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A man with more ambition than he will ever have time.

Hey there, I'm

I use this site to post stories I write, primarily following my OCs in my alternate universe setting. See all my other sites here: https://linktr.ee/moonatikart

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New Lunar Millennium stories

Moonatik "Extended Universe"

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In the new EAW update, one of the lore pages for Kiria states that Kirin are omnivorous, but your lore document has them listed as herbivores. Which one is correct?

Oh shoot, never realised you had a FimFic... Followed.

So bat pony aka thesral fan?

Comment posted by 22 KM To Nerdiness deleted June 2nd

there are *some* ideas i have that could be compiled into anthologies, but most would work better as standalone stories. I'm just not very good at writing efficiently

If I had a £ for every unfinished story idea I'd never need to work again.

Are you going to do what some authors do and compile them into one big anthology story?

Hey like your profile picture.

you are a lunarist

I like your art.

"Twilight Needs Glasses" made me laugh, I'm looking forward to what stories you may write in the future. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! May I ask what for?

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