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After having been found by the Prince, Cinderella is on her way to the palace for her wedding. On the way, however, she sees somebody, and decides to act out of the kindness of her heart.

Requested by Chazkopa: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/288987/chazkopa

Cover art is by fude-chan-art: https://www.deviantart.com/fude-chan-art

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This story is a sequel to The Mystery of Scootaloo

The Apple Family reunion is due, and this year is taking place in Bright Mac's birthplace, Cass, West Virginia. The family converge on the small town for a truly memorable reunion.

Dedicated in memory of John Denver, 1940-1997, and a tribute to the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.

Featured as of 3/6/2019! Thanks guys!

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This story is a sequel to Skirmisher: A Day in the Life of Scootaloo

Princess Twilight is confused. Although the two worlds of Equestria, and Canterlot over in the United States, are similar in many ways, there are some noticable differences. Such as a certain orange filly.

Confused as to how Scootaloo is the daughter of Cheerilee in one world, but yet nobody has any clue who her parents are in Equestria, Twilight decides to pay a visit, only for a certain filly to follow along...

Note: the sex tag is for references to sexual activity. No actual sex is depicted. Written before The Last Crusade aired, and does not take it into account.

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This story is a sequel to Gas Turbine 4

Scootaloo is out with her friends one day, when she finds herself isolated from them. Just then, she finds herself an active participant in a war beyond the shadows...

Another XCOM 2 crossover.

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Christmas is approaching at CHS, but the mood has been soured by a mysterious MyStable user spreading secrets. Can Sunset figure out who the culprit is before the school descends into pandemonium?

A callback/heavy re-write of my original Anon-a-Miss story. AU tag for the fact it is non-canon to my EqG timeline.

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This story is a sequel to Story of the Blanks

Professor Botchitt (pronounced Bochey), has tested and built a brand new locomotive for the California Science Convention, being held in Crystal City this year. As part of this, he has requisitioned two freshmen from Cantlerlot High School in order to demonstrate the engine effectively, as it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

There is only one problem; Botchitt isn't entirely sure if he's got the machine working correctly...

Based on the real-life Gas Turbine 3, a prototype locomotive built for British Railways in the 1950s that was prone to technical faults.

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This story is a sequel to In Memoriam

One day, Apple Bloom and her elder sister Applejack are out in the Everfree forest, when they stumble across something horrifying. Something from the dark history of California...

Something that should have remained secret forever...

Note: current art is a placeholder.

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This story is a sequel to Big World! Big Adventures!

It is a hard day in Canterlot. After the loss of a loved member of the community, the funeral is today. As the rain falls and the clouds gather, the people of Canterlot wave goodbye to one of their own for the last time.

Partly inspired by One More Light, by MorpheustheDream, as well as She Changed my World, by Beanzoboy, and a tribute to the recently-deceased MythrilMoth. Rest in Peace, buddy.

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This story is a sequel to The Great Canterlot Train Robbery

Apple Bloom has faced many challenges. Restoring a steam engine, seeing off cyberbullies, managing a yard, and even surviving a trip on an APT WITHOUT being sick.

But tonight comes her greatest challenge; go an entire night in a long dress without tripping.

Surely it's not too hard, right?

Loosely based on this comic: https://www.deviantart.com/sapphiregamgee/art/If-You-Ain-t-Got-Elegance-722866879

Occurs at the Spring Fling, after the events of The Great Canterlot Train Robbery.

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This story is a sequel to The Perils of Parties

Easter has arrived in Canterlot, and the Crusaders are going to be apart for a while. However, they come up with a plan to maintain their railway interest; visit a line in each place they are going to! Truly will this be a great adventure...

My first attempt at an anthology story; each chapter will focus on each member of the Crusaders visiting a different preserved railway with their family.

Warning: Contains diesel locomotives, girls getting extremely excited over machines, irresistably cute tank engines, and steep gradients.

Updates weekly.

Chapters (7)
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