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The Unity Crystals had been acting oddly for a few days, piquing Sunny and her group’s interest. The artifacts' power was unknown, holding untold secrets of the ancient world within them, but what it bestows upon them is beyond any of their wildest imagination. With endless questions, and an absolute need for more information, the ponies begin a journey to find some kind of an answer.

Leading them to the forgotten ends of Equestria, the path to their goal sends them through the ancient world where the foundations of friendship itself were laid. Though the answers they search for may be better off unanswered.

Sunny knew of the ancient world, the Elements of Harmony, and the six ponies that saved Equestria time and time again. She'd learned how the Element bearers' stories started, and how they ended, all except one - Twilight Sparkle. She always dreamed about learning more of her hero, but never would have imagined how she and her friends would soon become entwined in her tale.

Time can do many things, and for the idol of friendship, it can be her undoing.

This story was started and heavily planned when only Chapter 2 of Make Your Mark was available.

Full Resolution Cover Art Here

Thanks to Enigmatic Otaku and Gonderlane for helping edit the story!

Story cover art by: SyrupyyyArt

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SFW from ebonyglow?? i must be dreaming

Damn, who's cutting onions?

This is excellent! I cannot wait for more already!
The Prologue was incredibly well-written, the logs took me multiple attempts to read because I was dying too much and I hate Opaline, which is a good thing, I can't believe she burned their book, poor Misty.

I'm excited to see what happens next and to probably die to more logs XD
This is shaping up well!

Pinkie is the MVP for real

Good story, but anyway way to go

SFW from ebony? A rarity indeed :pinkiegasp:

So I'm excited, I have to admit .w.

Updates should be weekly, if not sooner by the way!

This sfw stuff is fun

no its a pipp petals :troll:

I do not read pony focused stories often. Considering the content of what I produce it should be expected as such. This caught my eye on Twitter, that loathsome hole, and I am happy to have followed it to its source.

I am both impressed and jealous of the pacing of this story and its little bows to history and nods to the present.

I eagerly await more to come.

I was quite curious where Spike had gotten to, seeing as he wasnt mentioned prior. Glad he was here though.

Am curious also what happened to Spike and Flurry Heart, them two likely having longer life spans and all. Spike being a dragon, in most fantasy settings Dragons having lifespans of centuries even millennia sometimes. But Flurry Heart... I guess it is up to the author's interpretation.

Flurry Heart wouldn’t have a longer lifespan. The prologue explains how immortality isn’t a part of being an alicorn, it solely relates to the Elements

She’d live no longer than the average pony. She really doesn’t have a connection with the M6 outside of Twilight being her aunt, so I don’t think I’ll be including her in any logs or flashbacks

Indeed, different authors, different interpretations. Which i accept and i already love the story. Its a good way to go about it. But I am just explaining the way i see Flurry Heart here, I am not imposing or critzising.

The other alicorns Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight were all given their immortality magically, magical means it can be given up at the user's will or if not say when magic left equestria as it did. That means no magic to power the magical powered immortality thus taking it away.

Flurry Heart, is a natural born alicorn which means any immortality she has has been with her all the way through her life and is natural, natural to her. And is thus unable to be removed by such the means that the powering down of magic like what happened. She would be naturally and inherently immortal like elves in many fantasy settings. Also giving a reason why her birth was so important and makes her more important.

But as i said this is just my interpretation, i just wanted to share it.

oh no i didnt take that as you imposing! sorry if my tone wasnt clear, its hard through text! I love seeing comments and theories like that! theyre fun to answer

Totally agreed, I was more so just making sure i wasnt coming off as rude or anything. Just glad I wasnt.

Hype train this is good!

"No arguing or you go to superhell" was always a weird decision ch 1 made about the crystals lol

Well, I guess I'm going to be crying myself to sleep tonight.

This is a really great fanfic so far. Can’t wait to see more.

You get an upvote for that cover art alone.

Who made it? Because it is absolutely stunning.


Extremely talented friend of mine! I designed the general idea, and she drew it out

the game and comics did it too lmao

they LOVE making magic disappear in the official material

Comment posted by Ebonyglow deleted May 20th, 2023

Havent even read this story yet (will get to it, trust), but that cover art alone is HEAVY. Absolutely love the design and concept. Interested to see how this'll play out!

It's great to see more g5 stories coming out, I feel there's barely any content worth reading. The story looks great so far, hope to see more soon.

Ohhh, a SFW story from amazing clopfic writer... I like this.

i still don't get why people just go and dislike half the comments on stories for no reason.

it makes no sense.

I find this whole crystal business incredibly intriguing yet terrifying. The fact that even a small disagreement makes the crystals angry is to me, a testament to how bitter Twilight is. Seems that she's connected to them, and has lost all hope in ponykind, even when it's staring her down the snout. A small spat between siblings is normal, and shouldn't be punished with any sort of wrath. Hopefully that's elaborated on.

Rip fluttershy. Shame that Treehugger wasn't there...but that's just cuz I ship fluttershy and treehugger together lol

Goodbye Butters, you will always be remembered

Looked at the cover images more closely. Yup, there are the elements of harmony themselves. Looks like they recognize their previous wielders, but Twilight is still up and about.

The pain of immortality .

Yeah a friend of mine always hated this immortality for Twilight

There were no worthy ponies anymore, they were all fueled by spite, hatred, and anger. There was no laughter, honesty, generosity, loyalty, or even a morsel of kindness - simply leaving ire to run amok.

That's such a sad situation knowing what happened in the new generation

They didn't deserve her friends, and they didn't deserve the magic they fought for.

Oh Twilight surely you don't mean that 🙁

Okay this is actually a pretty good setup for the story here and I guess a very sad way how the new generation come to be I'm definitely interested how this will go

“Ugh, I’m getting tired of those crystals!” Pipp muttered, furrowing her brow. “I know something is up with them, but could they just, y’know, do whatever they’re building up for? It feels like a massive waste of time!”

Be careful what you wish for, Lil' Pipp. You might just get it...

Well it looks like it was just a regular day for Maretime bay Sunny is just selling some smoothies and meanwhile zipp is keeping an eye on the crystals and apparently she's been kind of worried ever since that little incident back in the first episode of Make Your Mark thinking that does nothing going on but then it turned into dark crystals for only a minute and then went back to normal I wonder what is happening

Something that has always hurt to be honest, is wondering what is Spike going to go through? For years he has spent so much love, laughter and many wonderful times with his friends. But after that first century they will all have passed away all while he, Spike remains. Dragons aren't immortal, but they do live a long time and so even if in this verse or another where twilight does or doesn't have immortality. Spike will always be left behind being a dragon.

Remembering all those good times and having more until his own day comes and he gets to be with all those he loved throughout his life and from there they will go on one final adventure together.

Oh man so this is Twilight writing the log about of the event going on and apparently Applejack was the first one who passed away the others were taking it pretty hard going to the fact that time has finally come and sooner or later they will be gone as well and that's always such a sad truth about it

It really is sad to see how the Mane 6 are going away 1 by 1.


She's more savage than canon.

11588579 11589099


No arguing or they'll lose magic. But arguing is normal between people! Its normal for siblings to fight.

If there's no fighting, then the situations will only get worse.

me neither.

stupid trolls downvote me when I did nothing absolutely wrong, along with other people.

I don't see what they are trying to accomplish.

Shrugging, Sunny went back to snacking on her last remaining pancake. She couldn't lie, Sparky was…interesting, to say the least, but Hitch did seem to care for the small drake. Dragons hadn't been seen within Equestria in moons; for all she knew, there weren't any left in the world besides Sparky. Her dad had spoken about a place called the Dragonlands when she was a foal, but those stories always sounded more fantastical than any of the rest.

Oooooh. It is real Sunny.

But if it does still exist, im guessing ponies are very unwelcomed.

"Well…I - uh - found it in some old…abandoned…" she trailed off, trying to find a good story. "Castle! Yeah, that's where it was, an old, abandoned castle! Waaay outside of Equestria."


thats actually the truth and questionable of being outside of Equestria.

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