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This is a private group for Christians who want to be real with other Christians.
Group Rules.
1. No Cursing, Trolling, Bullying, etc.
2. Debating about anything is encouraged.
3. Feel free to add your stories to the group. Even if they aren't Christian. (Put your Christian stories in the Christian folder and your Non-Christian stories in the Non-Christian folder.
4. I'd like to remind everyone that they can post threads on this group.

More Rules will be added.
Rule of thumb for debates: It's not you vs. your opponent; it's you and your opponent attacking the argument.

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Well, I think this group is basically dead.

Oh, okay. I´m all right if you just leave your response at that.

Mainly because of some drama from AMU's Christian group. It's a long story.

That´s really kind! Also, why is it invite only? Is it so that users take it seriously, instead of it just being where they join just because? I understand, whatever the reason is, and am still thankful for being invited.

434413 Thanks for the invite!

Thank you for inviting me!

You're welcome. And welcome to the group.

Ooh ooh is the name of this group based off the song by Mandisa?

Then you are welcome.

I know this is a silly question, but would I be accepted here. I'm a Christian that really doesn't identify as any denomination, I hold beliefs that may seem controversial(not too controversial mind you).

I'm just a Christian that believes Jesus has risen and all is in God's hands.

I don't feel like debating, but discussing I can do.

Welcome to the group The Blue EM2.

Hooray! Three cheers for Misty!

I understand. At least we are here now.

Well, it’s also one I’m not willing to tell. Part of it being because of how complicated it would be to explain it.

I’m sorry.

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