and I like Scootaloo from mlp and equestria girls

Fancy joining in? We'd welcome another writer!

These reactions are kind of weird. There were two Appleblooms for awhile so why is everyone assuming this is the Applebloom they thought was dead? Did they forget about the other one or did she leave awhile ago and nobody really cared?

Given one fell through a hole in the fabric of reality, and the other vanished, it's entirely reasonable to assume this.

Purely theoretically, how would YOU react if you encountered someone who you thought was dead?

I'm just saying its weird to automatically assume she was the one who died and not the one everyone hates.

You are entitled to such an opinion, good sir. What are you thinking of the story otherwise?

I like it though I'm concerned with this plan to replace all the characters. Kind of takes away from the fun of the premise if none the characters are the originals and noone seems to care if there friend dissapears and is replaced with someone else.

I am not good making a story

If you want to catch up on Sweetie Belle, click the link here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/425396/the-belle-rings-true

Thanks for the shout out X3 :heart:

We'll only replace as many characters as we'll get writers, old bean.

No probs. We need to stay linked, right?

I jut want to know if you can write for me?

Ah'll happily do that. Just feed me the ideas and Ah'll commit them ta parchment.

I wast thinking that apple bloom find out that scootaloo is Kenny Goodwin at the party

What? We already have a Scootaloo; Ephedrian Royalty.

We have spots open for Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight sparkle, and spike (the dog). Also Big McIntosh. OC's are welcome!

what if apple bloom find out that Kenny Goodwin is Bright Mac or big mac or applejack

Bright and Big Mac are available. Which of them do you want to play?

I'm doing applejack, so there's Big McIntosh (the elder brother of the apple siblings) and Bright Mac is their dad (pear butter is the mom , and there's Granny smith and Grand Pear (maternal grandfather of the apple siblings.)

we have the Pie family, with Igneous Rock Pie, Maud Pie, Limestone pie, Marble, Pinkie Pie, and Cloudy Quartz.

I want to be Bright mac

Okay, that means your character would be AJ and Apple Bloom's dad.

my email for the collab is honestashleyjsmith@gmail.com

I'll add you to the group roster. There's an important announcement, so stay tuned.

What about Apple bloom and aj father

There's more to come in regards to that. Stay tuned!

Little did I know, but our friendship would be put to the ultimate test.

sheesh, you're so much farther ahead than me! this doesn't bode well for the next arc.

Maybe I need to slow down and let everybody catch up.

eh, If I work hard I could probably make it by Wednesday to this point. the only problem would be you time jumping or just posting like five chapters by then. a chapter a day's hard work for a college student.

As I know well. I was just lucky this week I was able to get it in!

Hay apple bloom why not go with teenage mutant ninja turtles or in there world is it something like genetically altered karate geckos?

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