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Nine years ago, an adventure began, one that took all of us by surprise. Now, nine years on, we have reached the end of that road...for the time being at least.

In honour of this, I present this short poem as a way of waving goodbye to some of the best years of my life, as we bid our poignant farewell to the Equestrian dream.

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Comment posted by H2GO deleted Apr 13th, 2019

The show will soon be over. But that doesnt mean this fandom has to end. It can go on for a long time if not forever.

But given Season 9 has yet to air,

It aint dead yet. :pinkiehappy:

Well you got into MLP way before me even, I got into MLP at the end of July of last year, so whenever I find one of my two stories, I will have made even the smallest of contributions to this fandom, so see you in the next generation.

I agree with that Long live the fandom all together everyone Long live the fandom Long live the fandom

This hit me right in the feels. Such a beautiful poem!

It will never be gone. So long as we continue to read and write on FIM. MLP shall last forever

I wonder what Gen 5 will bring?

Well, we just have to wait and see.

This could only have been made by a devout and loyal fan of the series, hope you have a good day

Maybe follow the exploits of the young six see new parts of the world we love, see adventures of the minor characters, different points of view from other creatures and their homes stuff like that main six becoming back round characters. Set further down the road in time of course.

I hope so, man. I hope so.

I called it real easily X3




Thank you!

I will, and the same to you.

yep =3

No way I didn't want to lose such a valuable Editor such as you, my UK Friend X3

I won't be going anywhere.

And I imagine you won't either.

With how my FIMFiction account is improving since I finally started doing stories on here, no way I'm giving up on this website! :yay:

You had everyone fooled for a while, Blue EM2. I wonder if you read any of MY stories. Including an Equestria Girls crossover story I did.

It better be an april fools the ship hasn't sunk yet. Plus i jusy got some new bilge pumps.

Technically, April Fools expired at 12:00 on April 1st.

It still was april 1st for me 3 hours ago

Well, check this out. It seems as though G4.5 is actively being used as an animation style, so there is still hope for the saga. Like the Twitter message said, it's a new beginning.


That's nice to know. I hope they keep the VAs (I've grown really attached to some of them, such as Michelle Creber and Madeleine Peters).

I don't know whether this is true, but there's a rumor that says Applejack is getting an urban-sounding voice. What if they got Marisa Tomei of "My Cousin Vinny" fame?

I don't really know. I'm understandably wary of G5.

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it (even if I did write some of this as an April Fool's joke).

That was a week ago now.

To those who are sad to see FIM go.

Never fear, Lance Darkwater is here!

I have the solution to this problem; https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214281/fim-sequels

Yes it has. But we shall never forget the memories we made, or the friendships we forged. For Friendship truly is Magic.

Y'know, it's funny. I actually don't remember how I found fimfiction. In fact, the only reason I got into My Little Pony at first was because I had a friend who had referenced it once while sending me memes. I remember that the first story I had read had a paragraph where Twilight muses to herself that, while Pinkie Pie is one of her best friends, physics had been her friend longer, and Pinkie does horrible things to physics.

The first story I read on this site was Solar Child, back when chapter five had just been published a week prior. From there, I found Past Sins, which led me to actually sitting and watching the show.

I still have a picture a friend drew of an OC I made, naned Shattered Hope. Contrary to the usual trope of the angsty red-black alicorn OC, he was a pale gray unicorn with an emerald green mane and tail, with a single tattered thestral wing and scars on his side, legs, and face, and eyes like an Equinox pony. He was a simple bartender in Ponyville, married to Derpy, content to stay out of the myriad shenanigans that crop up every day in Ponyville.

I remember, after reading Necromancy for Foals, deciding to play Legends of Equestria, and I played as a pegasus the first time around, but got stuck after the graduation ceremony. I decided to delete that character and make a unicorn named Silver Moon, and I picked the Cutie Mark (referred to ingame as a talent mark) that, admittedly, kinda looked like a skull.

After roleplaying with some people in the world chat, and somehow lag-glitching to the top of the Crystal Castle, I decided to write a story about Silver, coming to canon Equestria, and being confused.

Now I sit here, years later, looking back on fond memories of catching the latest episode and remembering all the good times this series has brought me.

So thank you, Lauren Faust, and to you, bronies and pegasisters, for making the past nine years truly magical.

And let the rainbow remind you that together we will always shine.

Let the rainbow remind you that together we will always shine.

This was really good.

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