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This story is a sequel to Thomas and Friends: Legends of Strasburg

After a series of crazy adventures overseas and in the past, Sunny and her friends are looking forward to a quieter few weeks free of anything chaotic. However, adventure has a distinct habit of finding them no matter where they go. Join the Falmouth crew for another another anthology of thrills, spills, and exciting journeys in and around the wondrous Cornish landscape.

This anthology contains a mixture of adaptations of Thomas and Friends episodes, stories from the 5th Chapter of Make your Mark, and original stories, as well as some Tell your Tale adaptations.

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"A mysterious ticking noise," finished Sophie. "If he's still making it tomorrow Pipp could make a remix from it."

lol. :rainbowlaugh:

"She actually does have ears," Ray chimed in. "It's just that she styles her hair in such a way that they are under them."

Try telling that to the MYM animators. :ajbemused:

"Zipp, read the room," Charles replied. "But if we can get them there on time they probably won't mind a slightly shabby diesel on the front of their train. Perhaps they should stick me on the front of a dining train and see what happens."

read the room? :applejackconfused:

And when it did, the passengers were soon onboard. But some of them were very rude. "We just spent over an hour on a diesel!" she snapped. "And now we'll be stuck behind another for the rest of our journey! I thought the Maritime Line used heritage locomotives!"

Steam can't always be used for these type of things. :duck:

Despite I despise the hit era, I'm glad it had a few episodes, like the story this is based on, were pretty good for it's time. :twilightsmile:

great chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter the moral of the epsiode is if you want respect you have to earn it and ask for it:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

1. Indeed.

2. She does have ears in the special, but they vanish in Chapter 2.

3. To 'read the room' means to understand the social situation.

4. Try explaining that to most tourists.

Agreed. It did produce a handful of halfway-decent episodes, which whilst not great are preferable to the likes of Wonky Whistle and the Lion of Sodor.

Featuring the world's oldest boy band!

2. Yup.

3. No worries.

4. Seriously, some of the reactions I've seen when diesel power has to be brought in have been something else.

Nice adaptation of this episode. And I’m glad not everyone was disrespectful to Charles after he rear-ended that train.

And I honestly think this episode was better than most Gordon-centered ones, as it’s one of the rare ones where the other engines who do the insults and jokes actually end up feeling remorse for doing them in the first place. But it leads me to ask, would they still be insulting Gordon upon seeing him crash if they found out the passengers were critically injured?

They may mock each other and make jokes at each other's expense, but they're not assholes. Making jokes about somebody being injured is not a smooth thing to do.

If actual injuries had happened, I suspect the jokes would have been dropped like a lead balloon. Gordon may be quite haughty, but at the end of the day he's just as useful as the others. He plays his part- just in a different way.


While on that subject, I honestly can't understand how nobody was injured in the crash. I mean, the sudden impact surely would've sent someone falling out of the seat.

True on that fact with Gordon, although, it still annoys me the others never apologized for being jerks to Gordon. Moreover, if you really think about it, they are part of the reason Gordon crashed. Had they not been mocking him in the beginning, then Gordon would've never tried demanding for respect.

One more thing to say, would've it have made sense for Zipp to place a "Not to be moved" sign on Charles while inspecting that one coach?

Nobody being injured in Sudrian rail accidents is basically a meme nowadays. In real life the Office of Rail and Road would be kept extremely busy by all the shenanigans.

And you make an excellent point about the others. They're complacent in the matter too.

The lamp on the platform is the precursor to the not to be moved sign; train crews used it to make clear to the line crew that somebody was working underneath the engine.

Quite right. I mean look at the videos showcasing the real injuries the people would get. I mean, yes there's a chance you could survive a train wreak, but it doesn't mean you'll walk out unscathed.

Indeed. Honestly, it would've been nice to see Edward call out Thomas, Percy, James, and Emily for their mockery. (Diesel doesn't really count since he's always insulting the steamers no matter what)

Ah. I got it now. I only knew of the sign from a Thomas fan episode that featured it.

There have been a handful, happily. One UK derailment in the 1990s resulted in most of the coaches turning over-but although there were minor injuries not a single person was killed. A testament to the quality of later era BR stock, I think.


Not to worry. The not to be moved notice could feasibly be used in such an environment.

great chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

But Pipp was already well out of earshot.

Guess that's a yes on asking Sunny. :ajbemused:

"Apparently we didn't get the correct planning permission to redo the factory," Hitch explained. "I did tell Pipp at the time that we didn't own the building, so we need to get retroactive planning permission or else they'll send a wrecking crew in there to rip everything out. And if they do that all we've done in there will be lost."


"That's one of three days on the week she's in the office in Plymouth. She works from home on Monday and Friday. And I can't really phone her as she could be doing something really important!"

There goes that plan. Although tbt I doubt Goldie would've helped. :duck:

Pipp looked profoundly unimpressed. "Izzy, you haven't made gold. You've made... green!"


Sunny sighed. "We've been charged with needing to get retroactive planning permission for the shed we've been doing overhauls in. It seems Pipp didn't get he correct paperwork for converting the building in the first place."

didn't get the correct paperwork*

Sunny shrank down a bit. "Six hundred and twenty four pounds."

Wait, why is it 624 now! Wasn't it just 600 before?!? :applejackconfused:

Goldie nodded to this. "I understand. Well, there's no need to worry about any of that. I'll pay it."

I stand incorrect on what I said earlier. :pinkiegasp:

"I know," Goldie said, sitting down on the wall nearby. "But wanting to help others without expecting reward in return is always a positive thing to do. Seeing as you've done so much for the town it only seemed fair to do the same for you. Besides, you can put the money towards an overhaul or something like that."

How thoughtful of you Goldie. :twilightsmile:

Also, the description of her cutie marks sounds similar to Shining Armor's. :applejackunsure:

3. Truth be told.
6. My bad. :facehoof:
Also, thx for the link to the fan art.

3. OK.

6. No worries.

No problem for the link.

Given how often these engines get into trouble, it's amazing that the line's insurance rates aren't astronomical. Haven must have some connections with the insurance company.

Wow! That’s impressive!

True that.

Comments on the chapter:

This was quite a unique one here. And I have to say, I can agree with the money-raising problem thing. It’s never easy to raise money when you have a certain deadline.

But most importantly, I am honored this story represented what I came up with for Goldenella!

Given Britain's railways are effectively state owned, the government foots the bill.

Especially when the people in charge of the process dump things on you with little warning. I've had my fair share of brushes with bureaucratic red tape-applying for student funding in the UK was a nightmare as I didn't exist in the database. It turned out some idiot had typed my date of birth in wrong. No doubt Queen Haven has to plough through absurd amounts of the stuff in her daily life.

That convo formed part of the inspiration for that portion of the story, as the resolution of the Blackadder episode this is based on wouldn't fit with the tone I'm going for.

Yeah, I could see it happening.

Well, I haven’t seen Blackadder before. But either way, I’m glad our convo helped inspire this, regardless.


Either way, it was great fun to incorporate the lore into the narrative and give her a bit more to do within the main storyline.

Indeed. Since she wasn’t seen as much in the other stories as much.

Indeed. Then again, being away from home for the most part does somewhat limit that.

True, true. But I’m at least glad that we don’t have Goldenella as a workaholic-type character. (That’s honestly way over done)

Work-life balance is something that is very important to me; my dad was a workaholic when I was a lot younger, but eventually he switched jobs when he realised how much stress his line of work was causing him.

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

What Sunny didn't know, though, was that these trucks had grown very accustomed to Ray, seeing him as a critical part of the quarry operation and its scenery. So when another engine had intruded on what they considered to be his turf, they didn't take it well.

Its obvious what's coming. :ajbemused:

Soon, they were all back to work on their usual patterns, with engines rolling about, pulling coaches and trucks, and generally being really useful.

It's a good thing the trucks behaved themselves for once. :twilightsmile:

1. Percy encountered it many a time.

2. Indeed.

I’m glad your father switched jobs.

Comments on the story:
This is the first I heard of this story. I’m surprised no one tried adapting it in Trainz. But I like your adaptation of it.

1. He's doing better now.

2. This one was actually requested by our old friend Sagwa.

No wonder I didn’t hear of it. And why there isn’t any Trainz adaptation of it.

Now that I know this, I don’t have much to say about it myself.

As I say, I tried my best with what little I had to work with.

awesome chapter mate keep it up on cold or wet days there's nothing like hot chocolate to warm you up and boost morale cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Rebecca was waiting on shed for Hitch to arrive. Already the other engines were setting off with their jobs. "Watch you don't tip over!" she told Sophie.

Rebec Was waiting in the shed for Hitch to arrive.*

Unfortunately, one of the storm culverts had failed in the storm, as the water levels were well in excess of what it had been designed to cope with. The resulting flood of water had poured onto the line, washing away the ballast and leaving the tracks suspended in mid air.

Uh oh! :twilightoops:

Both of them worked to ensure the line was safe. Luckily, the failure of a track circuit in the collapse of the embankment had already put the signals on the northern end of the line to danger, and a work team was already on its way to stabilise the site.

That's a relief. :twilightsmile:

This story is based on Thomas and the Birthday Mail, an episode of the tenth season. The title is derived from an Elvis Presley song of the same name.

Hold up, this story was based on Thomas and the birthday train? How do these 2 relate aside from thr storm part? :applejackconfused:

1. As previously noted, 'on shed' is railwayman talk and British English. For the same reason, you talk of being 'on the bus', not 'in the bus'. Another example from TTTE; the compilation of Jack and the Pack stories is called 'on site with Thomas', not 'at the site with Thomas'.

2. Yup.

3. Handy.

4. Both have the same basic plot; delivering mail in unfavourable circumstances. The children's birthday element was cut as a special mail train would not be run for one person but coupled into an existing formation, and the subplot of Rosie following up the line was also removed as she is repeatedly depicted running within the same signal block as Thomas, which is a safety violation.

1. Damn it. :facehoof:
4. Good. Cause imo, her introduction isn't as that great as I remember.

This is definitely a more realistic take for this episode. Not just for the mail run itself, but the accident that happened.

And man! I can’t imagine how the crew reacted to the engine tipping over in the wind. Reminds me of this camera capture of a whole train being blown over by a cyclone.

Or trains falling through bridges. Whilst I imagine the Big Bayou wreck probably comes to mind (weirdly enough, the tugboat's final destination was where I now live), this sort of thing has happened in the UK as well.

the moral is to take pride in the situation you're in and turn it into a victory rarity was in the same boat as James and she turned her situation into a victory awesome chapter mate keep it up can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Indeed it is. Well said.

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