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The Unity Crystals had been acting oddly for a few days, piquing Sunny and her group’s interest. The artifacts' power was unknown, holding untold secrets of the ancient world within them, but what it bestows upon them is beyond any of their wildest imagination. With endless questions, and an absolute need for more information, the ponies begin a journey to find some kind of an answer.

Leading them to the forgotten ends of Equestria, the path to their goal sends them through the ancient world where the foundations of friendship itself were laid. Though the answers they search for may be better off unanswered.

Sunny knew of the ancient world, the Elements of Harmony, and the six ponies that saved Equestria time and time again. She'd learned how the Element bearers' stories started, and how they ended, all except one - Twilight Sparkle. She always dreamed about learning more of her hero, but never would have imagined how she and her friends would soon become entwined in her tale.

Time can do many things, and for the idol of friendship, it can be her undoing.

This story was started and heavily planned when only Chapter 2 of Make Your Mark was available.

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Thanks to Enigmatic Otaku and Gonderlane for helping edit the story!

Story cover art by: SyrupyyyArt

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