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New chat room! · 7:43pm Feb 23rd, 2019

For those if you that use discord, I have a server there now! Feel free to join!


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I wanted to apologize

Hey Cyre your still a Disney fan right?

That’s true, but I’d rather not have to deal with a mildly irritated pony god that can kill me if aggravated enough. Sure, I’d still take them, but I’d let her know what’s going on.

Unfortunately, he's not a very smart man

And that would've ruined most of this fun... :trollestia:

I did enjoy it! I’d have to say my favorite part was when Anon got sent to Tartarus. If I were him, I would’ve let twilight know what happened with the first fuck-up in this story series. It would’ve been smart to just come clean.

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