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This story is a sequel to Ponish as She is Spoke

Princess Zephyrina, better known as Zipp Storm, has been assigned by her mother to show a delegation of foreign dignitaries around Zephyr Heights so they can enjoy the sights and sounds.

Whilst this would normally not be a problem, Zipp can't help but feel something is wrong with their Ponish. Not only that, her own is going pretty weird. Can she make it to the end of the tour with at least a few of her brain cells intact?

Another story inspired by English as She is Spoke. Although marked as a sequel to Ponish as She is Spoke, this story occurs concurrently with those events.

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Lol, cute story. :rainbowlaugh:

Find a way to make this work in novelized form. Write it. Publish it. It's a ridiculous ride people will love to take.

How much does publishing cost?

I’m loving this!

Well, you answered my question of whether or not you just made up phrases or used actual phrases from the translation book in your A/N (for both stories, I presume). That must have taken a lot of time to write the fic and then translate the majority of the dialogue (I assume that's what you did). :twilightoops:

These were great! I have to say:

"Your Highness, will you have some beans?" the waiter asked Zipp.
"Alas to the no, they produce too much of the problem,"

Even in gibberish, I understood that one. :rainbowlaugh:

Depending on who you go to, the publisher will pay the publishing and distribution cost by taking a minority percentage of sales profits.

After all, it's a matter universal to everyone, no matter the language spoken. :trollestia:

Glad you like it. There's another entry based on another piece of unintentional comedy currently in development.

We seemingly both have a PhD in gibberish, it seems.

It occurs to me that William McGonagall may have been referenced in Winnie the Pooh. Specifically in The House at Pooh Corner, Eeyore writes a poem that is suspiciously similar in tone, structure and cadence to McGonagall's work.

A.A.Milne was a highly educated man, and was close friends with many of the big literary figures of his day, so it's highly likely the reference is deliberate.

MLP G5 sometimes does this; in the MYM episode Ali-Conned, Izzy briefly references the Cha-Cha Slide, an allusion that nobody under the age of 20 will get.

Thank you! That was a hoot.

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