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"Jimmy Hook's the Name, Transformations is my Game" (Victim of The Cursed Gift since September 2016)


This story is a sequel to A Glamorous Transformation

Jimmy is a keen brony, who has been on many exciting adventures. However, a discovery in his house propels him into a world he had never foreseen. Join him (or should I say her) as she goes on a journey of discovery, adventure, and love.

Part of the Canterlot Adventures universe:


Edited by The Blue EM2

Note: Story on Hiatus until stuff is sorted out with the Collab.

Chapters (7)
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And we are finally underway!


Was the character purposely named after Captain Hook or is it a coincidence?

It's his real name. In my story, the character who turns into Apple Bloom uses one of my names (but I'm not telling you which one)...

How can I join your Canterlot Adventures Group? I wanna be Principal Celestia or Octavia Melody.

It's my family's surname.

Sure, here you go:


Btw.... you should take Octavia Melody as the character you turn into X3

I can't find a Join button in the group.

It's on the group page, look below the Banner.

I checked but I'm still not seeing it

Good Grief..... what are you using?

Google Chrome on my Android phone. I looked at a different group and found a join button there.

I have no idea.... I'm letting The Blue EM2 know about it.

Your welcome :)

I will let him know that

Comment posted by Isseus deleted Nov 21st, 2018

And as I said on a PM from a user: There's no sexual content. it's just me changing genders.

okay he said this:

I'd put the group on invite-only to prevent sabotage.

You aren't one.... are you? :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Isseus deleted Nov 21st, 2018

Alrighty =3

You got the spot for Octavia Melody now btw =3

Noticed you made a story and thought I'd check it out. Quick question before I dive in: Do I have to read the other stories first?

Okiez. I'll give it a try at least.

I'll take that as a Thanks :)

I gave it a shot like I promised, but it's not my thing. I wish you and the Canterlot Adventures Universe best of luck, though! =)

XD Sorry about that, sometimes I get a bit ahead of myself.

Was this inspired by The Blue EM2? I just finished reading his story

It's part of a Collab of his Group: Canterlot Adventures

It's part of the same universe.

This was Button Mash, the most adorable boy in the school, and indeed in the town of- 'Wait a second!' she thought. 'Did the transformation give me her feelings for Button?'
“Hi Sweetie Belle!” he called. “What’re you doing out here?” “I must have dozed off somehow!” Sweetie Belle explained to him. “Thanks for the boost Button.” Button grinned. “Anything for the most beautiful girl in the world.” Sweetie Belle blushed. Actually, that is not an accurate description. Her face went red with the complement.

Though, I'll let it slide because she's essentially a high-shool manga/anime girl. Really, there's only two differences.
One: There are no pictures here. Which is okay.
Two: It's much more kosher.

Just then, the bell for lessons went. “For whom the Belle tolls,” Button joked.
Sweetie Belle laughed at the awful pun. “Let’s go!”

Ask not for whom the Sweetie Belle toils; She toils for thee!

Thanks for pointing that out, I will fix it in just a sec. :P

After the lesson ended, they filed out and ended up going into a Literature lesson on poems that made no sense. The teacher, Mrs. Harshvoice, seemed to think that they were absolute works of genius. “Look at this particular poem, a masterwork of word association and description,” she said proudly. ’A little monkey goes like a donkey that means to say that means to say that more sighs last goes. Leave with it. A little monkey goes like a donkey.’ This poem is a telling work on the state and nature of the life of canines and the state of the human condition, as we are eternally condemned to repeat our actions for all of time.” “And I’m eternally condemned to be bored out of my mind in this class,” Sweetie Belle thought. One of the other students, Featherweight, spoke up. “Excuse me miss,” he said, “But it just looks like she threw some words onto the page and saw what came out!” “That,” said Mrs Harshvoice, “is the genius of this work. In the randomness there is order. For it is only through randomness we can make sense of our thoroughly random lives.” She then looked down. “Miss Belle!” she snapped. Sweetie Belle’s head snapped up. “Yes, Mrs Harshvoice?” she asked. “Tell us the meaning of this one,” the dragon said. This was what was posted: ‘Rub her coke’.

Hmph. If you ask, I'll give you a real poem. That DOES make sense. PM me.

I take it then that you're not a fan of SweetieMash?

As much as anyone else if a fan of FlashLight. :ajbemused:
But even more so, i'm a fan of that comic. Like most are of Flash Sentry getting snubbed.
Do you see a pattern here? :unsuresweetie:

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