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A Group for stories dealing with mares as royal guards or other 'protector' roles. Because who doesn't like a mare in armor?

Stories are split between three folders:

Mares in the royal guards- Stories dealing with one mare or a small group of mares in the royal guards.

Mares are the royal guards- Alternate Universe stories where the mares fill the entire role as the royal guards, and stallions are the rare one.

Mares as Protectors- Stories dealing with mares doing jobs of protecting other ponies/life but are not part of the Royal Guard (Example: Mares as "Policemen")

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I get what you mean. But the Protectors are part of the Royal Guards though... Like a separate attachment. That's the problem. :derpyderp2:

"Mares in the Royal Guards" and "Mares are the Royal Guards" are both folders where the mares are part of the royal guards.

As such, the third folder "Mares as Protectors" are for stories dealing with mares doing jobs as 'protectors' but are not part of the Royal Guards themselves. Such as being a 'Police mare' or some other organization of upholding the law and protecting the innocent.

So there are two groups of guards, then the story would belong in "Mares as Protectors".

Does that clear things up?

What if...

There are two forms of the 'Royal Guards'? One is the standard first line armored sentinels we see in the show, while the higher ranked ones who are established as a Royal Protector (Like in Dishonored), ones tasked with the higher risked affairs of the empire; escorting the princess from A to B, espionage etc. They don't usually wear armor, do they? Although armor plated uniforms/coats may be a possibility.

In that case, where does the story go?

It's a bit of a problem because Royal Protectors are not technically Royal Guards but in a sense they are. If that made any sense.

This is for a story I'm working on. I hope that I wouldn't make it too complicated. :yay:

Well I've finally gotten off of my lazy ass and joined, be on the look out for my Bat Pony and my Kirin at some point. Though Tempest is a mercenary if that's alright.

While I'm pretty sure that the Equestrian Royal Guard is mono-gendered as male, what the heck, I'll join.

Nah. Mature is hidden by default. Which means you either see them because you've set them to see it, or you don't see them because you don't want to.

Plus there doesn't see to be many stories out there at the moment to be worth splitting.:raritydespair:

Should also split Stories into mature ones imo

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