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Ok, I've noticed a disturbing lack of Bronies from the UK trying to get in touch.
So if you live in the UK and want to chat, you guys can link up here, trade fics, pretty much do whatever the f*** you like!

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bruh, I made that comment 5 fucking years ago.

there was no fucking need to reply...

America, but I just want someone to edit my stories, please.


Like a Griffon dressed in a Tux and Bowler Hat while holding a mug of Tea on a Union Jack background.:moustache:

Hello fellow Brits. :)

345260 I think the Americans call them 'fries' not chips

yes, finally, a group I belong with
Hail fellow Brits

Ah finally fellow British men it has been to long my good chaps:twilightsheepish:. why I wonder is there a lack of people from jolly old Uk here but at least I found a few of us hiding away :pinkiehappy:

Hello, finally some Britishness. Americans just flood this website. I feel surrounded...

It's pants this, and chips that...

Finally! A group for us Brits!
Now, let us educate the rest of the world of our amazing language!



I was going to say hi to the group but

Jon Avatar

My attention is yours.

Good evening, gents!

Joining the fuck out of this group!:pinkiehappy:

We need a different background..

not sure if have to be british or just want to

British ex-pat Brony here!

finally a group that relates to me :)



This group is too empty, time to change that! :P

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