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Tom Haddington, still locked down as ever, has always kept quiet about his admiration for Ponyville's resident bookworm. Today, that manifests itself in a rather odd way...

Written to try and fix the dire shortage of unicorn Twi TFs.

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Cadence, newly elevated to Princesshood, is still feeling lonely and missing her old life as a pegasus. In an effort to cheer her up, Celestia decides to throw an elaborate 16th anniversary celebration. Will it all go well? Find out inside!

This story was requested by Mpatton17. Cover art drawn by platinumdrop.

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Since the debacle of the last Grand Galloping Gala, Twilight Sparkle has begun dating an army cadet named Flash Sentry. Things between them are going very well, until Flash decides to invite Twilight to this year's Grand Galloping Gala. What follows will prove to be a night of magic and romance.

Written for the RIGHT BACK AT IT AGAIN! contest, under the prompt 'first kiss'. Set a few weeks after the Season 2 finale.

I am aware the cover art shows EqG characters, but at the time of writing I did not have the time or budget to commission specific cover art.

Chapters (3)

Cake has been with humanity for centuries. It almost has a magical allure, a strange hold over people. It can cheer you up, keep you awake, or turn you into a pony!

Sorry, what?

Another request from JimmyHook19.

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This story is a sequel to Loco in the *REDACTED*

Who's the fine, charming stallion in the cover art, you may ask? It's Starry Night, railway worker and all around lovable earth pony.

Guess what'll happen to Tom Haddington, then...

My 300 subscriber special.

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Jimmy knows Suri pretty well. He knows Manehattan well. There's just one put-upon seamstress he has little familiarity with.

Today, that changes.

Written to try and help Jimmy make his target of a TF every month.

Also in the popular section as of 4/5/20.

Chapters (2)

Few characters in the MLP fandom have divided fans quite like Cozy Glow has. A bit of a problematic character, she nontheless has her own fanbase, in pegasus, alicorn, and even in human forms. And today, a certain Mr Hook dislodges the monopoly previously held by Miss Miller.

Features Cozy Glow. In the popular section as of 4/5/20.

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This story is a sequel to Thomas, Twilight, and the Magic Railway

Following the recovery of Lady and the defeat of Storm King and Diesel 10, life goes mostly back to normal on Sodor. Join the engines and their drivers for some more thrills, spills, and exciting adventures from the rails. After all, it's Great to be an Engine!

This collection will be a mixture of adaptations of both TTTE and MLP episodes, Christopher Awdry stories, and some original material thrown into the mix.

In the popular section as of 4/5/20.

Chapters (37)

Katrina is stuck in Britain after the borders were sealed, so Tom kindly agreed to take her in until the crisis ended. Despite this, the pair have managed to stay in long range communication with Jimmy and their other friends, ensuring their bonds of friendship don't die.

Thing is, a certain affliction they all have has no intention of stopping either...

Probably the first FtF Luna TF ever.

EDIT: in the popular stories section as of 28/4/20. Thanks guys!

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This story is a sequel to Thomas and Friends: The Retold Adventures

Times are changing on the Island of Sodor. Modernisation is creeping in and the future beckons, but the engines and their friends feel they have nothing to fear from the outside world. But when Sir Toppham Hatt goes on holiday, leaving a rather eccentric woman in charge, a new threat comes to the island, one that threatens them all...

Written in honour of the 20th anniversary of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

On the popular stories list as of 20/4/20.

Chapters (12)
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